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Information about Input And Output Of English Language

Published on September 25, 2018

Author: kalvigroup


Input And Output Of English Language : Input And Output Of English Language Slide2: How did you learn to  speak mother tongue ??? The mother tongue of people in Tamil Nadu is Tamil. During childhood days, kids listen to many words from the surrounding and imitate it. When a child grows, it frames small sentence .The child listens a lot and reproduces. Whatever the language it may be when we listen a lot ,we can use those words and try to speak .only when its tried the mistakes can be found and corrected. Slide3: As same as the mother tongue we can easily speak English too .Initially collects few words and frame sentence. Further start practicing with the audio recordings and transcriptions. Pronunciation and conversational skills will improve when we listen a lot. E.g. a Rickshawala who hasn’t completed 10th std in Punjab speaks 5 languages. Is it possible???               Yes it’s possible because he listens and absorbs a lot from the surrounding and he uses those words while communicating. Take an example of a computer, if we need an output, the input will be given then it is processed and output will be received. Without input is it possible to get an output!! The same for a language the input is listening and the output is speaking. Listen songs in English and try to sing with it, listen again and again until you are clear with pronunciation of the words. If a person wants to improve his writing skills… Guess what can be done!! Slide4: If a person wants to improve his writing skills… Guess what can be done!! Start reading many books which  helps you to learn new vocabulary and habit of thinking in English will be developed when you read a lot. You can take surfing in browser as a hobby say about your favorite topics, and try to read a lot. When you read a lot, you will come to know many words that can be used when you write .Here the reading is the input and writing is the output. Slide5: INPUT OUTPUT LISTENING SPEAKING READING WRITING One should listen completely when the people talk .People fail to understand but they listen with the intent to reply for it . Art of the conversation lies mainly in listening Be a good listener to be the best speaker and read more to know more. Voice Research and Training Institute: 135, First main Road, KK Nagar, Madurai – 625020 Email ID: Website: / Ph no: 95970 82692 Voice Research and Training Institute

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