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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: AshitoshLokhande



MSc Part I derivatisation of wave function for sp3 hybridisation

Derivatisation of Wave Function for SP3 Hybridisation By- Aashitosh Solanki MSc Part I AA8

Definition “Mixing and recasting of two atomic orbitals to form a new atomic orbital having different shape and energy level is called Hybridisation.”

SP3 Hybridisation

Derivation of Wave Function • • • • ᵠ sp3 (1) = a1ᵠ s + b1 ᵠ px + c1 ᵠ sp3 (2) = a2ᵠ s + b2 ᵠ px + c2 ᵠ sp3 (3) = a3ᵠ s + b3 ᵠ px + c3 ᵠ sp3 (4) = a4ᵠ s + b4 ᵠ px + c4 ᵠ py + d1 ᵠ pz ᵠ py + d2 ᵠ pz ᵠ py + d3 ᵠ pz ᵠ py + d4 ᵠ pz This can be explained with the help of;  orthogonality; an am + bn bm + cn cm + dn dm = 0  Normalization; a2n + b2n + c2n + d2n = 1

“S” orbital has spherical symmetry and will have equal contribution. Thus, applying Normalization; a12 + a22 + a32 + a42 = 1 but a1 = a2 = a3 = a4 4a12 = 1 a12 = a1 = = a2 = a3 = a4

For first formed hybrid orbital, ᵠ sp3 (1) = ᵠ s + ᵠ pz For Second sp3 hybrid orbital, ᵠ sp3 (2) = ᵠ s - ᵠ pz + ᵠ py

For Third sp3 hybrid orbital, ᵠ sp3 (3) = ᵠ s - ᵠ pz - ᵠ py + ᵠ px For Fourth sp3 hybrid orbital sp3 (4) = ᵠ s - ᵠ pz - ᵠ py + ᵠ px

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