Innovator’s mindset: 7 Skills of Effective Innovators

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Information about Innovator’s mindset: 7 Skills of Effective Innovators

Published on March 10, 2014

Author: jagdeepr



7 Skills of highly effective innovators to master to spot ideas in everyday life. Ideas are always around us, we have to be in a state of mind to spot them.

Jag Randhawa Author of THE BRIGHT IDEA BOX

“New Car Syndrome”

Red BMWs Everywhere You Look… ???

We See What We Look For

Ideas are Everywhere You Need to Train Your Brain to Spot ‘em!

85% Learned Behavior—Harvard Business Review

7 Skills Spotting Ideas in Everyday Life

1. Curiosity

Burdock Plant

Burrs Stick to Everything

Burr Velcro

Be Curious… Ask Questions Why? What if? Why Not? How Does it Work? What will it Take—No Limits?

2. Listening

2% Milk Skyrocketed Starbucks Sales

Mom & Pop Shop Giant

Listen to Your Customers Why are They Calling? Why are They Not Calling? What is Their Emotional State? Most Common Requests/Reasons? What are the Feedback Channels? (and Partners, Stakeholders, Employees)

3. Mining “Hit Any Key to Continue…”

Born Out of Frustrations

Frustrations = Opportunities Do Others Share the Frustration? Can it be Done Differently? Can it be Avoided? How Would I Solve it?

4. Borrowing

Rounded Design of iMac

Scroll Wheel of iPad

Kingfisher Inspired Bullet Trains

There’s Nothing New Under the Sun How Do Competitors Do it? Has Another Industry Solved This Problem? Who Does it the Best, and What Makes Them the Best? Learn from Others…

5. Networking

Kevin Dunbar: When Do People Have Their Best Idea?

Use Every Opportunity to Learn Network with People with Different Skills Go to Lunch with Coworkers from Different Department Take Classes in Different Field Stretch Out of Comfort Zone

6. Problem Solving

Asking Why 5 Times

Reverse Problem Solving Your Company How to Win the Worst Customer Service Award?

Solution Mindset Keep a Positive Attitude Not Stopping at the First Obstacle Collaborate—Share and Ask for Help Solution Finding Rather Than Complaining

7. Writing

Thomas Edison 3500 Notebooks…

Write… Doodle… Record Always keep a recording tool(s) handy Write/Doodle/Record Every Idea Sketch is a Prototype Share Ideas with Others Dedicate Time to Review Old Ideas

7 Skills of Effective Innovators 1. Curiosity 2. Listening 3. Mining 4. Borrowing 5. Networking 6. Problem Solving 7. Writing

Geniuses are Made… Not Born Didn’t Speak Until 4 Didn’t Write Until 7 Was Declared Slow and Mentally Handicapped

Step-by-Step Guide to Transforming Employees into Innovators

Interested in Reviewing the Book? Email Me at Daniel Pink: “The Bright Idea Box is part inspiration, part workbook, part resource, and a book everyone can learn from.” Brian Tracy: “This powerful, practical book shows you how to motivate, inspire, and get the very best out of each person in your company.” Marshall Goldsmith: “The Bright Idea Box teaches you how to create practical, viable programs that will transform the company and the bottom line!”

Thank you! @Jag_Randhawa Author of THE BRIGHT IDEA BOX

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