Innovation is Great! Gender adds value! Innovation Meeting with Vinnova for Need identifiers

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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: FernandaTorreDesign



Project proposal which is initiated from Centre for Gender Medicine at KI in collaboration with Vinnova and other partners. The general aim of the Gendered Health Innovation Meeting project is to foster partnership towards creative development of gendered innovation in health care.

You could join us as need identifier or company, let’s do this together! Deadline for applications is the 14th of March 2014.

For more information please contact, Gender “ambassador” Fernanda <> or Coordinator/head of CFG Karolina Kublickiene <>.

+ Centre for Gender Medicine, KI Meeting Project,Vinnova 2014 Gendered Health Innovation Meeting Innovation is Great: Gender Adds Value

+ Do you want to innovate in health care? Do you believe innovation is the path for your business to grow? Do you agree that gender adds value to innovation in health care? Do you want to explore new gendered solutions in patient empowerment?

+ Joint US! The Centre for Gender Medicine , Department of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet supports research and education towards innovation in health care via promotion and implementation of sex and gender analysis. These activities strengthen the quality and competitiveness of scientific innovation leading to the optimal exploitation of knowledge and expertise to improve health care for both woman and men.

+ What is the Gendered Health Innovation Meeting about? n  The program aims to stimulate ground breaking gendered health innovations n  Entrepreneurs (AB)/companies, as well as need identifiers —key individuals with unique insights and expertise — are invited to an Innovation Meeting n  The Innovation Meeting is a one-day creative workshop organized and facilitated by experts n  Vinnova covers 75% of the costs, the entrepreneurs (AB)/ companies contribute with 25% n  Vinnova offers funding of 150.000 SEK for entrepreneurs (AB) who elaborate a Pilot Project to develop an innovative product for the test market

+ n  Support organization, organizes and facilitates the Innovation Meeting. n  Amazing new ideas generated between the entrepreneurs (AB) and need-identifiers (experts in the field)! Innovation Meeting: gendered needs are mapped, creative problem solving is used, entrepreneurs (AB) and need-identifiers come together generating innovative gendered ideas for health care

+Entrepreneurs (AB) and need identifiers collaborate to explore new gendered solutions in health care and apply them to the Pilot Project program to receive150.000 SEK from Vinnova n  Entrepreneurs (AB) collaborate, individually or together, with one or several need identifiers.

+ What‘s your role as a Need Identifier in the Innovation Meeting? n  You enter with the ambition to develop an innovative, profitable gendered solution in health care n  You participate with an open mind and the desire to understand the needs brought by the entrepreneurs (AB) and other need identifiers n  Your objective is to come up with an idea that you can later elaborate in a Pilot Project (supported by VINNOVA) based on the gendered ideas created in the Innovation Meeting

+ What’s in it for you as a Need Identifier? n  You get access to experts and tools to transform your experience and ideas into real solutions. n  You develop your network of other need identifiers, as well as with entrepreneurs with an interest in your field. n  You gain new inspiration and ideas that you can bring back to your day-to-day work and professional development. n  The Innovation Meeting may generate Pilot Projects in which you have the chance continuous involvement and collaboration.

+ I’m interested! What’s the cost for the need identifiers? VINNOVA sponsorships 75% of the costs for the Innovation Meeting! Each entrepreneur (AB) only has to contribute with 25%. The need-identifiers do not pay anything.

+ I’m interested! What’s the next step? n  You sign an agreement where you commit to participate in the Innovation Meeting and the rights and duties associated with the program. n  After review from VINNOVA, we will contact you to confirm your participation (latest April 25). n  Wait for the Innovation Meeting and enjoy the ride!

+ Innovation is Great: Gender Adds Value The Gendered Health Innovation Meeting is a tool for developing health care innovations with the help of academia, industry, individual & other parties. The Centre for Gender Medicine, KI, also supports the platform to develop and promote gendered innovation fellowships. These are for multi- disciplinary teams with the aim of combing knowledge, experience and expertise in medicine, science, technology, business and industrial design towards identifying, validating and problem-solving for solutions in health care. Academia Individual Industry Health Care Innovation Partnership

+ Gendered Health Innovation Meeting by Centre for Gender Medicine, Karolinska Institutet with support from Meeting Project,Vinnova 2014 Contact:

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