Innovation in Energy Management by Robert Kelly

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Information about Innovation in Energy Management by Robert Kelly

Published on November 12, 2007

Author: Carlton


Slide1:  PRESENTED BY ROBERT KELLY Geoff Graham MAQUARIE UNIVERSITY PROFILE:  MAQUARIE UNIVERSITY PROFILE Located 12 Km North of Sydney C.B.D. Established 1966 210,000 Sq. Metres G.F.A. Approx. 22,000 Students (14,000 EFTSU) Set on Approx. 250 Acres Slide3:  Reduced Energy Consumption Reduced Energy Costs Environmental Considerations ---S.E.D.A Business Partner INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OFFICE OBJECTIVES Increased Energy Demand:  Increased Energy Demand Buildings now partially / fully air conditioned Information Technology (IT) explosion Extended operating hours / year INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OFFICE Slide8:  INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OFFICE Macquarie University entered the deregulation market in April 1997 for a one year trial. To do an effective comparison on pre deregulation and a new contract price, it is worth comparing the full 12 months periods - 1996 and 1998. Deregulation - Original Savings Slide9:  INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OFFICE Deregulation - Original Savings Note 1:The change over year resulted in a drop in consumption, basically as a result of a new and confused industry. Billing data was not recorded correctly. This year combined pre-deregulated and deregulated charges. Slide10:  INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OFFICE Electrical Supply Contract In 1997, the University negotiated a one year contract with Victorian based retailer Powercor. In 1998, the University renewed the contract for 10 years. University “cushioned” against rising energy costs for term of this contract. University expect to pay market rates from 2008 under renegotiated contract. Current rates are 29% below the market rates. In real terms – at least 100% increase in costs. Slide11:  Retail Price Current 5.67 cents/kWh (inc GST) Retail increasess as per contract 40% Network Inreases 15% Increases due to metering charges 10% Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s) 15% Compound increase to 10.84cents kWh (based on contract rates) After 30 June 2008, we are again vulnerable to market forces, which are currently 29% higher. Assume 20% increase in market price, retail price is expected to be greater than 13 cents kWh Innovative Energy Management:  Innovative Energy Management E11A administration building – geothermal ground source heat pump A/C Library cogeneration plant. E6A/E3A synergy system. E3B heat recovery system INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OFFICE 4 Major Energy Initiatives E11A Administration Building:  E11A Administration Building Slide14:  E11A GEOTHERMAL FIELD LOCATION E11A ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Slide15:  Schematic of Geothermal Field & Packaged Heat Pumps. E11A ADMINISTRATION BUILDING E11A Geothermal Initiative:  E11A Geothermal Initiative Low maintenance No visible outdoor equipment No mandatory cleaning No chemical treatment No waste water Longer equipment life No outdoor noise to control. Minimum plant room space requirements. High COP (kW in kW out) meaning lower electrical input to energy output ratio. No onsite emissions or odours. Environmentally friendly Cost efficient – 2 year pay-back INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OFFICE Cogeneration Plant Plant Exterior:  Cogeneration Plant Plant Exterior The plant has been constructed to accept an extra 4 levels of Library extension. Provision to power & air condition the extension is available. Slide19:  GAS DRIVEN GENSETS COMBINED POWER GENERATED 1.5 mWATTS STORAGE TANK 1.25 MILLION LITRES OF 4.5 DEGREEN CHILLED WATER 98 DEGREE HOT WATER FOR CHILLER OPERATION ABSORPTION CHILLER 1230 kWr HEAT RECOVERY UNITS EXTRACT 2mWATTS OF HEAT FROM ENGINE EXHAUST GASES CHILLED WATER TO CAMPUS “NO WASTE” - EVEN HEAT FROM ENGINE JACKET & LUBE OIL IS RECOVERED Cogeneration Plant Catterpillar Gensets.:  Cogeneration Plant Catterpillar Gensets. Engines are V12 natural gas driven each producing 760kW of electrical power & 1mW of waste heat for recovery and production of chilled water at 4.50Celsius for air conditioning. Cogeneration Plant Heat Recovery Units:  Cogeneration Plant Heat Recovery Units Heat Recovery Units capture heat from engine exhaust & transfer into process water for chilled water production from Absorption chiller. Slide22:  Cogen. Plant Absorption Chiller arrives for installation.Capacity 1230 kWr. Chiller is driven by recovered heat from engine exhaust gases. 980C water recovered from exhaust and pumped to chiller. Cogeneration Plant 3 x Fluid Coolers:  Cogeneration Plant 3 x Fluid Coolers 3 x 1500 kW fluid coolers for dump heat. Situated on roof of existing library. Dump Heat will be reduced as waste heat is fully exploited possibly with proposed Aquatic Centre. Cogeneration Plant Storage Tank:  Cogeneration Plant Storage Tank Storage tank stands 22m high with a dia. Of 8.5m and a volume of 1.25million Litres. Tank is stratified type with temperatures at 4.50C and 16.50c. Recognition:  Recognition Macquarie University was awarded the Sustainable Energy Development Authority (SEDA) Green Globe Award for 2001 in the category of Innovation in Cogeneration Energy Savings By Synergy E6A/E3A:  Energy Savings By Synergy E6A/E3A E6A chillers connected to E3A 850,000 litre storage tank allowing chillers to charge tank at low night time tariffs and to discharge to loads during the day. A twofold benefit is attained as chillers run at maximum load at night. Chillers fully loaded are more energy efficient than part loaded. INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OFFICE SYNERGY ADVANTAGES E6A/E3A :  SYNERGY ADVANTAGES E6A/E3A Central equipment minimised for E3B due to tank capacity. Cooling tower risk eliminated from E3B Impact of chiller down time reduced due to energy storage. Higher COP(kW/kWr) for chillers due to avoidance of part loading. Low night time power tariffs. Increased chiller life cycle due to longer run and stop times. INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS OFFICE Slide31:  OUT DOOR AIR EXHAUST AIR AIR PASSES THROUGH ENERGY WHEEL AND HEAT IS RECOVERED AS WHEEL ROTATES E3B HEAT RECOVERY Slide32:  E3B INTERNATIONAL BUILDING Slide33:  Questions CONTACTS:  CONTACTS Robert Kelly : Geoff Graham : Kerry Russell :

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