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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: Managewell



My talk on Innovation Games at India Business Excellence Summit 2014 at Bangalore, Mar 13

Everyone wants Innovation! h"p://­‐impera:ve-­‐print-­‐infographic_Lores.png    

Why is innovation broken?

Dysfunctions proudly sponsored by… “mindsets, policies & politics”

HiddenBarriersto Innovation? h"p://­‐hidden-­‐barriers-­‐to-­‐innova:on/    

so, how to innovate?

Work is boring…

…let’s play games!

Innovation Games® fun ways to collaborate with customers to better understand their needs

Collabora've   Play   Co-­‐crea'on   Visual  Thinking  

Four Defining Traits of a Game Game   Goal   “sense  of  purpose”   Rules   “unleash  crea0vity   and  foster   strategic  thinking”   Feedback  system   “provides   mo0va0on  to  keep   playing”   Voluntary   par:cipa:on   “establishes   common  ground”   “Reality  is  Broken:  Why  Games  Make  Us  Be"er  and  How  They  Can  Change  the  World”  –  Jane  McGonigal  

Silos à Co-creation h"p://­‐to-­‐use-­‐co-­‐crea:on-­‐to-­‐market-­‐your-­‐blog/    

Literacy à Numeracy à Graphicacy

65% Visual Learners Faster  processing   of  visual  info  over   text   90%   Informa:on  coming   to  brain  is  visual   Sta:s:cs  source:  h"p://       Improvement  in  learning   through  visual  aids  

In the book…

Which one to use when?

Product Box h"p://­‐box/     Goal:  Iden:fy  the  most  exci:ng  product  features  

Product Box Ask  your  customers  to  imagine   that  they’re  selling  your  product  at   a  trade  show,  retail  outlet,  or   public  market.  Give  them  a  few   cardboard  boxes  and  ask  them  to   design  the  product  box  that  they   would  buy.   The  box  can  contain  anything  they   want—marke:ng  slogans  that  they   find  interes:ng,  pictures,  price   points.  They  can  build  elaborate   boxes  through  the  materials  you’ll   provide  or  just  write  down  the   phrases  and  slogans  they  find  most   interes:ng.     When  finished,  ask  your  customer   to  use  their  box  to  sell  your   product  to  you  and  the  other   customers  in  the  room.  

Show and Tell Goal:  Iden:fy  the  most  important  ar:facts  created  by  your  product  

Show and Tell Ask  your  customers   to  bring  examples  of   ar:facts  created  or   modified  by  your   product  or  service.     Ask  them  to  tell  you   why  these  ar:facts   are  important  and   when  and  how   they’re  used.    

Who is using it? • Buy  a  Feature  iDirect   • Product  Box,  Prune  the  Product  Tree  Headwaters  Corp   • Buy  a  Feature,  20/20  Vision,  Prune  the  Product  Tree  Rally  Sobware   • Product  Box  Qualcomm   • Buy  a  Feature  Ticketmaster   • Spider  Web,  Prune  the  Product  Tree,  Buy  a  Feature  online  SAP   • Buy  a  Feature  online,  Prune  the  Product  Tree  Verisign   • Spider  Web,  Speed  Boat,  20/20  Vision,  Buy  a  Feature,  Product  Box  NetApp-­‐SAP   • Show  and  Tell,  20/20  Vision,  Buy  a  Feature  Google   h"p://­‐stories/    

Do they work? Why not play and decide for yourself?

References •  Innovation Games – Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play – Luke Hohmann, 2007; and accompanying website Sample chapter at •  Gamestorming – A Playbook for Innovators, Rulebreakers, and Changemakers – Dave Gray, Sunni Brown, James Macanufo, 2010; and accompanying website •  Reality is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World – Jane McGonigal, 2011 • • • • features?qid=ecf17e69-12e4-42cd-bdc9-70bbbcc19223&v=default&b=&from_search=5 • game • •

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