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Published on March 17, 2014

Author: Eyeka

Source: slideshare.net


In the era of social media, creative innovation amongst crowds is on a rise. Platforms for getting the crowd together and co-creating are the new creative solution to many of your old stagnated solutions which lack the freshness and engagement aspect to it. Though crowdsourcing has been the talk of the town since a long time, yet there is an unfamiliarity feeling to it. Crowd Innovation yet raises a lot of questions in our minds.

How does innovation in crowds work? Is it really useful in increasing a company’s innovation ROI? Can we measure the results of crowd innovation? These mind boggling questions on crowd innovation have been addressed in an eYeka webinar with Jeremiah Owyang, Chief Catalyst at Crowd Companies and Joël Céré, Insight Solutions Director at eYeka, on Monday February 17 2014 at 6.30pm (CET). These are the webinar's slides.

We originally planned to publish and share a video record or the webinar, but technical glitches made us change our plans (the recording was not in high enough quality to be clear for attendees to watch and understand). We hope that these slides will help you find out what the webinar covered.

Do not hesitate to get in touch via http://www.eyeka.net/contact

Where will your company be in the next decade?

IT IS ACCELERATING New technologies like 1) 3D printing, 2) Heavily-funded sharing economy startups 3) Crowdfunding, and 4) Bitcoin, show velocity.

LARGE COMPANIES FALLING BY WAYSIDE Lifespan of companies on the S&P 500 continue to reduce. How will companies stay ahead?



ENABLE THE CROWD TO CONTRIBUTE GE partners with Quirky for crowd innovation.

CROWD FUNDING MEANS SHARED FATE –HIGHEST STATE OF LOYALTY U-Notes are sold in increments of $100 over the Internet with an asset- backed feature and make quarterly payments (interest and principal).

MAKERS EXPAND PRODUCT EXPERIENCE A community of Makers from Custom Made partners with Lincoln Motors build matching jewelry for new car owners.



PURPOSEFUL BRANDS PROVIDE SHARED VALUE Millennials (and beyond) want companies to have a purpose. Corporations must lead community and environment initiatives. (Blue text is execs, green text is millennials) Deloitte Study, 2011 Executives Millennials

GIVE PEOPLE PURPOSE Toyota 100 Cars for Good Program – The program awards 100 vehicles to 100 deserving nonprofit organizations over the course of 100 days based on votes from the public.

TOMS Enablesamarketplaceofotherartisanstoselltheirsocialgoodproducts


The Mesh: “Access to goods, services & talent triumphs over ownership” - Lisa Gansky, @Instigating Author of The Mesh

RETAILER B&Q PROVIDES COMMUNITY AND MARKETPLACE Enables neighbors to share ideas, goods, and community around their brand.

TRUNK CLUB: AN INTERNET STYLIST ON DEMAND Tap a “Mechanical Clerk” –Ethan Holland

WORKSPACE ON DEMAND Marriott offers a choice of flexible work and meeting space easy to find and simple to reserve, just like a hotel room.


COMPANIES WHO TAP THE CROWD Are more innovative, connected, and empowering others. Study shows that 78% of companies are conducting outside innovation but with varied levels of success. Study: Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley

NORDSTROM SIGNS ON AS AN ETSY WHOLESALE BUYER To sell handcrafted & vintage goods at retail scale.

BRANDS ENABLE 3D PRINTING FOR MASS PERSONALIZATION Nokia offers 3D files enabling custom cases to be printed at Shapeways

Takeaway: Brands achieve Resiliency by collaborating with the empowered people for shared value.

Introducing: Crowd Companies A Brand Council for the Collaborative Economy Our Mission: Empowered People and Resilient Brands to achieve Shared Value CrowdCompanies.com | @CrowdCompanies

FINAL TAKEAWAYS 1. Like media was socialized, the physical world is becoming democratized. 2. People are empowered to make physical goods and share them –instead of buying anew. 3. Big companies must use these same strategies to regain relevancy. 4. Corporations that partner with the empowered people become resilient. 5. The next ten years are crowd and companies, together.

Crowd Companies Our Mission: Empowered People & Resilient Brands for Shared Value Jeremiah Owyang Chief Catalyst, Founder @jowyang Jeremiah@CrowdCompanies.com

Welcome to the World’s biggest creative playground

“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity” Michael Porter

The World is changing fast 5 People Recommendations from “people I know” trusted by 92% of consumers Social 4 billion hours of video watched every month on YouTube. 700 videos shared on Twitter every minute. Brand Participation 5 Media Broadcast TV viewership - 50%. Commercia l Consumers’ trust in advertising down by 23% between 2009 and 2012 Brand Love

Is your brand still CONNECTED to what consumers want today?

Consumers = insights + ideas

Welcome to the World’s biggest creative playground

90% spectators 9% enthusiasts creators 1% validate refine unlock the 1/9/90 rule - Forrester Research Not all consumers play the same game

270,000 158 countries creators The World’s largest community of creators delivers diversity

Idea generation

All entries moderated by an international team of community managers. Fast turnaround: 3 weeks for ideation projects. 4 weeks for content. The eYeka community generates rich, visual ideas in response

Analysis Thematic clustering. Unlocking insights/trends through semiotic analysis, category expertise or other relevant framing tool. Recommendation on potential routes and winners. 1 to 2 weeks.

INTERNAL EVALUATION eYeka delivers fresh ideas, fast to give your brand a competitive edge IDEA GENERATION IDEAS ANALYSIS 1 2 3 eYeka will analyze creators’ ideas to articulate them into an accessible report Professional Services CONSUMER EVALUATION AGENCY BRIEFING eYeka will facilitate your next steps, from testing ideas with consumers to running workshops to brief your team(s) and agencies.

ideas How could we reinvent instant coffee, prepared at home to keep the category relevant and attractive? Nescafé New Product Development Expected ROI Insights and ideas that will inspire Nescafé R&D and marketing teams.

40 countries 3 weeks 138 entries Nescafé New Product Development

Nescafé New Product Development

Nescafé New Product Development

Nescafé New Product Development

ideas “Our partnership with eYeka will enable new thinking and a fresh approach taking our existing consumers, and using their ideas and their voice, to shape our brands for the future” Michael Sergeant, Marketing Manager, Nescafé Australia Nescafé New Product Development

Oral-B was looking for whitespace product innovations that would transform an ordinary tooth brushing experience with connected and interactive technologies, to help consumers achieve better lifelong oral health. Expected ROI Insights and ideas that will inspire Oral-B’s R&D and marketing teams. P&G ORAL-B Inventing the first data-driven teeth brushing app

When it comes to oral care, most people take it for granted. Taking care of one’s teeth is not exciting and most people neglect their oral health, just because they are never really sure of doing the right thing. Tell us what an electrical toothbrush that can connect to the Internet should offer to change your life for the better. P&G ORAL-B Inventing the first data-driven teeth brushing app

In 22 days we received 67 ideas from 28 countries. P&G ORAL-B Inventing the first data-driven teeth brushing app

Innovation route Eagerness to learn proper techniques and routines P&G ORAL-B Inventing the first data-driven teeth brushing app

Innovation route Need for more personalized regimen P&G ORAL-B Inventing the first data-driven teeth brushing app

Innovation route Turn chore into enjoyment through gamification Analysis P&G ORAL-B Inventing the first data-driven teeth brushing app

" Our project with Eyeka was an inspiration to the commercial and technical teams from the very start. It opened thousands of opportunities that are now feeding our “Initiative Master Plan”. Thanks to the richness of the ideas we have successfully made interactivity the new vector of innovation for Oral-B." Maria Alejandra Apostoli, BM Global-EMEA Oral Care e-Business and Oral-B Power CFU, P&G P&G ORAL-B Inventing the first data-driven teeth brushing app

On the 20th of September 2013, Oral-B announced the launch of the Oral-B App, a breakthrough digital tool for brushing routines that connects with any Oral-B power brush. • Recognizes the brush motor sound and automatically activates a brush timer for a dentist-recommended two-minute session (exclusive technology developed by the R&D team). • Keeps track of your brushing technique and progress through comprehensive stats. • Provides oral care tips to perfect your brushing technique. • Offers news, weather updates to make brushing time enjoyable. P&G ORAL-B Inventing the first data-driven teeth brushing app

KLM Social Videos How do we create buzz online across Asia to let a young, tech-savvy audience know of our best-in-class one-stop mobile travel service? Expected ROI Awareness: Measured in online views.

KLM Social Videos Our brief to the eYeka community: In an engaging and very humorous video show us the disastrous, dramatic or hilarious consequences that happen when a phone addict tries doing everything (even the impossible) from his or her mobile phone.

KLM Social Videos Results 4 weeks, 23 entries from 15 countries (Top 3 countries France, UK, Denmark)

39,030 Creative score 70 contests joined 12 entries accepted Won 1 contest #3 Winner The #Deadwalker niwina Video Animation Singapore

KLM Social Videos Campaign: 23/10/13 to 8/1/14

KLM Social Videos Amplification – Examples of media placement

KLM Social Videos Amplification – Examples of seeding on social media communities

KLM Social Videos Amplification – Media coverage Media placements, editorial features, social influencers, promotions, a d units and engagements on Facebook, YouTube, Youk u, Twitter, blogs and popular websites resulted in 25M OTS

KLM Social Videos Results • 1,241,703 views • 15,983 engagement (2.35%) • Likes, comments on social communities • 80% retention rate • View till the end of the video – average is 60% • 42% over-delivery • Total views v. bought • 25,000,000 OTS

”We were surprised by the quality and originality of the videos produced by eYeka’s community. The combination of crowdsourced videos and social seeding seemed to have hit all the right notes with our target audience, resulting in a very successful campaign”. Antoine Peigner, Head of e-Commerce Hub, APAC Results KLM Social Videos

“Sales revenues from user-generated products are three times higher – and gross margins four times greater – than those of designer-generated products” “Some of the crowdsourced marketing ideas scored in the Top 10% of all-time best ads on Millward Brown Link™ score test. 100% adoption of the creative materials across markets. Cost saving efficiencies of 92%.” “The eYeka community generated the same level of ideas in 3 weeks as a top innovation agency in 3 months and a top design school in 6 months. 1 edutainment interactive TV channel launched. 1 million interactions in 2 months, 15,000 registered members in 2 months.” The ROI of crowdsourcing

EffectiveEfficient Diverse eYeka’s value proposition


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