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Published on February 4, 2014

Author: billivemuri



Innovapptive mWorklist Product sheet

Powered by Innovapptive and designed by Billy Vemuri

mWorklist Mobile Universal Approvals

mWorklist Mobile Universal Approvals Solution Overview Situation - Empower your employees with ability to approve multiple business workflow requests anywhere, anytime. Challenges - Inability to view and approve business workflow transactions anywhere, anytime causing delays and breakdown in process. Solution Innovation - One stop shop universal approvals of all your universal approvals workflow transactions. - Push notifications to drive proactive execution of Push notifications transactions. - Approve/Reject Shopping Carts, Purchase Requisitions, Purchase Orders, Travel & Expense Reports, Contracts, Non-PO Invoices, Time Entry, Leave Requests, Service Entry Acceptance ect. - Accelerate blocked invoice resolution by creating a blocked invoice resolution Goods Receipt/Service Entry Sheet with a few clicks. - Integrated substitution functionality to delegate Integrated substitution functionality work items and approve/reject delegated work items. - Highly customizable to integrate custom workflow Highly customizable to integrate approval scenarios for customer specific approvals - Customizable dashboard to hide/show/prioritize work items. - Collective approval of work items Collective approval and Improve Employee Productivity and Perfomance

mWorklist Mobile Universal Approvals Solution Overview Solution Environment - SUP 2.2, 2. 3 and SMP 3.0 OR OR - SAP NetWeaver Gateway 7.3 & 7.4 - SAP ECC 6.0, EHP 5.0 or higher - iPhone 4.0, 4S, 5, 5C & iOS 6.0 and 7.0 - Android Smartphones & Tablets Value Drivers - Better, quicker decision-making - Improved record keeping - Increased efficiency - Higher productivity - Time and cost reduction Implementation - One-time per user licensing - Annual Support Contract - 4 – 6 weeks of Rapid Deployment Services (RDS). - Fixed cost and fixed time implementation Target Users - Managers - Executives

mWorklist Mobile Universal Approvals Rapid Deployment Sevices (RDS) Implementation Methodology

mWorklist Mobile Universal Approvals Pricing App Licensing Annual Support and Maintenance per License 1 Number of Licenses Device Types Supported One-Time/User One 2 Two Three Four Up to 100 $69.99 $12.60 $24.50 $33.60 $42.00 101 to 250 $64.99 $11.70 $22.75 $31.20 $39.00 251 to 500 $59.99 $10.80 $21.00 $28.80 $36.00 500+ $49.89 $9.00 $17.50 $24.00 $30.00 1. The mPower™ Mobile Universal Approvals will be supported on 4 Major Device Types. Annual Support and Maintenance varies based on the number of Device Types the customer would like to deploy the app on. 2. Available Device Types are (i) iPhone – 4, 4S, 5, 5C & higher (ii) iPad 3.0, 4.0 and Air (iii) Android Smartphones (iv) Android Tablets

mWorklist Mobile Universal Approvals Pricing RDS Deployment Options 1 Base Foundation OPTION 1 $15,500 2 Add-Ons OPTION 2 OPTION 3 $34,500 $49,500 Install and Configure Gate- Install and Configure Gate- Install and Configure Gate- way, Install 2 Selected way, Install 2 Selected way, Install 2 Selected Add On Apps Add On Apps Add On Apps 1 Tier 3 Tier (DEV, QA, PRD) 2 backends (ERP and SRM) $3,900 $5,500 3 Customer Specific Workflow 3 Tier (DEV, QA, PRD) 2 backends (ERP and SRM) $2,800 2 backends (ERP and SRM) Basic Security 1 Go-Live Support Advanced Security Go-Live Support $11,600 2 $16,800 $22,500 Reference 1 Basic security = setting up SSO, configuring authorization for the backend application + workshop describing security options 2 Advanced security = same as Basic + workshop on how to set up reverse proxy solution in DMZ App Branding3 App branding limited to company logo, background in this release 2 Weeks 4 weeks 6 weeks 3 4 Workflow not available out of the box: UI Prototyping, Wireframes & Simulations, UX & Interactive design, SAP NetWeaver Odata Build, UI and SAP Odata Integration, Mobile Application Development Specifications. Does not include build of customer specific workflow. Complexities will be evaluated during SOW. 4

mWorklist Mobile Universal Approvals 4 Pricing RDS Deployment Options RDS – Complexity Buckets Low Medium High ECC - MM Purchase Requisitions ECC - HR Travel & Expenses ECC - FI Invoices ECC - MM Purchase Orders ECC - HR Time Entry ECC - FI Payments ECC - MM Contracts ECC - HR Leave Requests ECC - MM Service Entry Sheets ECC - HR Personnel Requests ECC - FI Blocked Invoice Resolution ECC - SD Sales Order ECC - HR Travel Requests SRM Shopping Carts ECC - SD Credit Requests ECC - FI Journal Entries ECC - MM Vendor Master ECC - FI WBS Elements ECC - SD Customers

Innovapptive Innovapptive finished runners up in two categories of the SAP Mobile App Challenge 2013. Innovapptive featured among 135 leading enterprise mobile companies within the “Global Strategic Business Report – Enterprise Mobility” published by Independent Global Industry

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