Injecting Science into Your Weekly Schedule

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Information about Injecting Science into Your Weekly Schedule

Published on July 18, 2019

Author: johnsmith005


slide 1: Injecting Science into Your Weekly Schedule When your children are young you want to do everything that you can to help foster their passions whether that means taking your little boy to dance lessons because he wants to be the next Billy Elliot or helping your child develop their love of science by doing experiments in the household. Fortunately we live in an era where promoting a STEM education is valued like never before and we have the resources to bring entertaining science lessons to kids. Here are a few people whose material is already out there on YouTube and can help to introduce science to your children. Science Bob Pflugfelder One of the most accessible people out there in the world of science is a teacher that goes by the name Science Bob Pflugfelder. Science Bob has been featured on multiple TV shows which is where he has made a name for himself by presenting slide 2: fun and funny experiments that you can do at home with your family. He takes out the lecturing and focuses on creating a spectacle. Searching YouTube you can find Science Bob’s appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live where he has done dozens of cool experiments that you can watch. More importantly you can visit his website where he encourages Random Acts of Science for parents and teachers. These pages give instructions to recreate his experiments so you can try them out at home. Bill Nye the Science Guy The first guy that ever taught me that “Science Rules” is still kicking in the world of climate change. However those that want to relive the glory of the most entertaining teacher we all ever had are able to access the same videos you probably watched on VHS tapes as a student. A large portion of Bill Nye’s episodes slide 3: have been made available in full via YouTube where you can go and see if the lessons still hold up. For those that grew up on Bill Nye and are now reaching the age where they are parents this could be a fun way to share the thing that you loved in school with your kids. It might not go as well as when you shared Cobra Kai with them but it will definitely be better than when you tried sharing the Jaden Smith Karate Kid. Mark Rober This was one of the first guys that made me regret my decision to study business and writing in college and wish that I had focused on science and engineering. Mark Rober is a former NASA engineer and current father who uses his incredible brain to develop novelty out of science. He is somewhat known for being a bit of a prankster creating things that are meant for fun more than they are meant to add value to the world. In one video he built a dart board that slide 4: moves when you throw at it so you get a perfect bullseye every time. It might not sound like much when I try to explain it in words but seeing is believing and he will make you into a believer. Source : schedule/

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