Inheritance Of kappa Particles in Paramecium aurelia

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Information about Inheritance Of kappa Particles in Paramecium aurelia

Published on April 18, 2019

Author: maheshmeshram


Slide 1: ………… all C. J. Patel College, Tirora Seminar on Inheritance of kappa particle in Paramoecium: Seminar on Inheritance of kappa particle in Paramoecium By: Mahesh. P. Meshram Deptt. Of Zoology C. J. P atel College, Tirora Slide 3: Types Of Inheritance Chromosomal/ Mendelian / Nuclear Inheritance: - Controlled by Nuclear genes/ chromosomes B. Extra-chromosomal/Non-Mendelian/ Extra- Nuclear / Cytoplasmic Inheritance: - Controlled by Extra nuclear genes/Chromosomes Cytoplasmic Inheritance : Cytoplasmic Inheritance A. Organelle heredity :- Controlled by organelles. e.g. chloroplast, mitochondria, etc. B. Infective heredity :- Infection of infected particles. e.g. - Kappa particles in Paramoecium. Introduction : Infective Heredity: Introduction : Infective Heredity T. M. Sonneborn and others reported extra nuclear inheritance effect in Paramoecium . Paramoecium have two types of strains 1) Killer strains :- Strain which able to produce toxin ( paramecin ) 2) Sensitive strains :- Susceptible strain which can not produce toxin. What is kappa particle ?: What is kappa particle ? Killer strain of Paramoecium have some particles in its cytoplasm called as kappa particles. Later investigation observed that kappa particles in the killer strains are endosymbiotic bacteria named “ Caedobacter taeniospiralis . ” Paramecium : Conjugation (Sexual Reproduction): Paramecium : Conjugation (Sexual Reproduction) Conjugation is of two types depending on the time required- a) Short – lived conjugation :- 1. conjugation for shorter duration. 2. does not involve exchange of cytoplasm. b) Prolonged conjugation :- 1. conjugation for longer duration. 2. involves both exchange of nuclear and cytoplasm. Conjugation In Paramoecium: Conjugation In Paramoecium Experimental Evidences of Infective heredity in Paramoecium.: Experimental Evidences of Infective heredity in Paramoecium. Conclusion:: Conclusion : Phenotype of Killer and Sensitive in Paramoecium is controlled by Cytoplasmic material(infective) in Paramoecium. Killer is controlled by an allele ‘ K ’ whereas Sensitive by ‘ k ’ Establishment of infection possible only in following genotypes. KK Killer K k kk - Sensitive

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