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Published on November 17, 2007

Author: hexholden


The Mobile Society – Reloaded From the world to the web with a phone Alberto D’Ottavi 15-nov-07

Worldwide mobile market (units, forecast): • 2004 (IDC): 595 millions • 2007 (Gartner): 1.13 billions ‣(Sales 2Q07: Asia/Pacific: 95.5 mio, EMEA: 46 mio, WE: 45.4 mio)

“The term “Information” society, still appropriate for the wired ’90s, has now become a tired and vacuous concept. It still talks only about content, while the real news is in the process” - Derrick de Kerckhove

“In the Mobilized Information Society the ease of communication and access to information and data is not just an essential ingredient of economic activity, but also of leisure” - Luc Soete

“Prediction is tough, especially when it is about the future” - Niels Bohr …er, actually, not always… :-)

2007: A Milestone in the Mobile Era • June 29th: Apple iPhone • August 29th: Nokia • November 5th: Google Android

Changing habits • 2004: Notebook, cameraphone, MP3 player • 2007: Smartphones with mobile mail, browsing & mo-blogging • Now: Twitter, Jaiku, YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, Facebook, …

A “We the media” approach for mobiles? • From enhanced messaging (eg Twitter) to a complete on-line presence (eg Jaiku) • Add context awareness… add content annotation… add bi-directional sharing... • …And you have the basics for Mobile Web 2.0. But who pays?

? Mobile advertising? May be, but… • Don’t trust long-term forecasts. Focus on results and approaches • “The biggest selling point of mobile adv is … relevance” - The Economist • New models of Search on mobiles is undergoing

Personal experience 100x an average reading! Most from Google, ofc Happening in Italy now

Cases /1: New mobile channels and mobile software design

Cases /2: Mobile bookmarking and mash-up

Cases /3: Social, open source, wiki maps

Conclusions • Don’t think (only) to deliver, think (also) to collect • Content is already there, going from one person (formerly known as “user”) to another. It’s made of activity and knowledge • As in Web Web 2.0, “Deliver the platform” and “Less is more” can win also in Mobile Web 2.0 • The new systems are open Thanks :-) Alberto D’Ottavi - -

Photo credits and webography • 1-4: unknown • 5:, • 6: Courtesy Apple • 7: • 8, 11: • 9: • 10: Courtesy Nokia • 12: • 13:

Contact details Alberto D’Ottavi Journalist, blogger, author ‣Freelance on ‣Member of ‣Teacher at Contacts, An of course… LinkedIn, SlideShare (hexholden), (for:hexholden), (hexholden), Flickr (dottavi)

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