Informed gamification (how to spread the pixie dust)

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Information about Informed gamification (how to spread the pixie dust)

Published on March 15, 2014

Author: zendar2


Who am I? Bachelor in Media Studies inLondon - <3 Cyberspace Master in Media Studies UiB - <3 Computer Games Blogging and other sosial media Spillpikene Journalist Machinima enthusiast CSR Girl Geek Dinners Events Insert Coin Spillmakerlauget/Game Developers Guild National Center for Game Development

History  Programing/hacking culture MIT: Steve Russel, Martin Graetz og Wayne Wiitanen Showing off the graphics of the PDP-1

Today  Game industry larger than the movie industry  Digital distribution  Tablets and smart phones  Those who’ve grown up with computer games are now developers

What are computer games?

What are computer games?

What are computer games?

What’s a computer game developer?



The ”secret” of Gameplay

Why make a game about the Holocaust  Brenda Romero og Train

Games as communication of emotion

Endgame: Syria Forbudt i Apple App store fordi: We view apps different than books or songs, which we do not curate. If you want to criticize a religion, write a book. If you want to describe sex, write a book or a song, or create a medical app. It can get complicated, but we have decided to not allow certain kinds of content in the App Store want-to-criticize-religion-write-a-book-dont-


Teaching The concept

Teaching Games Math

Concept vs. Gameplay Gameplay is about the bullet ricocheting off surfaces vs. concept of killing zombies in a bloody manner. Confused librarian

Teaching by developing Re-Mission 2 - HopeLabs

Teaching by developing

The perfect formula?  Experts and artists communicating with programmers

Thanks for your attention! Linn Søvig @lisov

Informed Gamification How to spread the pixie dust

Who am I? • Ricki Sickenger • Programming since 11 y/o • 10 years experience as game developer on a Massive Multiplayer Game (Darkfall Online) • 5 years experience as IT consultant • Partner at Sonat Consulting AS

Workshop goals • Learn gamification techniques • Show you a methodology • Combine and level up!

What is gamification? • Integrating game-like mechanics into a non-game context.

Why use gamification? • Increase user engagement • Increase loyalty • Increase brand awareness • Make boring tasks less boring

Game design elements

Interesting Challenges

Clear, Varied and Achievable goals

Juicy feedback

Learning curve - Flow


Objectives and outcomes


Know your users

Assign value to tasks

Plan for iterations

Most used Mechanics • Badges / titles • Levels • Leaderboards • Contests • Mini games • Sharing of goods

Octalysis • Gamification methodology • Created by Yu-Kai Chou •

Octalysis examples

Potential issues • Only rewards, no loyalty • Fatigue • Can frustrate users • Gaming the system • Application needs value

Task 1 • Analyze using the Octalysis system

Task 2 • Gamify Booster: How could you add gamification to Booster?

Conclusion • Gamification can increase user engagement and satisfaction. • Gamification is not a magic bullet. • Use a methodology!

Thanks! • Don’t hesitate to get in touch! • Ricki Sickenger ( • @bag_of_hats • Linn Søvig ( • @lisov

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