Informative Denture Pain Facts That We Should Understand

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Information about Informative Denture Pain Facts That We Should Understand

Published on July 13, 2016

Author: enchantednews


slide 2: Denture pain is something that most people that wear them complain about. Typically your dentures should not hurt when they are on but there are some reasons why you feel pain when you put them on. Most of these reasons are caused by poorly designed dentures though some may be due to your anatomy or conditions that can develop as a result of wearing dentures. Get Professional Advice Poor dentures that are badly designed poorly fitted made of cheap materials or all three can cause a lot of discomfort. The most common cause of denture pain is poorly fitted dentures. Dentures that don’t stay in place eventually will slide around in your mouth. The friction that occurs rubs and irritates gum tissues and the dentures that kisses the sides of your gums will cause sore gums. Dentures that are designed badly won’t properly balance the forces in your mouth. Have you felt like dentures cutting into gums This means that some places in your mouth may be bearing the brunt of your chewing forces resulting in irritation. You may even notice a rocking motion in your dentures as they shift from one point of force to another. Dentures made of wrong materials or those with do-it-yourself liners can cause additional pain because they irritate gum tissues and may result to infection. A few may ask if how long does new denture pain last Well it depends upon the source of the pain if extraction sites are involved teeth pulled out bones heal slowly and if a sore spot is caused by denture rubbing an adjustment can correct it in a couple of days. Most denture sore spots can be alleviated during the first 72 hours of wearing a new denture. The denture needs to be adjusted by a dental professional. There are however exceptions to this as everyone’s healing perception and tolerances to discomfort are different. New denture wearer pain is normal. You have been used to having your normal teeth for a very long time but there will come a period that we lose our teeth because of poor oral slide 3: hygiene bad habits and more. Generally we can not live with the fact of having no teeth at at all that we need dentures as replacement for our beloved teeth. Putting on dentures for the first time indeed causes pain and irritation but in the long run you’ll be able to adjust and wear them without pain. After tooth extraction comes dentures new dentures sore gums. But do not worry about having the pain of wearing dentures because everything can be corrected by a medical professional that is always there to help you. New dentures normally is connected with sore gums as we mentioned above there are different causes for sore gums on new dentures. Tooth extraction gum anatomy etc. are mostly the cause Just allow a couple of days for your gums to adjust to your dentures but if the pain still insists it is time to visit your dentist to make adjustments on your dentures. Source:

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