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Information about Information Science Blog Aggregation

Published on March 8, 2014

Author: fgaede



Goals ✦ ✦ Pull in RSS feeds to show article snippets & other info Create a tag cloud to offer an additional entry point to the collection Create a resource for incoming and continuing iSchool students

Blog Curation see also: sisyphean tasks ✦ ✦ Many (most?) incoming students are not info science people Info science is truly multi-disciplinary, blogosphere is doubleplusbig ✦ How to find the good stuff? ✦ Get your friends to find it for you ✦ Aren’t we friends?

Populating the DB setting the table(s) ✦ Virginia the Architect structured the database. ✦ Look at all the table definitions. Look at ‘em. ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ author blog blog_author blog_cat blog_maintainer ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ ‣ category feed maintainer tag tag_blog

$toreturn['title'] = $article->find('title', 0)->plaintext; $toreturn['pubDate'] = $article->find('published', 0)->plaintext; //print($toreturn['pubDate']); $toreturn['link'] RSS & PHP = $article->find('link', 0)->href; $articletext = $article->find('summary', 0)->xmltext; //print($articletext); acronym bros $articletext=trim($articletext); Select items to display by blog, category //print "<p>found content:encoded: $articletext</p>"; or maintainer if ($articletext=='') { print "<em style='background-color:yellow;'>Could not find article in content:encoded; trying description</em>"; ✦ Add & modify feed $articletext=$article->find('description', 0)->xmltext; URLs for blogs } ✦ Retrieve & display content from blog $articletext=preg_replace("/[...]/", "", $articletext); feeds $articletext=preg_replace("/<img[^>]*/>/", "", $articletext); ✦ $articletext=preg_replace("/<iframe[^>]*>/", "", $articletext); $articletext=preg_replace("/src *= *'[^']*'/", "", $articletext); $articletext=preg_replace("/<div[^>]*>/", "", $articletext); $articletext=preg_replace("/<span[^>]*>/", "", $articletext); $firstparapos=strpos($articletext, "</p>"); // print $articletext; $toreturn[text]=$articletext; $html->clear(); unset($html); return $toreturn; } ?>

$toreturn['title'] = $article->find('title', 0)->plaintext; $toreturn['pubDate'] = $article->find('published', 0)->plaintext; //print($toreturn['pubDate']); $toreturn['link'] RSS & PHP = $article->find('link', 0)->href; $articletext = $article->find('summary', 0)->xmltext; //print($articletext); $articletext=trim($articletext); acronym bros Retrieve$articletext</p>"; database info from //print "<p>found content:encoded: ✦ Check format of URL if ($articletext=='') { print "<em style='background-color:yellow;'>Could not find article in content:encoded; trying description</em>"; ✦ RSS vs. Atom $articletext=$article->find('description', 0)->xmltext; } ✦ Retrieve contents as object $articletext=preg_replace("/[...]/", "", $articletext); ✦ Get latest item from contents $articletext=preg_replace("/<img[^>]*/>/", "", $articletext); $articletext=preg_replace("/<iframe[^>]*>/", "", $articletext); ✦ Parse elements $articletext=preg_replace("/src *= *'[^']*'/", "", $articletext); $articletext=preg_replace("/<div[^>]*>/", "", $articletext); $articletext=preg_replace("/<span[^>]*>/", "", $articletext); ✦ Search for text of latest blog entry $firstparapos=strpos($articletext, "</p>"); // print $articletext; ✦ Perform text processing $toreturn[text]=$articletext; $html->clear(); ✦ Return the information found unset($html); ✦ return $toreturn; } ?>

Tag Cloud chance of rain: 0% ✦ ✦ Ellie & Frankie installed and customized’s PHP-based tag cloud like bosses And this is it:

Putting it Together bug squashing 4evar ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ ✦ CSS is fun. And magic. And occasionally a pain in the ass RSS is not the most consistent medium Populating the tables through forms Backups through CRON Search

image credits photoshop is hard ✦ ✦ Slide 5: Slide 6: data/weather/cloud.png?rev=1222

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