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Published on November 6, 2007

Author: Samm


Info on Mauritius:  Info on Mauritius By T. Auckle Best viewed using internet explorer Slide2:  Geography and Climate History Economy Education System Law and Order Culture and Religion Fauna and Flora Main Differences……. Slide3:  Mauritius on the World map Slide4:  Part of the Mascarene Islands comprising of the islands of Mauritius, Reunion (French territory) and Rodrigues. Mauritius is believed to be the oldest of the three islands (according to carbon dating experiments) Mauritius is of volcanic origin and comprises of the main Island of Mauritius and its island dependencies of Rodrigues and Agalega. It is still claiming sovereignty over the Chagos Archipelago and Tromelin Island Approximately 400 nautical miles off the island of Madagascar…Between South Africa and the Western coast of Australia Tropical Climate with hot and humid summers (and tropical cyclones!) and cool and temperate winters. Civil ensign – motto: “Stella Clavisque Maris Indici”, meaning the Star and key of the Indian Ocean Slide5:  Discovered by Arab and Portuguese sailors First inhabitants – the Dutch…extermination of the Dodo Colonisation by the French until 1810…Slaves brought to work in the island Colonisation by the British for the next 158 years…abolition of slavery in the 1830s, advent of indentured labourers and free immigrants. Slide6:  Main Pillar of the economy: the sugar industry Tourism The Export Processing Zone (EPZ) sector Budding offshore banking sector Cyber city-implantation of Indian firms like Infosys General Information Currency – The Mauritian Rupee – Rs 1= 100 cents £1= Rs 54.09 Slide7:  Pre-primary Education either in Government or Private Institutions Primary Education :1.Government schools 2.Private schools 3 .Roman catholic Aided Schools (RCA schools, administered by the Church) Lower Secondary Education (up to GCE O Level-Cambridge International Exams) OR Pre-Vocational education and later to the IVTB (Polytechnic) Upper Secondary Education (GCE A level – Cambridge International Exams, Competition for scholarships at national level) Tertiary Education – University of Mauritius, Mahatma Gandhi Institute – From any primary school to the lower secondary section, pre-vocational or to the Gandhian Basic School These schools act as feeders to the upper secondary which in turn channels its students mostly to its specific fields Slide8:  The French System of Education – Lycee labourdonnee Tertiary education Provided by private Institutions like De Chazal Du Mee Business School Rushmore Business school Medical School at Belle Rive School of Dentistry in the North E-Education Still Under Consideration; Under the aegis of the University of Technology Mauritius Those studying abroad A very limited number of scholarships awarded to deserving students Slide9:  MOTTO: Salus Populi Suprema Lex esto: The Well Being of the People is the Supreme law. Small Island- Low rate of Criminality Well, efforts are on to truly make the island a paradise but who can boast of eradicating evil completely? Slide10:  Concept of the RAINBOW ISLAND – DIFFERENT ETHNIC GROUPS LIVE TOGETHER IN COMPLETE HARMONY Main religions: Hinduism (52%), Islam, Christianity and a small community of Chinese. Slide11:  Mixture of Hindus, Tamils, Telegus, Bengalis, Marathis, Gujaratis, Punjabis Slide12:  Main Festivals: Maha Shivaratri: Slide13:  Pilgrimage to Grand bassin- the “Kanwar” Slide14:  Deepavali or Divali– The Festival of Lights Slide16:  Holi-the festival of colours Slide17:  Cavadee-Celebrated by the Tamil Community Slide18:  Main Festivals celebrated: Eid-ul-Fitr, Bakr-Eid Slide19:  The St Louis Cathedral, P. Louis Slide20:  A mixture of Buddhism and Christianity, main festivals celebrated-Chinese Spring Festival Slide21:  THE SEGA DANCE- Slide22:  Traditional songs-Sega and Bhojpuri songs (by the Hindu Community) Traditional foods: The “Rougaille”-A dish whose basic ingredient is tomato. Salted Fish Slide23:  Unique marine life-the seas of Mauritius and its island dependencies are the natural habitat of a large number of sea animals whose beauty is breathtaking. Slide26:  The Kestrel, the Pink Pigeon and the Echo Parakeet are birds which are endemic to the island and are on the UN list of endangered species. The Kestrel is the rarest bird of prey in the world. Slide27:  The Pink Pigeon is the rarest pigeon in the whole world. Slide28:  The Mauritius/Echo Parakeet is – as you’ve all surely guessed-the rarest parrot in the world! These birds are initially bred in captivity by the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation, then released in the Black River Gorge, home to the rare ebony trees and to more endemic plants. Slide29:  Oceanic Bird: the White Tailed Tropic Bird, also known as the Paille-en-queue, is the emblem of the Mauritian national Airline.

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