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Published on February 11, 2008

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NUS / Georgia Tech Special Term Programme :  NUS / Georgia Tech Special Term Programme Miscellaneous Issues Chen Zhou Agenda:  Agenda Recap of academic issues Miscellaneous issues in Singapore and NUS Power and Communications Money Daily life Transportation Recreation Miscellaneous issues in China, Beijing and Tsinghua Travel Schedule in Singapore:  Schedule in Singapore Courses (in this sequence) C1: HY2062 Asia in the Modern World; C2: IE2130 Quality Engineering I; C3: IE3120 Manufacturing Logistics; C4: IE4220 Supply Chain Modeling History 2602 Asian in the Modern World:  History 2602 Asian in the Modern World Professor Hanchao Lu, School of History, Technology, and Society (HTS) in Ivan Allen College Primary Textbooks: Borthwick, Mark. Pacific Century: The Emergence of Modern Pacific Asia. Second Edition. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press, 1998. Richard Gunde, Culture and Customs of China. Westpoint, CT: Greenwood Press, 2001.* * This book is assigned for writing a take-home book report as part of the final examination. GET THESE BEFORE DEPARTURE Students may choose one of the alternative readings for the take-home book report: Noriko Kamachi, Culture and Customs of Japan. Westpoint, CT: Greenwood Press, 1999. Donald Clark, Culture and Customs of Korea. Westpoint, CT: Greenwood Press, 2000. Mark Mcleod and Nguyen Thi Dieu, Culture and Customs of Vietnam. Westpoint, CT: Greenwood Press, 2001. Paul Rodell, Culture and Customs of Philippines, 2001. Carol Henderson, Culture and Customs of India, 2002. Arne Kislenko, Culture and Customs of Thailand, 2004. Grades: Quizzes (50%), Take-home Final Exam (40%), Attendance (10%) ISyE 3039 Quality Improvement:  ISyE 3039 Quality Improvement Faculty Prof. Loo Hay Lee. Ph.D Eng Science Harvard Textbook D.C. Montgomery, "Introduction to Statistical Quality Control", 5th Edition, John Wiley, 2005. Email: Grading: 2 midterms (20% each), 1 presentation 20%, Final 40%. Schedule in Beijing:  Schedule in Beijing Courses (in this sequence) C1: HY2062 Asia in the Modern World; C2: IE2130 Quality Engineering I; C3: IE3120 Manufacturing Logistics; C4: IE4220 Supply Chain Modeling ISyE 3103 Supply Chain - Logistics:  ISyE 3103 Supply Chain - Logistics Professor Joel Sokol, GT ISyE Textbook Johnson, Wood, Wardlow, and Murphy – Contemporary Logistics, 8th edition. Prentice Hall, 2004. Grading: Homework & Participation (10%), Quizzes & Exams (75%), Course Project (15%) ISyE 3104 – Supply Chain Mfg & Ware:  ISyE 3104 – Supply Chain Mfg & Ware Professor Chen Zhou Textbooks: Production and Operations Analysis, by Steven Nahmias, 5th edition, Irwin, 2005. Warehouse Science, by John Bartholdi and Steven Hackman, release 06, Aug 8, 2005, available at Professor Bartholdi's website. Grading: Exams (75%), Assignments (15%), Participation (10 %) International Edition $25 US Edition $128, bn China and Beijing:  China and Beijing Slide10:  Train stn (1) Embassies Bell and drum towers Tsinghua:  Tsinghua Dorm Canteen IE Dept Subway Market Pool Electronics shops Food square Power and network in China:  Power and network in China Power plug Type A, similar shape that used in US with smaller gap No difference between 2 prongs (the fat prong in US has problem) Network and computer Ethernet connection in dorm room, need cable IE, library and computer labs: monthly account, unlimited access Chinese operating system Money in China:  Money in China Exchange at airport or anywhere, same rate Some ATMs only work with Chinese cards, look for your familiar signs. ATMs that work Zhao Lan Yuan Outside of 10th cafeteria Less outside of Beijing, Shanghai or Xian Traveler’s cheques Credit cards Debt cards Zhou’s cost model in China:  Zhou’s cost model in China Quality and price Quality and its control Quality Reputation Cost US China Zhou’s guide to exchange rate:  Zhou’s guide to exchange rate Cost:  Cost Dorm: about 110 RMB/day (for July 2007. The rate might increase next year) Food About 10 RMB/day in cafeteria About 25 RMB off campus About 50 RMB in a sit down restaurant About 100 RMB in a good restaurant Accidental insurance: about 200 RMB/person Health insurance: try to get it in US or Singapore Visa application Dorm:  Dorm Student Laundry Service:  Student Laundry Service Dorm 20 Attendant on-duty Drop off then pick up Bring your own detergent 8 RM B/load Schedule ? Mobile phones in China:  Mobile phones in China GSM 900, 1800 herts US Xingular (AT&T) and T-Mobile uses GSM with 1900 Mhtz Started CDMA in 2004 If you plan to use the set in China You must have the right frequency Have it unlocked Buy a SIM card (about US$6) Your card works there but it will cost a lot to make a call Phone:  Phone Dorm phone is A pay phone for outgoing Free for incoming By Beijing 201 card Many IC phones on street, OK with domestic calls IP card for international calls. You can buy at a small flower shop behind the bank at Zhao Lan Yuan (or many other small stores off-campus). You normally pay less than 50% than face value Communications:  Communications Internet Cafe Post box Daily life:  Daily life Water Bottled water In IE building, we’ll prepare cooler (does not cool much) Ice is scarce No refrigerators No Microwave Restrooms Dorm: western style Classroom building: like simple ones in engineering blocks in Singapore Access (paid for by the program):  Access (paid for by the program) You will get an ID, but will not be able to check out books…just read them inside the library. Computer access IE computer lab day time Chinese OS, IE plans to install English OS Internet access separate: Students share the same account You are STRONGLY encouraged to bring your own laptop Logistics class will assign computer assignments Internet café available just outside of campus Gym, swimming on FIFO registration, may charge a small fee Health: hospital. Students have insurance. IE building, computer lab and classroom:  IE building, computer lab and classroom Vending machine in IC some buildings:  Vending machine in IC some buildings 4-story food court and Pizza shop:  4-story food court and Pizza shop Food courts:  Food courts Ching Ching (fake McDonalds):  Ching Ching (fake McDonalds) Food square:  Food square Student like this one the best ID, dinning card and work permit:  ID, dinning card and work permit Market on campus:  Market on campus Other services at zhao lan yuan:  Other services at zhao lan yuan Super Market Drug store (Department store) Grocery market Bank Post office Photo shop Book store Police station Transportation:  Transportation Taxi: RMB 10 start, 1.2, 1.6 or 2.0 after 2 – 3 KMs Airport to Tsinghua: RMB 85 + 10 toll, please wait in the taxi line (or RMB 250, 450). To city center: RMB 40 Taxi without passenger are not allowed to enter campus. Go to West gate, east or south gate, Zhao Lan Yuan, etc. Light rail 0.5 KM east of East gate Shuttle from the hotel Bike park at the station Bike: 150 RMB, return for about 50 RMB Bike:  Bike Bikes There are many stores off west gate or south gate New and sometimes used RMB 130 and up, you need to opt for a better lock at extra cost of 10 – 30. You can get a good lock at RMB 10 nest hotel. Bargain for buy back at around 50 RMB. Bus companies Xin Yue (New Moon), private: 8192-9867, 133 1107 7938, Manager Kou4 寇 Beijing Bus, public: 6497-5508, Manager 秦 Beijing Automobile Leasing company RMB 1,200/day in city. (10) 6467-4461. Wo dao ko:  Wo dao ko Travel Agent Recreation:  Recreation Swimming Basketball Bowling Tennis Ping-pong … Travel:  Travel Where we have been or will go:  Where we have been or will go Book your travel early Shanghai Book Hangzhou before you depart Beijing Xian Inner-Mongolia Mount Tai Cheng De Wu tai shan Guilin Use agent Nap in taxi and Asian soccer game:  Nap in taxi and Asian soccer game Places in Beijing:  Places in Beijing Great Wall (ba da ling) and Ming Tomb: Great Wall (ci ma tai司马台, mu tian yu, with sled) Forbidden city and Tianan Men Square Summer Palace Xiangshan Acrobat, Circus, Many temples Bell tower (performance at bottom) and drum tower Xiu shui jie 秀水街 Market … Bike outting:  Bike outting Bus at qian men前门:  Bus at qian men前门 Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou:  Shanghai, Suzhou and Hangzhou Xi an Terra Cotta Warriors :  Xi an Terra Cotta Warriors Plan now:  Plan now

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