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Published on April 3, 2014

Author: hongkyungjin



2014 Spring
Information & Perception
Information Hierarchy
redesigning Gangnam Underground Map

Information Hierarchy Gangnam Underground Map Kyung Jin HONG

• Main usage – Subway – Shopping Mall – Passage • No crosswalk on the street  There should be information for each usage Gangnam Underground Mall (강남 지하상가)

• Analysis – Maps • Present position • Exit • Meeting place • Restroom • Simple structure • Passage connected to buildings – Signs • Directions for the exit • Directions for the platform Gangnam Underground Mall (강남 지하상가)

Gangnam Underground Mall (강남 지하상가) • Problems – Maps • Don’t have information related to the subway – Ex. Platform – Signs • Don’t have information related to shopping – Classification of shopping malls • Stores are divided into eight sections, four cardinal points and ABCD, but the map is composed of only two colors

Gangnam Underground Mall (강남 지하상가) • Solutions – Add lacking information • Maps : Subway information • Signs : Shopping informaion – Re-classify the stores • New classification and new colors for better guidance – Find a new design of the map with all information or Find a new way to rearrange signs

Gangnam Underground Map

1. Subway a. Subways Line(Direction) b. Platform 2. Exits a. Color b. Landmarks(Direction) 3. Shopping mall a. Structure(Section) b. Four cardinal directions 4. Etc a. Icons b. Explanation c. Meeting places Gangnam Underground Map (강남역 지하상가 안내도)

• Subway related information – Platforms – 신분당선 – Exits Gangnam Underground Map (강남역 지하상가 안내도)

• Re-classification of the shopping stores – Four Sections • North, South, East, West – Four Colors Gangnam Underground Map (강남역 지하상가 안내도)

• Direction of the exits – Landmarks – Nearby station and the color of the line Gangnam Underground Map (강남역 지하상가 안내도)

• Marked Stores – Large and eye-catching – Located at the edge of sections  for better guidance • Color of the icons Gangnam Underground Map (강남역 지하상가 안내도)

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