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Information about Information for Doctors- (5 to 10 minutes)
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Published on March 11, 2014

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Doctors seeing further Twice the Doctor Foundation A new concept in effective volunteering Using heart and head Just 1 day a year makes all the difference

Australian doctors are in a position to really make a difference to world health with a programme created in Australia which may one day spread internationally It gives you the opportunity to “virtually volunteer” one day a year and effectively be TWICE THE DOCTOR

AVATARS Robotic surgery (avatar) In a very real sense this African doctor can be your avatar, but even better because he/she: • Works while you can still do your own work • Speaks the language and knows the local customs • Earns a wage that feeds back into the local economy Film avatar With your input you can empower and enable an African doctor 31 2

UNICEF in partnership with the TWICE THE DOCTOR FOUNDATION has devised a programme to enable you to “VIRTUALLY VOLUNTEER” You can work for a day in your own practice and effectively be TWICE THE DOCTOR for a month That’s using your heart and your head

AFRICAN DOCTOR’S WAGE about $1,000 /month AFRICAN NURSE’S WAGE about $200 /month The doctor works for a month if you work for a day because of the huge disparity in medical workers’ salaries between Australia and much of Africa You can work for 1 day in your own practice, donate the proceeds and UNICEF or The Fred Hollows Foundation can employ a doctor in Africa for about 1 month or a nurse for about 6 months

COSTS Airfare and accommodation/food $6,000 $10.000 pre-tax Lost income for 3 weeks $30,000+ TOTAL $40,000+ pre-tax If a surgeon went to Africa for 3 weeks of volunteer work; Could employ an African doctor for 3+ YEARS! ie 50+ times as efficient to work here and donate! 3 weeks 3 YEARS Donations are fully tax-deductable

SIERRA LEONE Infant mortality 7.7 % die before age 1 Maternal mortality nearly 1% /live birth

UNICEF Health Programme in Sierra Leone Aim reduce under 5 mortality by 1/3 Method train over 4000 health care providers Beneficiaries 230,000 infants 1 million children under 5 460,000 pregnant and lactating women

Administrative and accounting cost ? ……..6% (Australian office) Programmes in >190 COUNTRIES We could not have a better partner for this project. UNICEF is one of the best known and most trusted organisations in the world.

80,000 Doctors in Australia (about half are GPs and half specialists) If 30% give an average of $1000 > $ 20million This starts right here with Our Doctors kicking off the entire concept which we hope will spread nationally. Eventually we hope to have a National Doctor’s Day where every doctor is invited to virtually volunteer and donate the proceeds of a day’s work. The CEO of UNICEF, Norman Gillespie believes this to be achievable. Imagine the good that we can accomplish for world health.

PERSPECTIVE $250 1 coffee / week 1 day pay for RMO for 1 year 1 Doctor for 1 week or 1 Nurse for 1 month 1 child in a private school for 1 week 1 Doctor for 1 month in Africa or a Nurse for 6 months $1000 tax deductable about 0.5% of a full-time GP’s annual salary 1 day’s pay is about 0.5% of annual salary or or tax deductable

This is all about LEVERAGE (multiplying your effect) • Leverage of your time by volunteering for a day to employ an African doctor for a month. • Leverage in empowering an African doctor who can treat hundreds of children rather than donating to a single child. • Leverage of your colleagues in N.S.W. who are more likely to participate if you are involved. • Leverage of a successful NSW campaign on other doctors and eventually other colleagues nationally.

This is all about LEVERAGE • Leverage on the overall effect on health and well-being in the African community as the salary of the doctor feeds back into the local economy. • Leverage to inspire similar programmes by doctors in other developed countries. e.g UK, Canada, USA • Leverage to inspire other professions to engage in similar programmes. Dentists, psychologists, engineers and legal representatives are all required in the developing world. (multiplying your effect)

FAQs Q How is this different from just another donation? A The programme is to train and empower health care workers so it’s really as if THEY ARE WORKING THERE FOR YOU INSTEAD OF YOU GOING THERE YOURSELF . It is therefore a lot more like true volunteering but, unless you have a specifically required skill, happens to be a lot more efficient and effective than you actually going. . (SCEPTIC)

FAQs Q Doesn’t charity begin at home? A This whole concept is about efficiency and ‘bang for your buck’. A doctor’s salary for a year in Africa is about $12,000. To pay for a doctor in outback Australia for a year is over $250,000 (SCEPTIC)

So why join us and volunteer for 1 day a year? • Do a great service for the people of Sierra Leone who desperately need medical care. • Boost your job satisfaction and self-esteem by volunteering in this incredibly effective way. This is cheap insurance against burn-out. • Set an example to inspire your colleagues to act similarly thereby potentially greatly amplifying your effect. This is a pyramid scheme where the payout is measured in the good you can achieve. So why not use your heart and your head to be TWICE THE DOCTOR Can you think of a better way?

because around the globe… …every life is a life


CAN WE SUCCEED? JUDI HAUSMANN- Director of Hausmann Communications- one of the largest PR firms in Australia ANTHONY WILSON-Director of Executive Influence NORMAN GILLESPIE- CEO of UNICEF Australia ANTONIA RUFFELL- CEO of Australian Philanthropic Services DR NORMAN SWAN- has offered to interview us for National radio. MEDIQ Financial – has offered to do our accounting pro bono. WESPAC- has offered to sponsor talks INVESTEC- has offered to help disseminate information Here are just some of our supporters

CERTIFICATE OF APPRECIATION for your participation in the inaugural TWICE THE DOCTOR initiative That’s using your heart and your head Awarded to

To “sign on” or for more info. Contact Rob Baume 0414563666 43236355

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