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Published on March 7, 2014

Author: shalomitschool


PowerPoint Presentation: Contact: 091-9885022027 Email: Course name: Informatica Trainer: Sri Hari Duration: 40 Hrs Session: Daily 1 Hr   : Understand the concepts of Data warehousing. Understand and use all the major Power Centre Components Build mappings, mapplets . Create sessions, worklets and workflows. Execute and monitor workflows. Troubleshoot problems. Have Database knowledge required for an Informatica Developer Start your career as a good Informatica beginner. Course Objectives Session 1 : Introduction to Data Warehouse Different steps in Data Warehouse Components and models of Data Warehousing Technologies Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema What if Informatica , where it fits in Data Warehouse? Introduction to Informatica Session 1 Session 2: Different Components of Informatica and their uses Introduction to Power Centre Designer and key roles Introduction to Power Centre Workflow Manager and key roles Introduction to Power Centre Workflow Monitor and key roles Introduction to Power Centre Repository Manager and key roles Session 2 Session 3: Detailed description about Designer Components of Designer and key roles Source Analyzer Target Designer Transformation Developer Mapplets Designer Mapping Designer Session 3 Session 4: What is a transformation List of transformations Different types of transformations (Active, Passive) Basic uses of Transformations Working with transformations Session 4 Session 5: 1) Uses of Source Qualifier Overrides Source Filters Options 2) Uses of Filter Transformation Conditions Scenarios Session 5 Session 6: 1) Router Transformation Options Groups   2) Sequence Generator Transformation Session 6 Session 7: 1)Expression Transformation Uses Different Ports (Input, Output, Variable) 2) Joiner Transformation Session 7 Session 8: 1) Lookup Transformation Uses Implementation Conditions Connected, Unconnected 2) Rank Transformation Uses Options Session 8 Session 9: Sorter Transformation Uses Options (Up, Down) 2) Union Transformation Session 9 Session 10: 1) Update Strategy Transformation Options Insert, Update, Delete, Reject   2) Transaction Control Session 10 Session 11: 1) Aggregator Transformation 2) Normalizer Transformation Session 11 Session 12: 1) Mapplets 2) Use of Mapplets, and how to create them 3) Use of re-usable transformations Session 12 Session 13: 1) Different load types 2) Truncate and Load approach 3) Snapshot Load approach 4) Slowly Changing Dimension approach Session 13 Session 14: 1) SCD -1 (Slowly Changing Dimension -1) 2) SCD -2 (Slowly Changing Dimension -2) 3) SCD -3 (Slowly Changing Dimension -3) Session 14   Session 15: 1) Different options and tips in Designer 2) Revision of Power Centre Designer   Session 15 Session 16: Detailed description about Workflow Manager Components of Manager and key roles Task Developer Worklet Designer Workflow Designer Different Tasks Session 16 Session 17: Creating a reusable session Decision Task Command task E-mail Task Event-Raise task Event-Wait task Timer Task Session 17 Session 18: Creating a workflow Different options Link Conditions Failing Tasks Using different tasks in a workflow Session 18 Session 19: Handling Load Strategies Load modes (Bulk, Normal) Owner Names Overriding Table Names Overriding the SQL’s Handling Inserts, Updates, Deletes Session 19 Session 20 : 1) Different options and tips in Workflow Manager 2) Revision of Power Centre Workflow Manager Session 20 Session 21: 1) Power Centre Workflow Monitor 2) Power Centre repository Manager Session 21 Session 22: 1) About Database 2) Knowledge required for an Informatica Developer 3) Different basic commands Session 22 Session 23: 1) Next Level Commands 2) Joining different tables 3)Complex cases 4) Tips while using database Session 23 Session 24: Revision of all the components (Designer, Manager, Monitor) Session 24 Session 25: 1) Live Scenarios and Explanation 2) Implementing Different Logics Session 25 Session 26: 1) Key tips 2) Different Issues 3) Handling Issues   Session 26 Session 27: 1) Uses and importance of Parameters 2) Creating a Workflow level parameter script 3) Creating a Session level parameter script Session 27 Session 28: 1) Informatica Interview Questions 2) Clarifying Doubts Session 28 Session 29: 1) Informatica Interview Questions 2) Clarifying Doubts Session 29 Session 30: 1) Over view of what we’ve learnt 2) Providing Informatica Material required 3) Another session on any topic of your choice (If required) Session 30 Thank You: Thank You

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