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Information about Informasi Seminar dan Training | production logging
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Published on October 20, 2014

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1. Penawaran Program Training ONE TECH TRAINING AND CONSULTING PRODUCTION LOGGING (3 days training) DESKRIPSI Chemicals treatments are essential to obtain qualified product of oil and gas activities. Using proper chemicals with correct system will improve efficiency of Oil and Gas activities. This course focuses on those products that commonly used at oilfield production. Emphasis will be placed on field cases and troubleshooting instead of theoretical aspect. TRAINING OBJECTIVES : Upon completion, participants will gained an understanding of oilfield production chemicals application, have more ideas to self problem solving related to oilfield chemicals treatment and know how to reduce chemical cost by improve chemicals performance. MATERI 1. Introduction To Oilfield Chemicals a. Introduction To Oil and Gas · History · Subsurface · Surface · Refinery b. Crude Oil Characteristic c. Physical Properties d. Chemical Properties e. Oilfield Production Chemicals · Oil Treatment · Water Treatment · Gas Treatment f. Methods of Chemicals Treatment · Continuous · Batching g. HSE · MSDS · Hazard Sign 2. Emulsion Treatment a. Emulsion · Water in Oil · Oil in Water · Monitoring b. Water in Oil Treatment · General Treatment · Chemical Treatment (Demulsifier)  Demulsifier Properties  Bottle Test Demulsifier · Field Cases c. Oil in Water Treatment · General Treatment · Chemical Treatment (Deoiler)  Deoiler Properties  Bottle Test Deoiler · Field Cases 3. Oilfield Corrosion a. Corrosion at Oilfield · Source of Corrosion · Types of Corrosion · Monitoring b. Corrosion Contro

2. · General Treatment · Chemical Treatment  Corrosion Inhibitor  Oxygen Scavenger  Biocide  H2S Scavenger · Field Cases 4. Oilfield Deposit (Scale And Wax) a. Deposit at Oilfield · Source of Deposit · Types of Deposit · Monitoring b. Deposit Control · General Treatment · Chemical Treatment  Scale Treatment  Scale Inhibitor  Scale Removal · Wax Treatment  Pour Point Depressant  Flow Improvers  Paraffin Solvent c. Field Cases PESERTA The course aimed to provide a common understanding of oilfield production chemicals for production engineer, facility engineer, chemical engineer, chemist, oilfield service chemicals personnel and also for anyone who put concern of chemicals performance at oilfield. METODE INSTRUKTUR Presentation Discuss Case Study Evaluation Simulation Dr. Ir. Eddy Winarno, S Si, MT & Team (Staf Pengajar, Trainer & Konsultan dalam bidang Oil dan Gas, telah menangani bebagai perusahaan baik BUMD, BUMN maupun PMA. WAKTU DAN TEMPAT INVESTASI Tanggal 15-17 September 2014 Tanggal 13-15Oktober 2014 Tanggal 17-19 November 2014 Tanggal 15-17 Desember 2014 (Peserta dapat memilih jadwal di luar jadwal tersebut, sejauh dapat kami fasilitasi dan melalui konfirmasi terlebih dahulu) Tempat: Hotel berbintang di Yogyakarta (Ibis Style, Horison Ultima Riss, Grand Zurry, dsb) & kota-kota lain sesuai permintaan peserta (dengan biaya yang berbeda) Keterangan: Trainin dapat berlangsung jika peserta minimal 2 orang dengan durasi 2 (dua) hari. Jika peserta 3 orang atau lebih maka training berjalan dengan durasi 3 hari. · Public Training : Investasi pelatihan 3 hari ini adalah sebesar 7,5 (tujuh setengah) juta rupiah untuk setiap peserta. Jika perusahaan mengutus lebih dari 3 (tiga) peserta, maka setiap peserta hanya membayar 7 (tujuh) juta rupiah. Pembayaran dilakukan saat training hari pertama atau ditransfer sebelum pelaksanaan training ke BANK MANDIRI atas nama CV ONE TECH TRAINING AND CONSULTING No.: 137-00-1112284-9. · Inhouse Training di perusahaan: Rp. 55.000.000,- (lima puluh juta rupiah), dengan peserta maksimal 20 (dua puluh) orang. Cara pembayaran bisa dilakukan sebelum pelaksanaan/saat mendaftar dengan ditransfer ke rekening Bank Mandiri atas nama CV ONE TECH TRAINING AND CONSULTING No. Rek: 1370011122849, atau dibayarkan saat training hari pertama secara tunai. FASILITAS INFORMASI · Module / Handout ONE TECH TRAINING AND CONSULTING Jalan Raya Tajem, Dero, Rt 5, RW 27, Wedomartani,

3. · Sertifikat · Training Kit · Souvenir · 1 X Dinner · Pick up dari tempat penginapan ke tempat training · Pick up dari bandara jika mengirimkan minimal 3 orang Ngemplak, Sleman, Yogyakarta (0274-7454636). CP: Wuri Handayaningsih 085643156780 PIN: 7D537935) Email: onetechtrainingconsulting@ gmail .com

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