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Published on February 16, 2014

Author: ChristopheHovette



While working as a recruiter in the digital space, I've realised that the tools we are using sometimes would be limited depending on the quality of the resume. Nevertheless doing a resume is not easy for everyone and the most important is its clarity as well as its content - depending on your origins, education, personal experience and future plans - you might end up doing a resume and this could help you to make an effective one and help me to read through it most effectively.

Remember that your resume is in sone way your personal branding and might be the missing link between your current situation and your dreams :)

Recruitment Sq Landing your DREAM job IT Do you recognise yourself ? Oui, you're a talented candidate looking for a new job and our job is to MEET and ASSIST you finding your next great opportunity. Nevertheless your amazing talent might be wasted if your resume is not made properly !!! SCROLL DOWN and follow the advices, it could help you !!! receive 75,000 resumes/WEEK To FIND you, imagine that we use a search engine like this one The result of the search would be a pool of candidates define by the KEYWORDS present in their resumes 75% This is the amount of candidates an ATS is able to screen through dates, titles and KEYWORDS NO PICTURE Contact information (Not in Header) My Name is ATS, I'm an Applicant Tracking System and my mission is to look for keywords and find you ! 25% of candidates are still missing (We can HELP YOU to be on the other side) 2-3 Pages Resume (Depends on your experience) Few Lines as an executive summary - Bullet Points referencing Project Manager PHP - 5 + Years your Skills and Qualifications Social Media Expert Work experience (Use that Term !) - (1) Company Name - (2) Title - (3) Date of Employment - Your Tasks and Achievements To Avoid Timeline - Technologies you have used, learnt and mastered - Spelling Mistakes - Abreviations - Tables - Graphics - Footers and Headers ( Useless ) Clear We would like to build a relationship with you… Credits Organised No PDF … but we need to find you first ! Skillquest Created and Designed by Christophe Hovette @ Sources of Informations :,,,,,,

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