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Published on April 15, 2008

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Slide1:  Go for it J8A Slide3:  Questions: In which year and on which day did China get the chance to host the 2008 Olympic games? 2. How many gold medals did China gain in Athens in 2004? 3. Who gave you the deepest impression in Athens in 2004? 4. Where will the 2012 Olympic Games be held? 5. What’s the slogan for the 2008 Olympic Games? Slide4:  Name: Wang Liqing Job: Table tennis player Champions for many matches 1978 Birthday: Famous, outstanding Began to play: 1984 Slide5:  Name: Liu Xiang Job: Athlete The champion for 2004 Olympic Games Birthday: 1983 Famous, talented Slide6:  Name: YaoMing Job: basketball player Height: 2.16m Birthday: 1980 famous ,talented, outstanding Slide7:  Name: Tiger Woods Job: Golf player Number1 golf player in the world Started: 3 years old Talented, outstanding Slide8:  Name: Mei Lanfang Job: Beijing Opera Artist Birthday: 1894-1961 Began his career in 1902 Acted for 60 years Outstanding , famous creative, talented Slide9:  Grammar focus: 1.When he was born? He was born in 1980. 2. When did he start his career? He started when he was 6years old. 3. How long did he act? He acted for 60 years. 4. What about his career? He’s talented and outstanding. Slide10:  Complete the dialogue 1. A: Who’s that? B; _____ Yao Ming. He is a great _______. A: When was he ___? B: He _________. 2.A: ________? B: I am not sure. I guess that’s Antonio Lee Davis. A. Yes, you are right . Do you know ___ he was born? B: I don’t know. We can get on line to get more in- formation. Slide11:  3. A: _________? B: I think that’s Sunyue. A: When ___________? B: I _______> Maybe she ______ in 1978. 4. A: ___________? B: I think that’s Fu Mingxia. She is a great _______. A: ___________? B: She was born in 1975. Slide12:  Pair work: Talk about the following famous persons. Slide13:  Pair work: Talk about the famous persons. Slide14:  Pair work : Compare the two persons. Slide15:  Pair work: Complete the dialogue. !.A: ______ are you? B: I’m twelve. A: __________? B; I was born ___ 1992. 2; A;___ you have a party yesterday? B: Yes, I ___. A:_________ did the party start? B: At 4:50. A: ________ did the party last? B: About two hours. Slide16:  In 2004, Chinese athletes gained 32 gold medals. It was the historical record. Among them there were some medals that we never got before. For example, women’s double tennis we never expected to enter the final match. The athletes gave our Chinese people a big pleasant surprise . Another big surprise is from a young man named Liu Xiang who gained a gold medal in the 110-meter hurdle race. In the race there were many famous sportsmen. Liu beat them and won the race. Slide17:  Chinese women’s volleyball team also gave us a kind of encouragement. We are proud of them. In 2008 the 29th Olympic Games will be held in our country .It is a great chance for China. All Chinese people are expecting we can gain more gold medals not only from the sports but also from the spirit. We believe the Olympics is in everyone’s heart and we also believe One Dream One World. Slide18:  1. What do you think the title should be? 2. In 2004 which team got the team medal and encouraged us? 3. Who beat Alan Johnson? 4. What sport did we never expect to win? 5. Why do we say 2008 is a big chance for China? Slide19:  Pair work : My achievement: Born: ________ First learned to ride bike: ________ First learned to swim: __________ First learned to play sports : ___________ First learned English : ___________ First learned to cook : _________ First had a party :_______ First go to a movie:__________ Slide20:  Reading and Writing exercise: 你在网上看到一网页,作者为交一些朋友,向大家介绍自己的经历.你很感兴趣,也写一篇介绍自己的文章,给这为网友发过去. Do you want to be my friend? I was born in 1990. In 1995 I began to learn to play the piano. In 1996 I went to the primary school near my home. And in 1999 I took part in the piano competition in my province. I got the second prize. I thought it was a chance for me to learn more from others. In 2002 I began to study in No 13 Middle School. And now I am busy getting ready for the mid-term exam. I believe hard work can bring me success. Do you want to be my friends? Come and contact me at Slide21:  Answer the following questions: How old is Johnny now? 2. How old was he when he took part in the competition? And what was the result? 3. What is he doing now? 4 What do you think of Johnny? 5. How can you touch Johnny? Write a letter to Johnny. Slide22:  Home work Write a short composition about your first time. Slide23:  Learning English 学英语报社组织制作 2005,8

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