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Published on August 22, 2007

Author: JJMiller


Contextual information presentation for optimal learning: initial study:  Contextual information presentation for optimal learning: initial study Russell Beale School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham andamp; RT Sailing A typical race crew of eight people:  A typical race crew of eight people bow - responsible for setting new sails on the front of the boat, and sorting out any tangles that occur at that end of the yacht mast - helps bow with sail setting, and hoists the new sails as required pit - controls all the ropes in the cockpit, particularly the controls that allow the sails to be lowered, and the rope clutches that hold sails up once they've been hoisted Slide3:  trimmer - responsible for setting the front sails correctly grinder - provides the muscle power to winch in the sails mainsheet - sets and trims the mainsail (the largest sail) helm - steers the boat navigator/tactician - decides which way to sail the boat Roles and how they change sides upwind Boat-based displays Information taxonomy:  Information taxonomy Level 0: No instruments Personal feel, intuition, etc. Common in dinghy sailing, can be very effective if well trained Level 1: Direct Direct readings of boat speed (spd), apparent wind speed (aws), apparent wind angle (awa), magnetic heading (magnetic compass) Level 2: Process level 1 data with level 1 data to give true wind speed and true wind angle (aws, awa, spd, dir) plus vmg (vel + awa) Level 3: Add electronic fluxgate compass Provides usable direction data – combine to give true wind direction (twa + dir) Level 4: Add GPS Provides cmg, sog, vmg to waypoint Level 5: Process data with GPS Tide/current vel (speed and direction) from boat through water c.f. over ground. Slide5:  Level 6: Computer storing/presentation of data Provides polars, maximum performance figures, GPS/chartplotting Level 7: VPP/polars give target speeds/angles Tidal and weather prediction-based routing Level 8: Trim/re-representation Represent technical information in more usable form (% off optimum), trim or point/bear off Add graphics – history information – allows level 0 predictions/understanding Level 9:Tactical Add interpretation – current wind shift information, trend Level 10: Prediction when to tack, duration of shift, routing via windshifts trim advice Strategic – longer-term stuff for race System architecture:  System architecture Wind speed/angle Depth/speed through water Magnetic heading Basic processor (to Level 4) Advanced processor (Levels 5 - 7) GPS (speed/heading over ground) Cockpit display Mast display Laptop (higher levels) Wireless Lan Wireless display inputs outputs processing Tethered display Re-representations Bluetooth Wireless display Architecture II:  Architecture II Standard instrumentation used Bandamp;G Hydra and Hercules processors Seatrack software Custom re-representation software (Java, C++) Custom prediction software IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN Standard bluetooth Output devices:  Output devices Hercules displays (digital) Mast displays - large digits Wireless screen Compaq IPAQs (wireless and bluetooth-enabled) Laptop screen (below deck) Why yacht racing as a test platform?:  Why yacht racing as a test platform? Stressful environment close-quarter racing demands high levels of concentration physically hard - racing often occurs in difficult conditions Limited information display capability shortage of accessible places to show information participants are often short of time to process information Slide10:  Different roles require different information some have time to understand complexities some need critical information immediately some have ongoing background needs Participants react differently some sailors naturally use data effectively some tend to ignore it provides varied user base Pertinent information presented appropriately need access to the right information in order to learn and improve Thanks to...:  Thanks to... Project supported by B andamp; G EPSRC University of Birmingham RT Sailing and the testers 2001: Mad Hatters 2002/2003: Xcentric Crew

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