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Published on November 12, 2008

Author: RowanManahan



Whenever I'm talking to a group about careers and future planning, I ask the participants to list the people and things who have influenced them. It can be very useful to build a list and look at the themes that emerge. These are some of the people and things that have had an effect on me - the majority for the good, one or two not so positive. The only personal ones are the first and the last.



My childhood home - there’s something very reassuring about growing up with 6 feet of granite between you and the world …

I like words - a lot

Tea and …


Tiny minds fascinate me

JK Rowling - cleverer even than Hermione

J, P, G & R - music to gladden your heart

George Carlin - no bifocals required


Henry Rollins - auto-didact, brilliant speaker

Nelson Mandela - moral authority personified

For anyone who likes words - listen to the way this lady speaks her words

The other Cat in The Hat

Stunning script by William Goldman plus the best kick in the balls in cinematic history

Great lyrics, great speaker and a good egg to boot

He epitomised the benefits of education

Naomi Klein - in a word, clarity

Mr Drucker

The founder of modern psychology

Trudeau always makes me smile

Adams always makes me wince

Jane Austen - world class seditionist

I love the way Dr Seuss gets inside tiny heads

Magical times with my little monkeys

Stop interrupting me!

The best school reunion movie ever

You can’t buy style

… or class

I don’t require unqualified love from animals

Genius film-maker

Lunatic film-maker

Held up a very disconcerting mirror

Lovable know-it-all

Swirling, re-readable writing

Soundtrack of my teens

Joss Whedon’s marvellous creation

Dr. T


Charming sociopath or righteous dude? Either way, great movie!

Manages to make my family look like The Waltons

Sideways humour

Sarah McLachlan - Angel and Blackbird alone give me chills

What an unimaginably dull world this would be without stinky cheese

Happy childhood Saturday mornings

Success without assholism

Philanthropist and reading evangelist

Mr Knopfler’s magical fingers

Poetic, balletic, chop-sockey

Wry, whimsical, observant comedy

Noticer- in-chief

Dylan Moran - jawdropping wordsmith

My beloved Opus - sleep well old friend

Provocative, intelligent, funny - what’s not to love?

Epically brilliant

Because I don’t tolerate back-chat from the tools I use

Language, imagery, sound

Kurt Vonnegut - master of the well-heeled phrase

So counter-intuitive - the most depressing lyrics combined with the most uplifting melodies

Where is Bill when we need him most?


My reasons for breathing

INFLUENCES by Rowan Manahan © Fortify Services 1993 - 2008

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