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Published on March 8, 2014

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Infinitive Phrase infinitive to to+V base form)

To live a simple life To be smart in many areas of study To take care of young students

subject to modify an adjective object Infinitive phase modifier to show purpose complement

1) subject) 3

To be smart in many areas of study depends on self-discipline to be a lifelong learner.

To take care of young students is a big challenge for a new teacher.

2) object)

We hope to live a simple life without competition.

Students want to be smart in many areas of study.

infinitive allow force encoura permit ge teach hire order implore convinc appoint expect* e instruct remind invite * expect tell want ask require want* infinitive

Our neighbor to have dinner with him us invites every Friday . Please to check the flight schedule me remind before leaving . Did your you to do homework ? friend tell to take care of young I expect you students .

3) complement) be linking verb

The dream of many businessmen is to live a simple life without competition .

Narisa's wish is to be smart in many areas of study .

Siri's goal in becoming a teacher is to take care of young students .

4) modifier to show purpose)

5) to modify an adjective)

6) to modify a noun or a pronoun)

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