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Published on March 11, 2014

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PowerPoint Presentation: WELCOME Contact: Subramaian R 9600246244, 9600246144 PowerPoint Presentation: C ost o f Living…….. Monthly expenditure for a family thru the decades 1920 – Re.1 1940 – Rs.10 1960 – Rs.100 1980 – Rs.1000 2000 – Rs.10000 2020 – Rs. ??? PowerPoint Presentation:  IndusViva HealthSciences (P) Ltd, operations commences from Jan. 2014 Headquarters in World Trade Centre Bangalore CEO is Dr. Vladimir Badmev MBBS, MD, PhD from USA Intl. expansion by January 2015, starts from Dubai/UAE Associate company of….. Olive Lifesciences Bangalore Olive Lifesciences Inc. USA Bio-Actives Japan Corporation (Tokyo) Bio-Actives Europe GmbH (Frankfurt) A bout V iva PowerPoint Presentation:  Olive Lifesciences is the best exporter Award Winner of Govt. of India for the last 2 consecutive years Own Manufacturing units and In-house R&D division A 100% Export oriented company, out of which over 90% goes to top quality conscious markets, such as United States, European Union and Japan. Fortune 2000 Clients Includes DHC Japan, USANA etc Empowering rural India by cultivating over 25000 acres through 8000 farmers A bout Olive.. PowerPoint Presentation: TAP INTO THE NEXT TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY: HEALTH & WELLNESS “When I look forward to the year 2015, I see a clear one trillion-dollar business just in the growth of existing products and services in the wellness industry and that doesn’t include new products and services that are currently in the laboratory and coming down the pike” Paul Zane Pilzer, Economic advisor in two US presidential administrations Indian Wellness Industry currently stands at Forty Nine thousand crores annually with 30% growth rate. PowerPoint Presentation: FOOD Contains Pesticides, Insecticides & Harmful Chemicals. WATER Chlorinated, Fluorinated & Polluted. AIR Polluted with dust, smoke etc. RADIATION Ultra violet rays, Wireless devices ( Mobile, Laptops, etc), Home appliances (Television, Microwave Owen, Air condition etc.) MIND Professional & financial stress. H ealth is W ealth PowerPoint Presentation: Miracle fruit from Amazon rain forest and No.1 supporter for immune system. Highest ORAC (Oxygen Radicals Absorbance Capacity) compare to any other fruits and vegetables found till date, ORAC value of watermelon is 1 micromoles TE/g compare to 1027 micromoles TE/g in freeze dried Acai berry (Medicinal value) ORAC Score is 2500* in 60 ml. *Per day approximate shortfall in a human body is 2500 ORAC. Health experts recommend consuming 5000,ORAC per day for optimal anti-oxidant protection A cai B erry PowerPoint Presentation: The i-Pulse + product feature ACAIBERRY – the most popular “super fruit” with highest antioxidant concentration, plus the juice from CUPUACU – the Brazilian fruit - “The Pharmacy in a fruit”. ACEROLA – one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C and flavonoids PRICKLY PEAR – positively affects blood glucose, cholesterol levels, cox activity YUMBERRY – rich in essential oils, GLYCONUTRIENTS, lacking in our diet and Grape (resveratrol); Green Tea (EGCG); Pomegranate (ellagic acid); Vegetables (broccoli, spinach) & Wild Berries (blackberry, cranberry, blueberry, strawberry). PowerPoint Presentation:  coffee Diabetes Management Instant Complete water soluble Now control your Diabetes With coffee PowerPoint Presentation:  REDUCE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT SUPPLEMENT As Pure as water & as tasty as lemon PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Toilet Soap 2. Toothpaste 3. Shampoo & Conditioner 4. Anti dandruff Shampoo 5. Liquid Soap 6. Hand Sanitizer 7. Talcum Power 8. Shaving Cream 9. After Shave 10. Moisturizing Cream CARE Herbal Personal Care Kit Product in Pipeline PowerPoint Presentation: PRODUCT MRP Distributor Price Point Value i-Pulse+ 11,990 9,990 100 i-Coffee 11,990 9,990 100 i-Reduce 11,990 9,990 100 P rice L ist PowerPoint Presentation: 100 % S ATISIFICATION G UARANTEED PowerPoint Presentation: Building a community which has a commercial interest, including you everybody in the community makes money. You can start your own community commerce business with Viva at Zero Investment. C ommunity C ommerce PowerPoint Presentation: Drink it F eel it S hare it PowerPoint Presentation:  Just invite Your satisfied customer or potential business associate to any of the Business Opportunity Presentations across the country B uilding b usiness PowerPoint Presentation: If your guest belongs to any of the below category. Job Seekers Additional Income In Debt Big Dreamers ….then Viva will be their natural choice. To start their business, they must be Sponsored by You. PowerPoint Presentation: Retail Profit Top Retailer Bonus Business Opening Bonus Quick Star Bonus Grand Opening Bonus Team Bonus Fast Track Bonus Royalty Elite Business Match Bonus Reward Programs v iva – C omp P lan Top Retailer Bonus: T op R etailer B onus 1 st Prize 500 GBU (Rs 50,000) 2 nd Prize 250 GBU (Rs 25,000) 3 rd Prize: Given to all the distributors who retail 1000 PV and above in a given month. One case (MRP 11,990/-) will be rewarded. PowerPoint Presentation: Retail Profit 1000 PV = 20,000 Prize value = 11,990 Total monthly profit = 31,990 /- If u want more than 32,000 in a month… like an LIC development officer you have to appoint agents/distributors. You will be paid for the volumes generated by them. Hence forth you will be concentrating more on Team Building PowerPoint Presentation: Basheer Ashok 100 PV 100 PV You 100 PV You will be Paid 5 GBU each i.e. 5x100 (GBU Value) = Rs.500/- each Payout is Weekly by Online Credit to your Bank B usiness O pening B onus PowerPoint Presentation: You Ashok Basheer 100 PV 100 PV Achieve Star within 1+1 Week, you will be eligible for 10 GBU, i.e. Rs.1000/- Q uick S tar B onus PowerPoint Presentation: You 2000/- LEFT ZONE RIGHT ZONE T eam B onus For instance…: F or i nstance… Business Opening Bonus = 1000 Quick Star Bonus = 1000 Team Bonus = 2000 Total Payout = 4000/- You PowerPoint Presentation: WK # 2 Rs 2000/- WK # 3 Rs 4000/- You LEFT ZONE RIGHT ZONE WK # 4 Rs 4000/- PowerPoint Presentation: LEFT ZONE RIGHT ZONE 1000 PV 1200 PV Rs 10000/- 200 1800 PV Rs 14000/- 1200 400 PV (4 X 100) 400 PV Rs 4000/- 400 You +200 =1400 PV T eam B onus Effect of Team Work:  + A&B = 3 You 3 + 4 = 7 + 8 = 15+ 16 = 7 31 15 U A B . . . and so on, T ogether E veryone A chieves M ore 32 E ffect of T eam W ork PowerPoint Presentation: LEFT ZONE RIGHT ZONE 10000 PV (100 X 100 PV) 10000 PV Rs 1,00,000/- 25000 PV (250 X 100 PV) Rs 2,50,000/- 25000 PV 3200 PV (32 X 100 PV) 3200 PV Rs 32,000/- You 40000 PV (400 X 100 PV) Rs 2,50,000/-* 40000 PV *Weekly Capping of Primary Business Centre. Balance Group Volume will be carried forward to the consecutive weeks T eam B onus Berth IDs: B erth ID s After achieving Black Diamond Executive Rank, 3 Business Centers will be created above your primary Business Center which will be already having one side established business. Criteria : 50,000 GV each on both the sides for 4 consecutive weeks. PowerPoint Presentation: You BC1 BC 2 BC 3 BC 4 Rs.5,00,000/- Rs.7,50,000/- Rs.10,00,000/- Rs.2,50,000/- (CAPPING) T eam B onus Weekly Earning Potential of Rupees… : Weekly Earning Potential of Rupees… 25 , 0 0 , 0 0 0 T eam B onus PowerPoint Presentation: Power of Duplication 1000 Left Right Incentive (Rs.) Week 1 1 1 2000 2 2 2 4000 3 4 4 8000 4 8 8 16000 5 16 16 32000 6 32 32 64000 7 64 64 128000 8 128 128 You 250000/- 9 256 256 T eam B onus PowerPoint Presentation: 1000 3 1 1 2000 6 2 2 4000 9 4 4 8000 12 8 8 16000 15 16 16 32000 18 32 32 64000 21 64 64 128000 24 128 128 250000/- 27 256 256 Least Possibility Left Right Incentive (Rs.) Months You T eam B onus PowerPoint Presentation: You BC BC 1 BC 2 BC 3 Sales above Team Bonus capping. EBM will give you one GBU per 100 PV in both the sides in primary ID and 0.5 GBU for every 100 PV in berth IDs. E BM B onus (Black Diamond & above) Rs.20,00,000/- Rs.30,00,000/- Rs.40,00,000/- Rs.10,00,000/- (CAPPING) Weekly Earning Potential of Rupees… : Weekly Earning Potential of Rupees… 1 EBM B onus CRORE PowerPoint Presentation: NATIONAL DISTRIBUTOR CHANNEL PROFITS TO THE PROSUMER (CONSUMER WITH BUSINESS INTEREST) CUSTOMER STOCKIST of MRP is going as marketing cost 70% RETAILER WHOLE SELLER C & F AGENTS SUPER STOCKIST “Movement of a product or service from the manufacturer to the ultimate consumer through a community of consumers” MANUFACTURER S ource o f M oney PowerPoint Presentation: RUBY EXECUTIVE PEARL EMERALD SAPPHIRE DIAMOND EXECUTIVE BLUE DIAMOND PURPLE DIAMOND WHITE DIAMOND BLACK DIAMOND ROYAL BLACK DIAMOND IMPERIAL BLACK DIAMOND CROWN BLACK DIAMOND EXECUTIVE v iva R anks Fast Track bonus: F ast T rack b onus Rank Advancement within two weeks, be 200 Active ID to Ruby -25 GBU Ruby to Pearl -50 Pearl to Emerald -100 Emerald to Sapphire -200 GBU PowerPoint Presentation: Executive Rewards Program PowerPoint Presentation: Two Days Residential Training Program RUBY EXECUTIVE PowerPoint Presentation: 3 days coaching Program with co-applicant at 5 Star – Kenilworth Beach Resort, Goa. Pearl EXECUTIVE PowerPoint Presentation: Lenovo laptop Emerald EXECUTIVE PowerPoint Presentation: 4 days trip to Thailand (if re qualify within the tour schedule date co-applicant also can accompany) SAPPHIRE EXECUTIVE PowerPoint Presentation: 30,000 Group volume on both the sides within 3 consecutive weeks. Minimum 5000 each in a week. Diamond Executive PowerPoint Presentation: Singapore & Star Cruise Diamond Executive PowerPoint Presentation: R oyalty B onus Unpaid volume of the 50% allocation will be moved to Royalty pool. This will be equally divided and given to all Diamond and above every month for one year. PowerPoint Presentation: D iamond P rivilege Rs. 3,00,000/- car loan will be getting without any charges. Executive Ranks: E xecutive R anks Blue Diamond – Malaysia with Genting highlands and one more year Royalty Purple Diamond – China, Macau & Hong Kong and one more year Royalty White Diamond – South Africa and one more year Royalty Black Diamond Executive: Black Diamond Executive 1) Black Diamond Ring n Pendent 2) 3 berth IDs 3) Trip to USA with co-applicant. 4) Business class travel & five star accommodation for you and spouse for the annual international convention at Bangkok every January. 5) Personalized documentary. 6) Royalty for 1 Year. 7) Mercedes Benz club member. Rs.10 Lakhs will be given to the dealer against the booking of a brand new black color Mercedes Benz. Royal BLACK DIAMOND: Royal BLACK DIAMOND IMPERIAL BLACK DIAMOND: IMPERIAL BLACK DIAMOND Crown Black Diamond Executive: Crown Black Diamond Executive Criteria 20 lakhs GV each from birth IDs and 20 lakhs GV each from both the sides of primary ID for 7 consecutive weeks. space trip: space trip Crown Black Diamond Executive: Private Island in Indian Ocean Crown Black Diamond Executive PowerPoint Presentation: Company shall give a buy back offer of INR One billion (Rs. 100 crores) PowerPoint Presentation: You Ashok Basheer 200 PV 200 PV 200 PV Business Opening Bonus = 2000 Grand Opening Bonus = 2000 Quick Star Bonus = 1000 Total = 5000/- Good beginning, half done Highlights : H ighlights Ethical business conduct Just 25 PV monthly repurchase Retail Profit of 20% Global Business Unit (GBU) Value – Rs.100 Earning potential of Rs.5000/- for a Star Monthly earning potential – 5 Crores Royalty Bonus Potential – Life long Unmatched Reward Programs Quality products with satisfaction guarantee International exposure PowerPoint Presentation: E I S B Team work Infinite Income Passive Individual effort Finite Income Active C ash F low Q uadrant PowerPoint Presentation: Kick starting by 1 st January 2014… Pan Card Fill up the Application form Place your first order PowerPoint Presentation: “ In moments of Decision, Destiny is Shaped. ” - Anthony Robbins Contact: Subramaian R 9600246244, 9600246144

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