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Published on March 11, 2008

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23 February 2007:  23 February 2007 4P A-E 08 Industry Forum Agenda and Administrative Remarks:  Agenda and Administrative Remarks 23 February 2007 Agenda:  Agenda Time Briefing/Description 8:00 AM Sign In/Registration 9:00 AM Agenda & Administration Welcome & Opening 9:45 AM Overview and 4PAE08 Scope 10:15 AM BREAK 10:30 AM Legal/Ethics 10:45 AM Small Business 11:30 AM LUNCH 1:00 PM Contracting Issues 1:45 PM Marketing Research Synopsis – Panel 2:30 PM BREAK 2:45 PM Questions & Networking - Panel Administration:  Administration Please Silence Cell Phones Restrooms Registration Area Information & Question/Comment Cards Messages – (210) 224-4555 (AFCEE 4PAE08 Meeting) Lunch Options Q&A There will be opportunity for question and answers after each presentation Written questions or comments accepted via comment cards Responses to written questions will be posted on the AFCEE 4PAE08 Web Page Open dialogue and discussion is encouraged Administration:  Administration 4PAE08 Website Presentation Materials General Information Marketing Research (RFIs) Draft SOW Responses to Questions Notices Forum Goals:  Forum Goals Communicate AFCEE’s current direction Continue with Market Research to refine strategy Introduce you to the 4PAE08 team Provide an opportunity for networking Capture & address your questions 4PAE08 Team:  4PAE08 Team Name Function AFCEE Director Acquisition Program Manager & SSET Chair Contracting Officer Contract Specialist Small Business Advisor Small Business Liaison Acq Center of Excellence Welcome & Opening Remarks:  Welcome & Opening Remarks AFCEE Director 23 February 2007 AFCEE Overview & 4PAE08 Scope Review:  AFCEE Overview & 4PAE08 Scope Review 23 February 2007 Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE):  Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence (AFCEE) Provide engineering and environmental technical expertise, strategic product delivery and advocacy & outreach to strengthen and enhance the mission capabilities of AF Installations & MAJCOMs. AFCEE Overview Organization:  Air Force Center for Environmental Excellence Brooks City-Base TX Deputy Chief of Staff Installations & Logistics (A4/7) The Civil Engineer (A7C) Construction & Engineering (A7CC) Housing (A7CH) Programs (A7CP) Air Force Civil Engineer Support Agency Tyndall AFB FL Environmental (A7CV) Chief of Staff Air Force Resources (A7CR) Readiness Plans (A7CX) AFCEE Overview Organization MAJCOMs Slide12:  Technical Expertise Environmental Engineering Design Regulatory Installation Engineering Environmental Leadership Housing Excellence Mission Focus Contracting (AC) Base Conversion Directorate (BC) Housing Directorate (HD) MAJCOM & Installation Support Worldwide (IW) MAJCOM & Installation Support - CONUS (IC) AMC & 11th Wing (ICM) ACC (ICC) AFSPC & USAFA (ICS) East (BCE) West (BCW) MILCON (HDM) Privatization (HDP) Support AETC & AFMC (ICE) AFSOC, ANG, AFRC& MMR (ICA) On Our Plate:  On Our Plate Housing Privatization Regional Outreach Sustainment, Restoration & Modernization Past BRAC Environmental & Environmental Remediation Iraq/Afghanistan Reconstruction MILCON (Line, MFH, and Medical) Other Customers - Design & Construction (NAF, AAFES, DESC, DECA, NASA, +Others) BRAC 05 Performance Based Contracting AFCEE Project Locations (U.S.):  AFCEE Project Locations (U.S.) Slide15:  Antigua Panama USA Alaska Hawaii Greenland Ascension Island Guam Japan Germany Italy Azores Wake Island Korea Southwest Asia Russia England Turkey Spain AFCEE Project Locations Argentina Vietnam Thailand Romania Support to Air Force Mission and People:  FY03 Obligated $997M Source: Data provided by: MXT 10/31/04 Support to Air Force Mission and People Support to Air Force Mission and People:  Source: Data provided by: MXT 10/25/06 FY05 OBLIGATED $2.1B IRAQ $1.2B Support to Air Force Mission and People FY06 OBLIGATED $2.93B IRAQ $1.43B Contracting Actions:  Contracting Actions FY 04 FY 05 FY 06 For Official Use Only Current 4P A-E Utilization:  Current 4P A-E Utilization ~65-70% 4P A-E Utilization is Environmentally Related (Highlighted in Red) Total: ~$1.1B Slide20:  4PAE08 - Definition A&E - Architect & Engineering Services 4P stands for the four primary Program Areas: Environmental Programs (Restoration, Quality, Conservation, and Pollution Prevention) Military Construction (MILCON) Military Family Housing (MFH) Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization (SRM) Where 4PAE08 Fits:  Where 4PAE08 Fits 4PAE08 – AFCEE’s workhorse A&E contract Follow-on for Worldwide Planning, Program, & Design (4PA-E) Supports AFCEE’s various construction contracts: Worldwide Environmental Restoration & Construction (WERC) Non-Complicated Environmental Work or Construction Heavy Environmental Slant; Construction Secondary Heavy Engineering, Repair, and Construction (HERC) Focused on Heavy and General Construction Focused on Large Vertical and Horizontal Construction Hangars, Dormitories, Fitness Centers, Aprons, etc. Design-Build Plus 03 (DBP03) Focused on Light Commercial and Housing Construction Env, Construction and Operations & Services (ECOS) Focused on smaller, less complex environmental and construction 4PAE08 - BACKGROUND:  4PAE08 - BACKGROUND Previous AFCEE A-E Services Acquisitions 4PAE08 will be seventh in a series of A-E Source Selections using FAR Part 36 1992 Remedial Design (I - II); Remedial Action Program Ceiling: $116M 1994 Preliminary Assessment/Remedial Design Program Ceiling: $500M 1995 Preliminary Assessment/Remedial Design Program Ceiling: $125M 1997 3P Plus Program Ceiling: $360M 4PAE08 - BACKGROUND:  4PAE08 - BACKGROUND 2000 3P A-E Program Ceiling: $480M Awarded 12 Contracts; 11 Large Businesses; 1-8(a) 2003 4P A-E Program Ceiling: $1.1B (Current Ceiling - $1.75B) NAICS Code: 562910 Awarded 30 Contracts: 16 Large Business Contractors 6 Small Business Contractors 8 -8(a) Small Business Contractors Slide24:  4PAE08 Objectives Award the best contracts for the Air Force Award contracts that provide maximum flexibility to meet customer needs while remaining within regulatory and statutory guidance 4PAE08 Scope:  4PAE08 Scope Title I Services - Design Services Environmental and Traditional (MILCON, MFH, & SRM) All aspects of design Contract plans, specifications, scheduling, cost estimates, building commissioning services, and preparation of operating and design manuals Efforts required to support and develop design work Planning and programming, program management, project scoping, studies, investigations, evaluations, consultations, conceptual design, value engineering, and operation, monitoring, topographic survey services, and optimization of environmental treatment or control systems Title II Services - Inspection Oversight Environmental and Traditional (MILCON, MFH, & SRM) All aspects of construction quality assurance and oversight 4PAE08 Scope:  4PAE08 Scope Planning and Programming Services Support all aspects of Environmental and Infrastructure planning and programming activities A&E Services may include: Environmental Environmental Planning and Programming Environmental Baseline Surveys (EBSs) Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP) Air Traffic and Airspace Analysis Airfield and Airspace Obstruction Analysis Natural and Cultural Resource Planning Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan (INRMP) Noise Management Permits and Site Access Agreements Project Environmental and Land Use Plans 4PAE08 Scope:  4PAE08 Scope Infrastructure Infrastructure & Installation Planning and Programming Infrastructure Assessment Study Base Capacity Analysis, Studies, and Reports Land Use Planning and Analysis Sustainable Planning and Program Management Transportation Planning and Analysis Landscape Plans Advance Planning MFH Housing Requirements and Market Analysis (HRMA) Housing Community Profiles (HCPs) Family Housing Master Plans (FHMPs) General Officer Quarters (GOQ) Master Plan Dormitory Master Plan (DMP) Community Planning and Sub-Area Development Plans Housing Privatization 4PAE08 Scope:  4PAE08 Scope Environmental Restoration Services Support the Environmental Restoration mission A&E Services may include: Remedial investigation, remedial design, long-term maintenance operations, and long-term monitoring (LTM) Interim remedial actions (IRAs) may be infrequently required to reduce or limit an immediate threat to human health or the environment Technical oversight of environmental programs, laboratory quality assurance assessments, document reviews, and assistance in selecting remediation technologies Military Munitions Response Program Emerging Contaminants and Technologies 4PAE08 Scope:  4PAE08 Scope Environmental Conservation Services Support the Environmental Conservation mission A&E Services may include: Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP), natural infrastructure assessment and management, environmental management, natural and cultural resource programs, and comprehensive planning programs Support environmental impact statements, baseline surveys, forestry, wildlife, archeology, Native American consultations, transportation, air space and range management, and noise programs 4PAE08 Scope:  4PAE08 Scope Environmental Quality Services Support the Environmental Quality mission A&E Services may include: Support for compliance (Air, Water, Waste, HAZMAT, EPCRA, etc) and pollution-prevention programs, environmental education and training, sustainable development, environmental management systems, and the Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Compliance Assessment and Management Program (ESOHCAMP) 4PAE08 Scope:  4PAE08 Scope Design & Construction Support Services Support the Design and Construction mission A&E Services may include: Facility design (includes vertical and horizontal), SRM design, construction management, building commissioning, Customer Concept Documents (CCLs), LEED analysis, energy analysis, life cycle cost analysis (LCCA), interior design, landscape architecture, Force Protection/Anti-Terrorism, base comprehensive planning, the Military Family Housing (MFH) program and standards, Medical MILCON programs, Line MILCON programs, BRAC MILCON programs, criteria and publications development Support the development, testing, and documentation of new project management acquisition and construction methodologies 4PAE08 Scope:  4PAE08 Scope Other A&E Services Defense Energy Support Center (DESC) fuel facilities Interior Design Graphics Support Emerging Technologies Scope will not include procurement or support of Information Management Equipment and/or Systems Slide33:  Thank you for your attention Questions? Legal/Ethics:  Legal/Ethics Director, Legal Directorate 23 February 2007 Slide35:  Thank you for your attention Questions? 311th Human Systems Wing Small Business Office:  311th Human Systems Wing Small Business Office Small Business Office Brooks City-Base, Texas 23 February 2007 Small Business:  Small Business Small Business Office Who We Are and What We Do Our Customers Air Force Program Outreach Office (AFOPO) Why Use Small Businesses Teaming, Affiliation, and Limitations on Subcontracting Subcontracting Goals for 4PAE08 Marketing AFCEE Statistics Websites Small Business Counterparts in San Antonio Who We Are:  Who We Are Director’s advocate and representative for Small Business and Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI) for Brooks City-Base and its tenants Part of the Brooks Team, working to accomplish the mission through enhancement of SB and HBCU/MI participation Every Air Force base has a small business specialist Locator button Map of USA What We Do:  What We Do Focal point for SAF/SB on environmental matters Maximize small business participation Advise/assist acquisition personnel Participate on source selections as evaluator Manage AF Small Business Environmental Database Evaluate subcontracting plans Counsel and provide support to small businesses Liaison with large businesses Maintain an outreach program Develop and conduct education and training Industry Sounding Board What We Do As AFCEE Partner:  What We Do As AFCEE Partner Early Involvement in Contracting Issues Review Contract “Tool-Box” Utilization Award Fee Board Advisor Contractor-School Trainer Industry Sounding Board Our Customers:  Our Customers Brooks City-Base acquisition community Local business community Small and large businesses nationwide HBCU/MIs Small Business Administration Congressional delegations DOD/AF/MAJCOM small business and acquisition leadership Air Force Outreach Program Office:  Air Force Outreach Program Office Established at Brooks City-Base in May 1998 Reports to SAF/SB One of a kind organization Engages in small business advocacy Agreements and partnerships with businesses, government agencies and academia Resource for MAJCOMS, bases, and Small Businesses Air Force Outreach Program Office cont’d:  Air Force Outreach Program Office cont’d Services provided: Education and training to Air Force acquisition professionals Extensive training events for small businesses across the nation Program management of the Manufacturing Technical Assistance Production Program (MTAPP) Program management of the AF Mentor Protégé Program Support of the HUBZone program Air Force small business communications and marketing strategies Online interactive training through the Small Business Learning Center Tutorials Currently Available:  Tutorials Currently Available Small Business Utilization Acquisition Forms HUBZone Program DFAS Contractor Payment DCAA and the Acquisition Professional Indian Incentive Program Small Business Primer (Contracting 101) Project Management Consolidation/Bundling Central Contractor Registration How to Sell to the Air Force How to do Market Research How to do Source Approval Requirements Packages Shop Math Intro to Lean Manufacturing Blueprint Reading Source Selection Why Use Small Businesses:  Why Use Small Businesses Because we are required to: FAR 19.201(a) “It is the policy of the Government to provide maximum practicable opportunities in its acquisitions to small business……….” DoD Directive 42051c “It is DoD policy that a fair proportion of DoD total purchases, contracts, subcontracts and other services… placed with small business concerns………” Why Use Small Businesses cont’d:  Why Use Small Businesses cont’d Possess competencies commonly outsourced by LB’s Leaders in innovative research and development SB’s represent more than 99.7% of all employers Employ 51% of all private sector employees Pay 44.5% of the total US private payroll Generate 60% to 80% of net new jobs annually Create more than 50% of nonfarm private gross domestic product Produce 13 to 14 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms Employ 39% of high tech workers FAR Discussion Teaming:  FAR Discussion Teaming FAR 9.603: “The Government will recognize the integrity and validity of contractor team arrangements; provided the arrangements are identified and company relationships are fully disclosed in an offer…” Types of Teams:  Types of Teams Prime/Subcontractor Prime is responsible for contract performance Privity of contract between Government and Prime Team identified in proposal Mentors and Protégés not automatically considered a Team DOD and AF Mentor-Protégé Agreement Joint Ventures FAR Discussion Joint Ventures:  FAR Discussion Joint Ventures FAR 19.101 defines a Joint Venture as an association of persons or concerns…concerting to engage in and carry out a single specific business venture for joint profit, for which purpose they combine their efforts, property, money, skill, or knowledge, but not on a continuing or permanent basis Joint Ventures:  Joint Ventures Contract in Joint Venture’s name Contract performance responsibility lies with Joint Venture Agreement must include sharing profits/losses proportionate to each party’s contributions to business operation Certain exclusions for joint venture between SBA approved Mentor-Protégé relationships (13 CFR 121.103) Why Team?:  Why Team? Enables firms to complement each other’s capabilities Enables firms to offer the best combination of performance, cost, and delivery Enables SBs to effectively compete for larger scale requirements Affiliation:  Affiliation Affiliation deals with business relationships a SB may have with other firms and how those relationships affect the size status of the SB Prime-sub relationship that is not at arms length Formal Joint Venture Business relationship outside particular contract that may cause affiliation Prime-subcontractor relationship is not synonymous with affiliation – i.e. there can be non-affiliated subcontractors Affiliation Rules:  Affiliation Rules Normal Rule: Affiliated business concerns’ receipts are added to determine eligibility under size standards SBA excludes joint ventures/teaming arrangements in certain circumstances Size Standard is applied to individual concerns rather than to the combined assets of the team/joint venture A joint venture/teaming arrangement of two or more business concerns may submit an offer as a small business without regard to affiliation as long as all are small under the NAICS used IF… Affiliation Rules (Continued):  Affiliation Rules (Continued) Affiliations – NON 8(a) Exclusion The acquisition is bundled at any dollar value OR For non-bundled acquisitions Where contract value (including options) exceeds ½ the applicable revenue-based size standard OR Where contract value (including options) exceeds $10M for employee-based size standard Affiliation Rules (Continued):  Affiliation Rules (Continued) Normal affiliation rules apply to All sole source 8(a) acquisitions Competitive 8(a) acquisitions that do not exceed the thresholds shown in previous slide Affiliations – 8(a) Exclusion A joint venture/teaming arrangement of at least one 8(a) and one or more other business concerns may submit an offer under a competitive 8(a), as an 8(a) concern, without regard to affiliation IF… Affiliation Rules (Continued):  Affiliation Rules (Continued) Each concern is small At least one 8(a) participant to the joint venture is less that ½ the NAICS size standard 8(a) is managing venturer Employee of 8(a) managing venturer is project manager of contract 51% of joint venture profits go to 8(a) member(s) Approved by Small Business Administration (SBA) 13 CFR 124.513(c) Other Affiliation “Exceptions”:  Other Affiliation “Exceptions” SBA Mentor-Protégé Program (13 CFR 124.520) Designated to provide technical/management assistance, financial assistance, subcontract support, contract performance assistance through Joint Ventures Mentor may be large or small Protégé must be 8(a) in development stage, or never have received 8(a) contract, or less than ½ size standard or primary NAICS code MP Agreement will not be approved if used as just a mechanism to enable non-8(a) to receive 8(a) contracts Other Affiliation “Exceptions” (Continued):  Other Affiliation “Exceptions” (Continued) SBA Mentor-Protégé Program (13 CFR 124.520) (Continued) For any procurement 8(a) firm is exempt from affiliation rules when it joint ventures as a protégé with a mentor firm (large or small) under the program SBA must approve Joint Venture agreement 8(a) must be small under NAICS code Must meet limitations on total sole source dollars (monitored by SBA and firm) Other Affiliation “Exceptions” (Continued):  Other Affiliation “Exceptions” (Continued) Indian Tribes, Alaskan Regional or Village Corporations (ANC), Native Hawaiian Organizations (NHO) Business concerns owned by these groups are not considered affiliates of such entities, or with other concerns owned by these entities solely because of their common ownership (13 CFR 121.103) Many of these business concerns are qualified as 8(a) firms Limitations on Subcontracting:  Limitations on Subcontracting Percentages outlined in FAR 52.219-14 Varies for Services, Supplies, General Construction, and Special Trades If Offeror is exempt from affiliation (i.e. bundled, exceed thresholds, SBA MP Joint Venture) and qualifies as a SB, performance of work requirements apply to the cooperative effort of the team or Joint Venture 4PAE08 = at least 50% of the cost of the contract performance incurred for personnel shall be expended for employees of the small business Two Issues:  Two Issues Affiliation and Limitation of Subcontracting are separate issues Affiliation deals with how business relationships can affect the size standing of a SB (13 CFR 121.103) Limitations on Subcontracting deals with how much work a SB can subcontract (FAR 52.219-14) Both issues apply only if a contractor must be small to be eligible for award Full and open contracts awards, regardless of size of business, should not have FAR 52.219-14 in the contract Meeting FAR 52.219-14:  Meeting FAR 52.219-14 13 CFR 125.6(h)(i) allows the cooperative efforts of joint ventures (formal or informal) in meeting FAR 52.219-14 AFMC allowed for presumption of informal joint ventures (teams) between the small business prime and its small business 1st tier subcontractors Recent SBA ruling states informal joint venture is not presumed and must be evidenced by an agreement between the business concerns explaining the relationship is an informal joint venture and meets the CFR definition of joint venture. (13 CFR 121.103(h) Meeting FAR 52.219-14 (Continued):  Meeting FAR 52.219-14 (Continued) AFMC/PK Policy Memo 2006-PK-004 signed 19 Oct 06 Subcontracting limitations requirement may be fulfilled by formal or informal joint ventures meeting the requirements of CFR. CO shall request agreement as part of proposal submittal At a minimum, agreement shall include Official names of parties to the joint venture and their respective signatures Statement as to whether the joint venture is formal or informal Purpose of the agreement Effective dates/performance period for the agreement Selecting Teaming Partners:  Selecting Teaming Partners Compatible contractors Assess team chemistry Management styles, corporate cultures, strategic visions Assess team member capabilities Business, financial, other resources Assess team member past performance Assess legal constraints OCI issues, debarments/suspensions, qualification requirements All must understand terms & conditions of agreement Subcontracting Goals:  Subcontracting Goals Small Business TBD Small Disadvantage TBD Woman Owned TBD HUBzone TBD Veteran Owned TBD Service Disabled Veteran Owned TBD HBCU/MI TBD Does not apply to work performed in foreign countries Minimum, Government specified goals Goals based on market research Overall goal expressed as % of total dollars awarded Sub-category goals expressed as % of your subcontracting dollars Market your capabilities :  Market your capabilities Do it yourself Capability statements/brochures Air Force Small Business Environmental Database CCR/Dynamic Small Business Search Attend open houses, symposiums, vendor demos Become Fed Biz Opps junkie Do not overlook subcontracting opportunities Know your customer Visit small business office Market the program managers Follow-up Do not hesitate to ask questions AFCEE Small Business Awards:  AFCEE Small Business Awards SB - Small Business SDB - Small Disadvantage Business WOB - Woman-Owned Business HBZ – Hub Zone Small Business SDVOB - Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business J001 FY06 SB Base $1,063,480,000 SB $177,594,000 SDB $ 90,133,000 WOB $ 8,378,000 Hub Zone $ 300,000 SDVOB $1,257,000 For Official Use Only Slide68:  Percent of Contractors Designated SB/8(a) Important websites:  Important websites Brooks City-Base AFCEE Business Opportunities Central Contractor Registration AF Mentor-Protégé Program Air Force Outreach Prog. Office Fed Biz Opps USAF Interactive Electronic Mall FAR on-line Procurement Tech Asst Center Long Range Acquisition Estimate Brooks City-Base SB Office SB counterparts in SA:  SB counterparts in SA Lackland AFB 210-671-1723 Kelly AIA 210-977-2453 Randolph AFB 210-652-5460 210-652-3407 Slide71:  Thank you for your attention Questions? Contracting Issues:  Contracting Issues HQ AFCEE/ACS 23 February 2007 4PAE08 Basics:  4PAE08 Basics Anticipate award of 20-25 IDIQ contracts Include Large and Small Business awards Considering Small Business Set-aside Considering 8(a) Set-aside Considering Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set-aside Total number of awards will be based on the quality and quantity of proposals received Anticipated ceiling in the range of $3.0B Note: We are still developing the strategy, so everything is subject to change 4PAE08 Basics:  4PAE08 Basics Anticipate 5-Year Ordering Period Contract Types: Firm Fixed Price (FFP) & Time & Materials (T&M) Project Locations – CONUS and OCONUS Remote/Austere/Hostile (RA&H) Solicitation anticipated under NAICS 562910 Environmental Remediation Services Note: We are still developing the strategy, so everything is subject to change Slide75:  4PAE08 NAICS 562910 Many different NAICS were considered for this acquisition Many tasks are required to provide contemplated A&E services These various tasks could fit under several NAICS codes May only use one NAICS that reflects majority of anticipated utilization Environmental A&E services represents the majority of historical and currently foreseen A&E services >50% of historical A&E services have been environmentally related Majority of Environmental A&E services have been Restoration Program related Slide76:  4PAE08 NAICS 562910 NAICS 562910 is common for other AF environmental A&E requirements NAICS 562910 used for previous 4P A-E contract Similar A&E types of task requirements Request for Information #1 revealed majority of contractors could compete and were in general agreement with the use of this NAICS for subject acquisition scope Provides “best fit” for majority of anticipated contract utilization NAICS size standard – 500 employees At time of submittal; firms 500, or less, are considered Small Business Competition Levels:  Competition Levels Competition Levels: Full and Open Small Business Set-aside 8(a) Set-aside Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) Set-aside Offerors must identify the choice of competition Scopes of Work:  Scopes of Work Full scope of work applicable to following competition levels: Full and Open 8(a) Set-aside SDVOSB Set-aside Reduced scope (environmental work only) applicable to the SB Set-aside competition level SDVOSB and 8(a) firms electing to compete for reduced scope of work would select SB Set-aside competition level A&E Selection Process:  A&E Selection Process Selection Process is regulated by: Brooks Architect-Engineer Act FARs (36.6) DFARs (236.6) Air Force Regulations Brooks Architect-Engineer Act Defines A&E services Requires selections of the most highly qualified firms Selection based on demonstrated competence and professional qualifications Cost is NOT used as a selection factor Starting A&E Process:  Starting A&E Process Validate Requirement Historical Utilization Projected Requirements Market Research (stakeholders, contractor community) Develop Acquisition Strategy Acquisition Plan Announce Requirements for A-E Services FedBizOpps ( AFCEE 4P A-E 08 Website ( A&E Selection Process (Evaluations):  A&E Selection Process (Evaluations) A&E Selection Boards Pre-selection Board Reviews all A&E Candidates Professional qualifications Specialized experience Past Performance Capacity Location Volume of DoD work Recommendations Forwarded Final Selection Board Final Selection Board Conducts Interviews Interviews in person, phone, or written reply Prepares Final Slate for A&E Slate Selection Approving Authority In rank order of firms considered to be the most highly qualified to perform the required services A&E Selection Process (Selections):  A&E Selection Process (Selections) A&E Slate Selection Authority Reviews evaluation board recommendations Makes final selection All firms on the approved slate considered “selected firms” with which the CO may negotiate Negotiations conducted beginning with the most preferred firm in the approved final selection CO will notify firm that no construction contract may be awarded to the firm that designed the project, except as provided in FAR 36.209 4PAE08 Milestones:  Event Date Release Synopsis May 07 SF330’s Due Jun 07 Selection Board Jun – Oct 07 Final Slate Approval Oct 07 RFP Release Oct 07 Receive Proposals Nov 07 Contract Awards Jan 08 4PAE08 Milestones Audit Considerations:  Audit Considerations Accounting System Applies to Prime Only Company Name, Location of Accounting Records and Cognizant DCAA office FAR 16.104 Adequacy of the accounting system. Before agreeing on a contract type other than firm-fixed-price, the contracting officer shall ensure that the contractor’s accounting system will permit timely development of all necessary cost data in the form required by the proposed contract type Audit /Teaming Considerations:  Audit /Teaming Considerations Financial Capability Risk Assessment Applies to Prime and Teaming Partners anticipated to perform 20 percent or more of the proposed effort Company Name, Location of Financial Records and Cognizant DCAA office FAR 9.103 states that “no purchase or award shall be made unless the contracting officer makes an affirmative determination of responsibility.” Preparing for 4PAE08:  Preparing for 4PAE08 Follow the FedBizOpps Synopsis EXACTLY! Be specific, concise Make it easy for the evaluators To Read To Find Information To Compare what you provide to the published evaluation criteria Note: We are still developing the strategy, so everything is subject to change Changes to Teaming Partners (After Contract Award):  Changes to Teaming Partners (After Contract Award) Teaming Considerations What has changed? What does the new company add to the existing team Impact to existing team members GEITA OCI Clause does not allow GEITA Prime or teaming partner to be a teaming partner on any other AFCEE contract Process Submit complete package to Basic Contracting Officer Describe competitive process and basis for selecting teaming partner Labor rates (Audited) Approved purchasing system DCMA and DCAA office, phone numbers Closing:  Closing We are still developing the strategy, so everything is subject to change! Slide89:  Thank you for your attention Questions? Marketing Research Synopsis:  Marketing Research Synopsis 23 February 2007 Market Research RFI #1:  Market Research RFI #1 Request For Information (RFI #0001) issued 16 Nov 06; Responses were due 11 Dec 06 RFI Questions referenced: scope, capability, NAICS 562910, Small Business applicability and mentoring, evaluation suggestions, contract structure, and Industry Forum 85 Firms responded 34 Large businesses 51 Small businesses Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) Would you be interested in submitting a proposal considering the anticipated scope of work items? If not, why? All 85 responded YES, but some indicated only on a portion of the scope of work In reference to 1 above, do you have sufficient experience in the anticipated scope items that would allow the evaluator to assess your capability? If not, please explain. 81 Responded YES 4 Small businesses responded NO, indicating they were lacking environmental or traditional services and would team with others Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) What is the minimum and maximum dollar value project on which your firm would routinely consider submitting a proposal? Wide variance of responses $25K minimum $1M to unlimited maximum What maximum capacity of work can your firm reasonably manage while assuring effective program/project implementation and maintaining quality products? Large businesses – capacity not an issue Small businesses – will expand to meet demand Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) What is your business size? If you are a small business, do you also qualify under any of the sub-categories (8(a),SDB,WOSB,VOSB, HUBZone,SDVOSB, and HBCU/MI)? 34 Large Business 51 Small Business 16 8a 12 SDB 13 Woman owned 7 SDVOSB 2 HubZone If you are a small business, would you consider submitting a proposal as a prime contractor? 47 YES 3 NO 1 NOT SURE Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) In what socio-economic programs do you now participate (e.g. Mentor Protégé, Indian Incentive, etc.)? What is the extent of your participation in these programs? 44 Mentor Protégé 5 Indian Incentive 1 Vendor Diversity 1 INROADS 1 National Assn. of Minority Contractors Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) What are the most critical criteria that would distinguish one company’s capabilities from another? Explain Experience Past performance Geographic locations CONUS and OCONUS capabilities AFCEE and DoD experience Address capability of performing both CONUS and OCONUS requirements versus limiting to one or the other. Please provide recommendations. 70 Both 15 Split Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) Do you have any thoughts or concerns with regionalizing and/or consolidating requirements from multiple bases? 30 – Advantageous to regionalize/consolidate 26 – No advantage 29 – Neutral or no response Would you participate in this acquisition with other firms as teaming members or joint ventures? What other teaming opportunities do you see for this acquisition? 79 – Team (18 of these would consider joint venture) 4 – Joint venture 2 – Prime with no teaming Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) (a) It is currently anticipated that approximately 15-20 contract awards will result from this acquisition and that a portion of these awards will be reserved for small business. For small business consideration, would your firm be able to compete under NAICS 562910? If not, why? 38 – YES 13 – NO 12. (b) Please provide your recommendations concerning the anticipated number of contract awards 15 to 30 Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) (c) How many contracts should be reserved for small business, and the proposed NAICS. 0 to 16 reserved for small business Recommended NAICS codes Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) If the Government were to contemplate splitting these A&E service requirements into two suites of IDIQ contracts (one covering environmental A&E services and one covering housing, MILCON, and SRM Title I and II services), what are your thoughts and/or concerns? 41 Firms (27 small, 14 large) in favor of split 33 Firms (17 small, 16 large) not in favor of split 11 Firms (8 small, 3 large) had no preference Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) (a) For Market Research purposes, we are planning to host an Industry Forum. What format do you think would be most beneficial for this Forum Vast majority favored AFCEE’s current format Some wanted multiple regional conferences One wanted web-cast conference (b) What topics would you like to hear discussed SOW, selection timing, # of awards, # of set asides, type of work, detailed project info, selection criteria, fair opportunity assessment status, amount of CONUS vs OCONUS, AFCESA involvement, AF transformation, COI Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued):  Market Research (RFI #1 – Continued) (c) What number of people would you envision sending? Number averaged 2 to 4 per firm Do you have any other comments or suggestions that you would like to share with us? 53 Firms had no comment Many interested in the split contract concept (traditional vs environmental) Many comments of a single, specific nature Market Research:  Market Research Request For Information (RFI #0002) issued 7 Feb 07; Responses were due 14 Feb 07 RFI Question was directed at small business and the issue of set-asides and choice of competition 60 Firms responded 9 Large businesses (not included in analysis) 51 Small businesses Market Research:  Market Research Question: Would you be more likely to propose under a small business set-aside with a reduced scope (i.e., military construction or military family housing projects would be excluded from small business set-aside SOW), propose under the full and open competition (entire SOW scope), or ask that your proposal be considered under both competition levels? 51 Small Business firms responded 31 Firms (61%) likely to propose as set-aside 2 Firms (4%) likely to propose full and open (full scope) 15 Firms (29%) likely to propose under both levels 3 Firms (6%) had no preference Slide105:  Thank you for your attention Questions? Final Questions, Closing & Networking:  Final Questions, Closing & Networking 23 February 2007 Slide107:  Thank you for your attention We look forward to your participation! We are still developing the strategy, so everything is subject to change

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