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Published on February 25, 2014

Author: abirmingham


IMAGE ANALYSIS th 19 and st 21 century

1. What is the change in 21st century culture represented by the cartoon below?

2. What result of new technology in the 21st century is represented by the images below?

3. What CHANGE caused by the Industrial Revolution is portrayed in this 19th century painting of London, England?

4. What 19th century economic changes in the West are represented by the picture below?

5. The political cartoon below illustrates what new political movement of the late 19th century?

6. What region of the United States had the largest increase in railroad mileage in the late 19th century?

7. What changes in 19th century labor patterns does the picture below represent?

8. The picture above of coal miners in Germany could be evidence for what CONTINUITY in labor patterns from 1400 to 1800 ce?

9. What demographic change caused by the Industrial Revolution can be deduced by the chart?

What result of the industrial revolution is illustrated by the photo? 10.

Luddites-One Response to the Industrial Revolution

Describe the growing Middle Class.

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