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Information about Industrial Refrigeration Incentives

Published on March 20, 2014

Author: mikemarchant



Use this guide to learn about applying for Toronto Hydro energy efficiency incentives for industrial refrigeration. Upgrade your technology for fast paybacks and ongoing savings.

Incentives pay up to 50% of project costs and paybacks can be just months.

Count on our Energy Experts to help you identify savings and complete the incentive applications.

Contact me to get started today.

Industrial Refrigeration Tune up efficiency and tap into energy savings SAVINGS THROUGH TECHNOLOGY Follow these four steps for energy savings: TEST YOUR SYSTEM Refrigeration systems in industrial processing have a simple job to do – cool things down. By making this job harder, your equipment will use more energy than necessary. An energy audit will show you how to go easy on your refrigeration system and improve its efficiency to save on energy costs. TALK TO US We can help you take advantage of the funding available for an energy audit or engineering study to pinpoint energy saving opportunities and maximize your incentives. 1 2 APPLY FOR INCENTIVES We can help you apply for incentives under the RETROFIT PROGRAM (up to 50% of project costs) or the PROCESS & SYSTEMS upgrade program (up to 70% of project costs). IMPLEMENT & SAVE Take advantage of no-cost and low-cost improvements to boost operating efficiency. Savings can range from 10% to 30% of energy costs. And consider replacing inefficient equipment with higher efficiency options to save even more. 3 4 TOP 5 ENERGY THIEVES • Improper refrigerant • Wrong-sized equipment operating at partial loads • Blocked condensers • Iced-up evaporators • Removing more heat than necessary Generous incentives available. Payback typically in months not years. Refrigeration systems are often overlooked for energy improvements yet they can be a source of big savings. In industrial processing, minimizing the work your refrigeration system has to do and ensuring equipment can operate efficiently are the key ways to reduce energy consumption. A well-operated and maintained system can cut 50% or more of energy use and preserve the life of your equipment. With generous incentives and a quick payback period, this is an investment in your business that is too good to pass up.

HighLow Compressor(s) HP Receiver(s) / Control Elements Condenser(s) Evaporator(s) Heat absorbed Purchased energy Heat rejected Keeping your refrigeration system in top operating condition will help you save in two ways: reduced energy consumption and a longer lifespan for your equipment. To find out what you need to do, talk to us about conducting an energy audit of your system. Spot the energy savings opportunities What’s your best route to energy savings? Toronto Hydro has the resources to help you decide whether the RETROFIT PROGRAM or PROCESS & SYSTEM upgrade program is right for your facility. • RETROFIT PROGRAM: An Energy Audit is required to identify energy savings opportunities through retrofits. Under the AUDIT FUNDING program, 50% of the audit cost (up to $25,000) is covered. When you implement changes, incentives are available for up to 50% of project costs. • PROCESS & SYSTEM upgrade program: For larger, more complex operations, this is a customized approach to system-wide energy efficient upgrades. A Preliminary Engineering Study (funding available up to $10,000) or a Detailed Engineering Study (funding available up to $50,000) is required to quantify potential energy savings and costs. When you implement changes, incentives are available for up to 70% of project costs. We can connect you with a qualified professional to conduct an energy audit or engineering study to support your application. Ask us how our qualified Applicant Representatives can help you complete RETROFIT PROGRAM applications at no charge. TORONTO HYDRO IS HERE TO HELP Talk to your Toronto Hydro representative. We’ll work with you to apply for incentive programs and help you through the pre-approval process to get your project moving as quickly as possible. Remember that your application for incentive funding for studies, audits and project implementation must be approved before any work has started. Contact us today to start your savings T: 416.542.3388 E: Right-size condensers and evaporators to your cooling task Make sure condensers are not blocked  Noisy or vibrating condensers could indicate wear and tear, and inefficiency Defrost evaporator as needed Check refrigerant levels – too much or too little affects energy efficiency Don’t remove more heat than required, reducing energy consumption by about 2% to 4% for every 1° saved  Insulate the suction line to optimize compressor performance Consider variable speed drives to match motor speed with required output  Recover heat loss for other uses Subject to additional terms and conditions found at Subject to change without notice. Funded by the Ontario Power Authority and offered by Toronto Hydro. OM Official Mark of the Ontario Power Authority. Used under licence. ® A registered trademark of Toronto Hydro Corporation used under licence. “Toronto Hydro” means Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited.

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