Industrial Pumps in Punjab

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Information about Industrial Pumps in Punjab

Published on January 5, 2017

Author: vishaltraders


slide 1: Pump Types - A Comprehensive Guide to Find the Right Pump There are different pump types available but which one is best for your needs It is important to identify the pump type you need as it helps to reduce costs and increase life of the pump. You can easily find Industrial Pumps in Punjab or water pumps online. It may be overwhelming for you to choose the pump from so many designs and niches that are available. Don’t be confused and refer to this comprehensive guide to select a pump that meets all your requirements. Factors to Consider While Choosing a Pump The type of pump you choose depends upon the application which includes:  The type of liquid you want to pump.  The volume you need to pump in a specific time frame.  The distance you want to move the liquid. Major Pump Types slide 2: 1. Submersible Pumps These pumps include a submersible motor coupled with single stage pump which allows the entire assembly to operate while it is submerged. The submerged motor may either be air-filled or oil filled. The impellers are designed in different ways to accommodate the solids in various sizes. These pumps can be used as sump pump in effluent and sewage treatment at home or in main sewage treatment plants. These pumps are recommended to pump water and relatively thin liquids. You can pump liquids with or without solids if you chose a proper impeller type. The advantages of using submersible pumps are that these eliminate the column shaft and bearings that are found in column sump pump. It reduces the sump installation cost and can be easily installed in flood prone areas. 2. Booster Pumps These pumps are used to boost the pressure further in a system. The booster pumps may be an end suction in-line circular horizontal split case or vertical turbine in a can type pump. The booster pumps are always multi-stage pumps i.e. they have more than one impeller. The other features are very specific to a particular application. The water pressure booster pumps in himachal can be purchased from authorized dealers. The booster pumps find application in potable water distribution. It can also be used as irrigation booster process booster or cooling water booster. Water and thin liquids can be pumped using these. Normally the pump is not recommended for liquids containing solids. These pumps are beneficial to build up additional pressure which is required to move the liquids to a long distance or to use the high pressure for spraying or other services. 3. Self-Priming Pumps These are type of centrifugal pumps which can be located above the suction reservoir without the need of an external priming system. These come with end suction configuration and enlarged case that supports priming. These can be used as sump pumps in dewatering applications and transfer services where pump has to be placed above the suction vessel. The pump is recommended to be used for water and thin liquids as it can’t pump oils. When proper impeller is installed it can pump liquids with or without solids. The pumps are built using alloys so that these do not corrode and last longer. The major pump types we have explained above can definitely help you make a smart purchase decision. You can research online for the different pump types available or walk into an authorized dealer shop to find a perfect pumping solution as per you needs. Did you like the information we shared Share your comments and suggestions below Source: pump/

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