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Published on October 9, 2017

Author: tristaterefinishing


Slide 1: Industrial Painting Equipment West Chester PA Slide 2: Tristate Refinishing offers residential, commercial, and industrial sandblasting services. We provide affordable sandblasting services for all types of projects, from small residential projects to large-scale, commercial tasks. We are a sandblasting company that can sandblast architectural concrete, tilt-up panels, silos, structural iron, and other materials. Our equipment is capable of sandblasting residential swimming pools or even 300-foot tall buildings. With such advanced equipment we can transport and use up to 10,000 pounds of sand per day. About Tristate Truck And Equipment Slide 3: Roofs It only takes one little drip to realize you’ve been neglecting the roof of your industrial or manufacturing facility for far too long. Maybe it’s not something you think about every day, but years of exposure to sun, wind, pollution and precipitation can cause a great deal of corrosion. By the time you finally turn your attention upward to fix that little leak, you may discover damage that puts both the employees and inventories your building holds at extreme risk. Slide 4: Exterior and interior commercial painting contractors The look of a building can say a lot about the companies that do business there. When potential customers see a faded, rusting exterior or dated interior, they may also see them as a reflection on the services you provide, and that could mean a loss for you and anyone who leases from you. If you’re questioning the message your commercial building might be sending, perhaps it’s time to do some updating with Thomas Industrial Coatings. Slide 5: OUR SERVICES Slide 6: CONTACT US Slide 7:

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