Industrial Design for the Mobility Industry

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Information about Industrial Design for the Mobility Industry

Published on February 6, 2008

Author: Calvin1


Industrial Design for the Mobility Industry:  Industrial Design for the Mobility Industry RAJESH MIRAJKER “State of the Art”:  “State of the Art” To be innovative = To be creative To be creative = To set trends To set trends = To be original To be original = To be unique Reference to technological advances Lineage between Art and Engineering Art to Part:  Art to Part Henry on 1903 Ford The ‘Machine Aesthetic’ a contrast to craft oriented fashions of the period “Horseless carriages” lacked acceptance in the lifestyles and trends of the era Need was felt to make the cars more convenient for everyday use Slide4:  1915 Ford Model T Early production cars were inspired by horse-drawn carriages Popularity increased with more elaborate coachwork making the cars functional and comfortable However, the industrially duplicated autos did not share the same exclusivity as their hand crafted counterparts Industrial Design was born off a need to create products that were….:  Industrial Design was born off a need to create products that were…. Aesthetic Functional for customers Original Distinctive Economical for manufacturers Industrial Design:  Industrial Design A technical specialty blending the passion of art with practical engineering creating products that are more desirable Transportation Design:  Transportation Design The tradition of coach building began with horse-drawn carriages of early civilization Some coachbuilders supplied custom bodywork to auto manufacturers Many were absorbed into commercial automaking Few evolved as independent specialists in design and engineering mobiles serving the auto industry 1936 Bentley sporting coachwork by Vanden Plas Slide8:  Two approaches 1959 Cadillac Eldorado 1959 Morris Mini Styling became a recognized industrial art in the booming and extravagant American economy The austere “form follows function” ideology in the Continent recovering from wartime recession Styling – commercial success:  Styling – commercial success The 1965 Ford Mustang was a reincarnation of a mundane sedan. The car spawned a cult following and inspired a new market for “muscle cars” in the ‘States Industrial Design – commercial longevity:  Industrial Design – commercial longevity 1930 Citroen 2CV 1947 Piaggio Vespa Two examples of relevant and appropriate design that were both stylish and affordable as basic personal transport They lived much beyond their intended lifespan Transition of design perception:  Transition of design perception The Beetle - function transforms into style The 1930 VW beginning as a small and inexpensive peoples car for Germany….. …..became a relatively expensive, and much sought after fashion statement in America, bearing only visual identity to the original Slide12:  Appropriate for their respective eras Became cultural icons Were commercial successes through generations Their creators were recognized for their special conceptual abilities They were the first Transportation Designers Apart from style and aesthetics, contemporary Transportation Design concerns factors such as::  Apart from style and aesthetics, contemporary Transportation Design concerns factors such as: Convenience Comfort Safety Manufacturing Materials costs serviceability Full scale tape rendering at VW Design Studio Slide14:  Full scale mock up at Renault Design packages the physical embodiments within industrial scope satisfying customers ensuring harmony with social aspirations The designer… Design – a core technology:  Design – a core technology Business strategy Vital for commercial success in a competitive market Product Development:  Product Development Long term investment Challenge for business enterprise Huge resources / capital Intelligent application makes design financially feasible:  Intelligent application makes design financially feasible Reducing Gestation Deploy cost-effective Proprietory Technology Use low investment manufacturing Smart conception Effective validation (prototyping) Reducing gestation:  Reducing gestation CAD and simulation need no introduction. They are widely used in the industry for time-cost savings in design and engineering. Deploy cost-effective Proprietory technology:  Deploy cost-effective Proprietory technology A radical space frame body structure using extruded and bent metal profiles. This was successfully executed on the Fiat Multipla Use low investment manufacturing:  Use low investment manufacturing Pascals press for manufacturing body panels with only a male die. The press uses a pressurized fluid bed on which the parts are stamped. Tooling cost is halved, making it suitable for low volume production. The process was used in the manufacture of the Toyota Sera Smart conception??:  Smart conception?? Not the preserve of capital-rich industries!! Effective validation:  Effective validation The craft of building models and prototypes Tradition vs automation Initial step towards the realization of a produceable concept Craftsmen:  Craftsmen Handcrafting, assembling and finishing various materials Craftsmen have a high status in a design scenario Design centers preserve traditional skills An expertise that can never be replaced by automation Design structure:  Design structure Industrial Design and Design Engineering have complementary functions Mule Protos Industrial Designers Test Engineers Design Engineers Show Protos Craftsmen Industrial Design Design Engineering Design Circle:  Design Circle Design Engg. Management Finance Production Engg. Marketing Manufacturing Product planning Design Process:  Design Process Case study of the creation of an Electric Mobile Facility Tour Vehicle:  Facility Tour Vehicle An observation mobile for large facilities Accomodates two passengers and an operator Easy entry & exit ROPS and canopy for occupants Fully faired body for pedestrian safety Compact & manoeuvrable Easily accessible service points Made of FRP and fabricated metal sections suitable for low volumes Employs existing aggregates Design inspired by hovercraft and dodgem cars Phantom illustration Concept:  Concept Industrial Designer: Visualization of Exterior & Interior Depiction of features Design Engineer: Platform configuration Powertrain & payload definition Idea sketch Layout:  Layout Industrial Designer: Space-volume studies Seating/Comfort/Function/Safety Panel/component composition Design Engineer: Mechanical layouts Performance feasibility study Layout & seating package Model & Mule:  Model & Mule Industrial Designer: Scale & full scale models Exterior and interior trim detail Mechanism definition Shape definition Design Engineer: Structural design Mechanical details Mule tests Scale model Test mule Protobuild:  Protobuild Pattern Fibreglass body shell Fibreglass moulds The proto build carried out by craftsmen under the supervision of designers Test & Show Prototypes:  Test & Show Prototypes Industrial Designer: Options & redesign Manuals & technical documentation Design Engineer: Testing Sensory Perception Pre-production Examples of Indian Design Projects:  Examples of Indian Design Projects Orchard Tractor:  Orchard Tractor Single piece FRP Body shell protects fruit & buds from breaking during farming operation The body protects operator from grazing and during insecticide spraying Access for maintenance is thru hatches and body is easily removable for repairs Entry is by single kerb-side door and windscreen tilts for additional ventilation Design inspired by dune-buggy styling Off-Highway Dumper:  Off-Highway Dumper Integrates functional & engineering parameters Unique style from other makes of equipment Ergonomic tandem two seater cabin Incorporates safety and serviceability features Intercity Coach:  Intercity Coach Luxury coach constructed on a front-engine chassis The structure is a composition of metal and wood sections Flush body surfaces of aluminium and fibreglass Fairing cowlaids windflow over roof carrier Airconditioned Aircraft style interior appointments with video and audio Café Racer:  Café Racer Full body fairing kit for 100cc motorcycle Components designed for easy bolt-on integrating with original trim of the bike Product that appeals to the younger generation Light Commercial Vehicle:  Light Commercial Vehicle Expandable range of trucks & vans based on a modular design New design and layout based on an existing platform Uses body panels of the earlier design to lower tooling cost Multi Purpose Vehicle - Minivan:  Multi Purpose Vehicle - Minivan Proposal based on the platform of a passenger car Composite plastic body panels hung on a seel structure Modular system of identical left and right body panels reduce tool costs Trim derived from existing parts bins reduce development cost Multitude of body styles including commercial variants Microcar:  Microcar Accomodates 4 pax in very compact dimensions Powered by a single cylinder air-cooled engine or electric drive Easily convertible for stationwagon or pickup truck roles by owners Tubular space-frame chassis Common left/right panels & windscreen/backlight for low development cost Doors optional Deploying original design: :  Deploying original design: A long term strategy not short term return A foundation of brand status Builds corporate image Promotes business competence through Global recognition Conclusion:  Conclusion The art of creating original products is never transacted in joint venture manufacturing Structured design policies spearhead profits free from royalties (intellectual property lisence fee) GOOD DESIGN = GOOD BUSINESS:  GOOD DESIGN = GOOD BUSINESS

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