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Published on May 6, 2013

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Individuation Process of Main Characters in GustaveFlaubert’s Madame Bovary and Kate Chopin’s TheAwakeningBy:By:Durratul HikmahDurratul Hikmah117835030117835030

Individuation ProcessIndividuation Process• The individuation process describes theprocess of becoming inwardly whole,discovering ones true self, beyond themask of the persona and ego centered life.• The principle of individuation defines theessence of the human.

Individuation ProcessIndividuation ProcessThe steps are• Persona• Shadow• Anima/Animus• Wise Old Man/Great Mother• The Self

Persona• The persona is a compromise one createsbetween himself and the community about howone appears to be.

Shadow• The shadow is described as composed of the darkelements of the personality, having an emotionaland primitive nature which resists moral control.• When one tries to see his Shadow, he becomesconscious, and often ashamed of, thecharacteristics and impulses that he denies inhimself but sees clearly in other people: forexample we say "Oh, it doesn’t matter. Nobodywill notice, and besides other people are doing ittoo".

Anima/Animus• Anima is the inner feminine side of a man; Animus is the innermasculine side of a woman.• The steps: of Animusa. Dreams and fantasy as the embodiment of physical power, anathlete, muscle man or thug.b. The animus provides her with initiative and the capacity for plannedaction. He is behind a womans desire for independence and a careerof her own.c. The animus is the "word," often personified in dreams as a professoror clergyman.d. The animus is the incarnation of spiritual meaning.e. The animus mediates between a womans conscious mind and theunconscious

Wise Old Man/Great MotherWise Old Man/Great Mother• It is personification of spiritual principle, which representsknowledge, reflection, wisdom, skill, and intuition in oneside, and on another side moral qualities such as kindness andfeeling to help that makes the character’s spiritual is fairlybalanced. It is the continuation of anima/animus (Feist andFeist, 2006: 98)

The Self• The Self, according to Jung, is not a kind ofuniversal consciousness. It is rather anawareness of our unique nature and ourintimate connection with all life.

The maincharacters arefailed to reachhigher level

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