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Information about Individual differences: TRIARCHIC THEORY OF INTELLIGENCE BY STERNBERG

Published on February 28, 2014

Author: jairynolores



I forgot to indicate the references. But I really am the one who made the slide :)

Theories of Intelligence that Influence Individual Differences

Triarchic Theory of Intelligence by Sternberg

Robert Sternberg -born December 8, 1949 -an American psychologist and psychometrician. -Known for Triarchic theory of intelligence and Triangular theory of love

“the cognitive ability to learn from experience, to reason well, to remember important information, and to cope with the demands of daily living.”

This theory points to three components of intelligent behavior: major Processing components 2. Contextual components 3. Experiential components 1.

1. Processing components

 These explain how intelligent behavior involves adaptation.  In reaching goals, intelligent people adapt to, change, or select out of the environment when necessary.

From experiences, an individual can automize information over repeated experiences in doing a task.

states that man can mold, shape environment to meet his needs as well as that of society through: Analytical intelligence 2. Creative intelligence 3. Practical intelligence 1.

refers to the power to apply logical reasoning to arrive at the best answer to a question.

involve imagining and devising new ways of addressing issues and concerns including present demands.

These are day-to-day activities people used in the process of social and professional interaction within the family and in the work place.

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