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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: ambie213


The lighting in this image bases itself with light colours, and mainly blue, although blue can be a happy and fresh representative colour, it is also the colour with depression, and “feeling down”. This man clearly is mentally unstable and could well be facing depression amongst other problems, this image seems to be one of which that has caught him out, he is off guard, and typically that is when we show our true colours and are not able to cover up what we are feeling. His eyes are intensely blue, it could suggest at heart he is innocent, helping us sympathise for him and his illness. His hand is up and covering his face, this is creating a darker shade of blue to go over his eyes mostly, as I’ve mentioned before, the eyes are seen as the door to our soul, possibly this character is trying to block us from seeing his soul and wants to keep it covered as there Is something he wants to hide. It also adds to idea of this man being depressed, particularly as this shade of dark blue Is very close to his head, and this would be where all his problems develop and take place.

This image is based outside, and a light is being shone onto this girls face (Dakota), so the only sense of lighting is coming from an artificial source, and a possibility of ambient lighting from the moonlight possibly. This image is ironic, as Robert De Niro is shining a light into this little girls face, as if he is questioning her, and at the beginning of the film he has as he believes she is getting up to no good, however the light of “inspection” should be shone into his face as he is committing the crimes and getting away with them. The bright and glowing light is shining mainly on the little girl, representing her innocence and bravery throughout the film and dealing with a mentally unstable father, so it represents the goodness in her. There is hardly any of this bright light being shone onto De Niro, foreshadowing to the audience that he is in fact the bad guy, and does typically have an evil side to his personality. The shadows appear to be eating him, slowly they seem to be coming up from behind, in comparison to Dakota who is completely in the light.

Jigsaw here has a bright light coming from behind him which seems to be artificial, like its coming from a bright lamp. I think that as this light is coming from behind him suggests that this character has turnt his back on “goodness” and anything in light that has light in it, which typically involves happiness. What is more noticeable is the black shadow on Jigsaw’s right side, although there is more of the bright light beside him, the black shadow seems as if it is progressively moving, and getting rid of the innocence and purity that is behind Jigsaw, this links to the narrative as that is what Jigsaw does with his games, destroying peoples souls, much like this black shadow appears to be doing. The bright light is touching the back of the puppets hair at the ends, backing up the idea I created of Jigsaw turning his back on the light, the darkness of Jigsaw’s hair is getting rid of any light that is trying to touch him.

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