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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: Sabreena97


Indigenous Knowledge Systems: Indigenous Knowledge Systems Karina Aquilera Carolina Avila Sabreena Singh Alfonso Mestidio #Direction4 What is this area of Knowledge about?: What is this area of Knowledge about? It is connected to specific societies and cultures that belong to a certain area in the world Indigenous individuals have certain beliefs, traditions, and ideas that go back to ancient time These old traditions are unknown to the modern world and modern individuals PowerPoint Presentation: What practical problems can be solved by applying this knowledge? Indigenous diets Dream catchers PowerPoint Presentation: What makes this Area of Knowledge important? Knowledge from other cultures allows us to view the world in a different context. i.e.: Some languages, such as Native American languages, do not have a word for “I” but only a word for “we”. This shapes their understanding of a community and how they think of themselves. Connections at least three Ways of Knowing have to this Area of Knowledge.: Connections at least three Ways of Knowing have to this Area of Knowledge. Perception: It allows different tribes to observe each other in order to have a more efficient life style. Language: This connects to indigenous knowledge systems because it actually hinders its search for knowledge when people are trying to learn about groups. Faith: This allows the indigenous people to have faith in the activities they do and in what they believe in. Work Cited: Work Cited,indigenous #Direction4: #Direction4

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