Indian Tourism - An Overview

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Information about Indian Tourism - An Overview

Published on March 2, 2014

Author: shanthipriyanagarajan



A detailed description about Indian Tourism ,its salient features,its developments

Shanthipriya N, B.Tech

 An English word of Greek origin.  Coined by Theobald in 1994.  ‘tornos’ – Greek means movement in a circle. ‘ism’ – an action or a process.  Tourism is fundamentally to travel in a circle. Shanthipriya N, B.Tech

 Substantial and vibrant industry.  Global destination.  Incredible India.  Contribution to economic growth. Shanthipriya N, B.Tech

 Nodal agency for tourism development.  headed by Union Minister, with state ministers  Policy making  Human resource development  Infrastructure  Publicity & Marketing Shanthipriya N, B.Tech

SWAGATHospitality SOOCHNAInformation • Facilitation on arrival • Memorable experience • Marketing & Promotion • Information Dissemination PLANNING SUVIDHAFacilitation • Accommodation & Stay • Amenities & Conveniences SURAKSHASafety • Tourist Safety • Environment management SAHYYOGCooperation SANRACHNAInfrastructure • Coordination • Quality Control & Assurance • Tourism Product Development • Core & Linkage Infrastructure Shanthipriya N, B.Tech POLICIES INITIATIVES

 Campaign to promote tourism.  Branded by Amitabh Kant.  Promotes rich cultural heritage, moral values, historical sites & traditional way of life.  To promote India as a tourist destination. Shanthipriya N, B.Tech

 Service industry of multi-dimensional activity.  Socio economic impacts over last 25 years.  Impact on other sectors beyond tourism.  Need for a planned and sustained governance.  Need of attention to women employment. Shanthipriya N, B.Tech

 Undesirable social and cultural change.  Increase of tension and hostility.  Creating a sense of antipathy.  Adverse effect on Environment & Ecology.  Depletion of natural resources. Shanthipriya N, B.Tech

Shanthipriya N, B.Tech

 Krishna, A.G., 1993 “Case study on the effects of tourism on culture and the environment: India; Goa”         Shanthipriya N, B.Tech

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