Indian Relations & Bacon’s Rebellion

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Information about Indian Relations & Bacon’s Rebellion

Published on February 6, 2014

Author: mcaggia



Brief Presentation summarizing a few key conflicts between the colonists and Native Americans as well as Nathaniel Bacon's attempt to overthrow the government of Virginia

 The Quakers › Religious group led by › › › › William Penn settle in Pennsylvania. Quakers were pacifists and practiced freedom of religion. Believed the land belonged to the Natives Wanted Natives to be treated fairly (court) For 50 years, PA had no major conflicts with Natives

The Pequot War (1637) Block Island  Looking at the map, why do you think the Puritans waged war on the Pequots?

The Pequot War (1637)  a white trader, Indian-kidnapper, trouble maker was killed giving settlers an excuse to attack Natives  Looking to avoid battle, colonists sought to terrorize Native-Americans by killing noncombatants (women and children)  The Pequots were all but annihilated (and the Narragansetts on Block Island)

 King Philip’s War (1675-76)

King Philip’s War (1675-76) After 40 years of increased restrictions, Metacom (King Philip) united tribes against the colonists  Learning from the Pequot War, King Philip attacked noncombatants as did the colonists  Food shortage, disease, and heavy casualties brought the end of these Native forces and Native power in southeast New England was gone 

Bacon’s Rebellion (1676)  Begins as a conflict between Virginia settlers on their western frontier and the Doeg and Susquehannock Indians  Ultimately it became a political battle between the elite upper class, supported by Governor Berkley and the poor farmers, indentured servants, freemen, and slaves led by Nathaniel Bacon  Bacon would lead his forces against Jamestown running Berkley off who would return 1 month later after Bacon dies.

Bacon’s Rebellion (1676)  Berkley would be recalled to London to answer to the king for his failed policies  Ultimately losing, Bacon is sometimes considered “The Torchbearer of the Revolution” › the first struggle of common man v aristocrat › frontier v tidewater › defiance of a duly constituted authority  This would be the same type of defiance that would spark the American Revolution 100 years later!

 British Policies › Navigation Acts  reinforced trade restrictions of the colonies by the use of writs of assistance  the trial of smugglers was turned over to Admiralty Courts instead of colonial courts (who usually found colonial smugglers not guilty) › Board of Trade  primary role was to make the colonies serve England’s economic needs  investigate the enforcement of the Navigation Acts and made recommendations on how to improve them  London was over 3000 miles away and didn’t truly understand the colonies

 British Policies › Salutary Neglect  the loyalty of the colonies provided little need for England to strictly enforce the now stronger Navigation Acts  England “neglected” its colonies for its own benefit (salutary = beneficial)  as a result, the colonies were able to grow more and more independent

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