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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: anloshan



This is the India Quiz that I conducted @ Jaquizzi Chapter 27 ( Jaipur Quiz Club).. Hope You Enjoy It !!

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Bharat- Ek Khoj 26th January 2013 QM: Bhushan Patel

The Quiz.. • There are No Rules. I Rule. • 3 Rounds. • Format of each Round would be explained before the Round itself. • No GOOGLING. • Happy Republic Day 

Rules • Written Round. • 5 Questions. Open to all teams Onstage. • +05 for every correct answer. • No negatives. • Bonus +05 for all correct.

Answer… Section 377

Answer… Palash Sen‟s Sexist Comments at IIT-B

Answer… Farooq Sheikh

Answer… Somnath Bharti

Answer… Devyani Khobragade

Rules • 28 states. 28 questions. • 14 CW. 14 ACW. • +10 for every correct answer. • +10/-05 On Pounce. • 4 Pounces per Team per Round.

• X was setup by the then chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu, seeing the development of a certain industry in Southern India and realising the need for infrastructure to attract investors. • The project was commissioned initially with L&T ECC and was named L&T INFOCITY. • It is spread across 151 acres of land under suburbs of Madhapur, Gachibowli, Kondapur, Manikonda and Nanakramguda. • The first block "MEDHA" was inaugurated by Sri K.Rosaiah, Hon‟ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on 28 January 2010. • A huge Auditorium, „Shilpakala Vedika‟ is also located at X. • Identify X. 01

Answer… HITEC City (Andhra Pradesh)

• Founded by Mera Lama Lodre Gyatso, it belongs to the Gelgpa sect and is the largest of its kind in India. • Its name literally means, „Horse Chosen’ , as its site was chosen by the horse of Merag Lama. As the story goes, one day he was praying in cave, seeking divine guidance. When he came out after the prayers, he found his horse missing. On searching, the horse was located standing quietly on a hilltop. Considering this as a sign of divine blessing, he decided to construct something at the very spot. It was built with the help of volunteers from the neighbouring villages. • It is also known by a Tibetan name, Galden Namgey Lhatse, which means 'celestial paradise in a clear night'. • What is being talked about here? 02

Answer… Tawang Monastery (Arunachal Pradesh)

• According to a legend, a guy from Karbi Anglong fell in love with a girl from a nearby village. This match was not acceptable to their families, so the couple disappeared into the forest, never to be seen again, and the forest was named after them. • In 1904, Mary Victoria Curzon, the wife of the Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon of Kedleston, visited this forest and was disappointed failing to see even a single X(animal) for which the area was renowned. Worried, she persuaded her husband to take urgent measures to protect the dwindling species which he did by initiating planning for their protection. • What came into existence thus? 03

Answer… KaziRanga National Park (Assam)

• In 1960s, The first president of India, Rajendra Prasad met someone called Nazir Hussain and asked him to make something. • The first product of this industry was back in 1963 and it‟s name roughly translated to “Mother Ganges, I will offer you a yellow sari”,which was created by Biswanath Prasad Shahabadi and Kundan Kumar. • What started? 04

Answer… Bhojpuri Film Industry (Bihar)

• Traditionally, this area is mentioned as Dandakaranya in the epic Ramayana, and part of the Kosala Kingdom in the Mahabharata. Around 450 AD, it was ruled by Nala King, Bhavadatta Varman. • It was established around 1324 AD, when Annama Deva, brother of the last Kakatiya King, Pratapa Rudra Deva left Warangal and established his kingdom here under the tutelage of local goddess, „Danteshwari‟. • 3 out of 4 of the GI tags(i.e., Dhokhra, Wooden Craft and Iron Craft) of this state are associated with this district. • What region is this? 05

Answer… Bastar (Chhattisgarh)

• The name of this dish is derived from the Portuguese dish “carne de vinha d'alhos,” which is a dish of meat, usually pork, with wine and garlic. • The Portuguese dish was modified by the substitution of vinegar (usually palm vinegar) for the red wine and the addition of red Kashmiri chillies with additional spices to evolve into a more Indian dish. • Traditionally, the dish does not contain potatoes, although a part of it‟s name suggests so. Hence, Indian restaurants often serve this dish with chicken or lamb sometimes mixed with potatoes. • What Delicacy is this? 06

Answer… Vindaloo (Goa)

• The name of this dance comes from the Sanskarit word for „juice‟. • Originating as a devotional dance, which were always performed in Durga's honour, this dance form is actually the staging of a mock-fight between the Goddess and Mahishasura, the mighty demon-king, and is nicknamed “The Sword Dance”. • What Dance form is being described here? 07

Answer… Raas (Gujarat)

• This food item was originally made by the Ashwini Kumar Twins(who were medical advisers to Devas during Vedic times), for a sage near Dhosi Hill near Narnaul. • Hence, the food item gets it‟s name as it is named after the sage. • The first historically documented formula for it appears in Charaka Samhita, the ancient Ayurvedic treatise. • What food item is this? 08

Answer… Chyawanprash (Haryana)

• In 1864, X was declared as the summer capital of British India, succeeding Murree, northeast of Rawalpindi. • After Independence, the city became the capital of Punjab and was later named the capital of another state . • It came into existence from 1st Sept,1972 on the reorganisation of the districts of the state. • Its name has been derived from the goddess Shyamala Devi, an incarnation of the Hindu goddess Kali. • Which state capital are we talking about here? 09

Answer… Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

• Somewhere in 1880s, the British were concerned over the Russian presence in the regions close to what is now known as Northern Areas. • They had the fears of either the Russian forces or the thoughts traveling down to the X valley, where Maharaja had his territorial rule but no sentimental presence –what can be described as people to people contacts. Historical documents say that the Y sentiment –the seat of Maharaja's power, had nothing in common with the X sentiment. • Therefore, the British India wanted Maharaja to biennially shuttle between these two places for making an emotional integration between these two culturally district regions making parts of a single geo- political entity. • This gave rise to a very special and unique feature of a state which is prevalent even today. What feature is this? 10

Answer… 2 Capitals, i.e. Jammu & Srinagar (Jammu & Kashmir)

• Originally a little-known town, X became famous in India in 1957 owing to its connection with Vividh Bharati. The largest number of requests for film songs addressed to the channel came from XY. The Radio listeners thus became familiar with this town. • X is the name of the original village in the area, which is now located in the city. The word “Y”, is the Hindi language word for a small lake. X may have originated from "Jhuri", the local word for "bush", which is commonly used as fuel for cooking in the villages. • Many listeners of Vividh Bharti used to doubt the existence of such a village, and thus it came to be associated with any less- known or insignificant place. • What, very famous place is this? 11

Answer… Jhumeri Telaiya (Jharkhand)

• According to some Hindu legends, Parashurama shot his arrow into the sea and commanded the Sea God to recede up to the point where his arrow landed. • The new piece of land thus recovered came to be known as X meaning piece of earth or corner of earth, (corner)+ (piece). • This legend has been mentioned in Sahyadrikhanda of the Skanda Purana. • Which Indian language gets its name from this legend? 12

Answer… Konkani (Karnataka)

• X used to work in his father's jewellery showroom founded in 1956. Having gained experience there, he moved to the Middle East where he set up his first jewellery retail outlet in 1987, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and they were the first branded jewellery group established in Gulf Countries. • They then shifted their headquarters to Kochin, Kerala to tap into the growing demand for gold in middle income families in India. • Now they have branched out from jewellery and are involved in services such as money exchange, radio via, luxury air charter via X Jets and malls via X Malls. (X=name,Y=Surname). • Simply, Identify the brand. 13

Answer… Joyallukas (Kerela)

• V. S. Wakankar is an Indian Archeologist. • He was once travelling by train to Bhopal, when he saw some rock formations similar to those he had seen in Spain and France. • In 1957, he visited the area again along with a team of archaeologists and discovered several prehistoric rock shelters. • How is this area popularly known to us today? 14

Answer… Bhimbetka (Madhya Pradesh)

Aunty Clockwise

• X‟s possesion was taken over by Chimnaji Appa before attacking Bassien. • The Present day X was pre-dominantly a mangrove swamp inhabited by Koli fishermen. • Covering an area of 535 acres, what place is this? 15

Answer… Dharavi (Maharashtra)

• 'Ima Keithel‟(Mother Market) is a market at the Khwairamband Bazar, Imphal. • It is very unique as it is the only place in the world following a certain practice. • What is so special about this market? 16

Answer… Only Market in the World with Women Vendors (Manipur)

• X is a Shillong based blues band, which came together in February 2003 playing their first concert at the „Roots Festival' at the Water Sports Complex in Umiam. • The band is primarily made up of Rudy Wallang and Tipriti TIPS Kharbangar • They have 2 albums: Shillong and Moving On. • What band is this? 17

Answer… Soulmate (Meghalaya)

• The name of this Indian state capital comes from the fact that there were abundant turmeric fields there in the past. • Its name is literally derived from the local words for Turmeric and Fields. • Bara Bazaar, Solomon‟s temple and Durtlang hills are the major tourist attractions here. • Which Indian state capital are we talking about? 18

Answer… Aizawl (Mizoram)

• X is a festival that usually takes place between the 1st and the 7th of December every year in Kohima. • It is organized by the State Tourism and Art & Culture Departments to encourage inter-tribal interaction and to promote cultural heritage of Nagaland, • It takes its name from a colourful forest bird of India, which is displayed in folklore in most of the state‟s tribes. • Which festival is being talked about here? 19

Answer… Hornbill Festival (Nagaland)

• Utkala Kingdom was located in the northern and eastern portion of the modern-day Indian state of X. • The early medieval literature says " Means the land which has excellent opulence of artists and art is called Utkala. • 1st April is celebrated as Utkala Dibasa as it is the foundation day of X. X is also mentioned as Utkala in India's national anthem, "Jana Gana Mana“. • What region is X? 20

Answer… Odisha

• According to one legendary narrative, when Alexander the Great invaded India in 326 BCE, Roxana, his wife sent something to Porus, asking him not to harm her husband in battle. • In accordance with tradition, Porus, a Katoch king, gave full respect to this gift by Roxana. • On the battlefield, when Porus was about to deliver a final blow to Alexander, he saw the gift and restrained himself from attacking Alexander personally. • This is one of the many historical references to something. • What? 21

Answer… Rakshabandhan (Punjab)

• X is one of the most sensuous dance forms of Rajasthan, performed by a tribe of the same name. • This tribe was derived from one of the tribes that left Egypt with Moses gypsies and were known for their frequent movement from one place to another in ancient times. • Their main occupation is catching snakes and trading snake venom. • Hence, their dance movements and the costumes of their community bear a resemblance to that of the serpents. • They are also known as Sapera, Jogira or Jogi and follow the Hindu religion. • Identify either the Tribe or the Dance. 22

Answer… Kalbeliya (Rajasthan)

• The brothers Hermann, Adolf and Robert Schlagintweit explained the meaning of the local name of this mountain as, “The five treasures of the high snow”, as originating from theTibetan word. • The treasures represent the five repositories of God, which are gold, silver, gems, grain, and holy books. • Its name in the Limbu language is Sewalungma, meaning "mountain to which we offer greetings". • Which peak is this? 23

Answer… Kanchenjunga (Sikkim)

• National Science Day is celebrated in India on February 28 each year to mark the discovery of the Y by Indian physicist X on 28 February 1928. • For his discovery, X was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930. • Identify X & Y. 24

Answer… C.V. Raman & Raman Effect (Tamil Nadu)

• X‟s father, Nabadwipchandra ___ was from the royal family of Tripura while his mother was from the Manipuri-speaking Mantribari family of Dhaleshwar Agrtala. • He was the youngest of the five sons of his parents, who had nine children in all. • On 1 October 2007, marking his 101st birth anniversary, India postal department released a commemorative postage stamp, in Agartala, where an exhibition on his life and work was also inaugurated; the state government of Tripura, also confers an yearly X Memorial Award in Music by his name. • A very famous Indian sportsperson, Y was named after X as Y's grandfather was an ardent fan of X. • His son was also in the same profession as him. • Identify X. 25

Answer… S.D. Burman (Tripura)

• Parmashwar (the Hindu creation god) created man and gave him a horse to ride. • The first X decided to dig holes in the belly of the horse to fix his feet as he rode. This offended Parmeshwar, who punished them by making them rat catchers. • They are found in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and north Madhya Pradesh and they speak the Bhojpuri dialect of Hindi. • In Bihar, their name is said to be derived from a local Bhojpuri word for a rat, on account of their traditional occupation as rat catchers. • Identify the group of people. 26

Answer… Musahar (Uttar Pradesh)

• Led by Sunderlal Bahuguna, X is a movement that practiced the Gandhian methods of satyagraha and non- violent resistance, through the act of hugging trees to protect them from being felled. • The modern movement started in the early 1970s in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand, then in Uttar Pradesh with growing awareness towards rapid deforestation. • Today, it is seen as an inspiration and a precursor for the movement of Garhwal. So much so that, a quarter of a century later, India Today mentioned the people behind the "forest satyagraha" of the movement as amongst "100 people who shaped India". • In 1987 the it was awarded the Right Livelihood Award. • Kindly Identify X. 27

Answer… Chipko Movement (Uttarakhand)

• It originates in Chandwa in Latehar district, on the Chota Nagpur Plateau, and flows eastward for about 592 km through the states of Jharkhand and West Bengal. • It was nickname „The Sorrow of Bengal‟ because of the destruction it used to create flooding itself. • So great was the deavstation every year that the floods passed into folklore, as the following Bhadu song testifies: • “We have sown the crops in Asar We will bring Bhadu in Bhadra. Floods have swollen the X The sailing boats cannot sail. O X! We fall at your feet Reduce the floods a little. Bhadu will come a year later Let the boats sail on your surface.” 28

Answer… Damodar (West Bengal)

Rules • Written Round. • 5 slides connecting to a specific theme. • Points for identification the Theme are mentioned on the top of each slide. • Shouting Out the Answers will incur a constant -20.

• The was a term coined in the 1950s by businessman Enrico Mattei, then-head of the Italian state oil company Eni, to describe the oil companies which formed the "Consortium for Iran" cartel and dominated the global petroleum industry from the mid-1940s to the 1970s. +25/-15

• The sobriquet has been originally coined to coincide with the inauguration of the new states in January, 1972, by Jyoti Prasad Saikia, a journalist in Tripura in the course of a radio talk show. • Saikia later compiled a book and named it the Land of X. It has been primarily because of this publication that the nickname has caught on. +20/-10

• The X corridor or Chicken's Neck is a narrow stretch of land that connects India's north-eastern states to the rest of India, with the countries of Nepal and Bangladesh lying on either side of the corridor. • The kingdom of Bhutan lies on the northern side of this corridor. • The city of X in the state of West Bengal is the major city in this area. The city is the central node that connects Bhutan, Nepal, Sikkim, Darjeeling hills, north-east India and the rest of India. • Identify X. +15/-05

• Itanagar • Dispur • Imphal • Shillong • Aizawl • Kohima • Agartala +10


Answer… The Seven Sisters

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