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Published on January 2, 2017

Author: Sara-Healthcare


1. Lancets Manufacturers in India – Sara Healthcare Lancet is a medical instrument used primarily in the hospital, clinic, and medical institute. It is a needle used to obtain drops of blood for testing. This single device for capillary blood sampling dedicated to healthcare professionals that requires safety. By using safety lancets needle-stick injuries and infections can be eliminated. Sara Healthcare is a leading Lancets Manufacturers involved in producing world class lancets. Benefits of using Lancets- 1. Safe- This needles are gamma sterilized and protected with a sterility tab. Fully enclosed needle lodging ensuring that needle is covered up prior and then afterward use to prevent sharps wounds Self-destruction mechanism preventing reuse of the device 2. Comfortable- Wide range of designs providing simple, comfortable and secure puncture. There are various color-coded product versions to meet the specific blood sample applications and address the variety of patient skin types. 3. Simple- They are easy to handle, intuitive activation in 2 steps only with no pre-loading, for both push button and contact activations. It has wide and long safety cap for an easy removal-simply twist. Precise designs for convenient finger positioning and ideal blood sample collection 4. Lancets are safe to use. They decrease the chance of infectious disease spreading such as AIDS, Hepatitis and Pathogenic Bacteria. This should be number one priority for health care workers or family members who are testing blood. Sara Healthcare Pvt Ltd is a leading Lancets Manufacturers In India. The company is a top Lancets Suppliers In India and Lancets Exporter which are widely accepted in Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and more.

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