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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: bharatmewara



PowerPoint Presentation:  INDEPENDENT STUDY PRESENTED BY: Bharat kumar mewara M.Sc. nursing rakcon PowerPoint Presentation:  I ndependent study is a different way of learning . An independent study is an: Educational experience Designed by the learner To enhance skills and knowledge in a specific area. It provides an opportunity for the participant to design individualized learning experiences to meet specific learning needs. INTRODUCTION PowerPoint Presentation:  Independent study is “an act or process of acquiring by one’s own effort knowledge of some subject ”. Webster Independent study is a form of education offered by many high schools, colleges, and other educational institutions around the world and is intended as a student self-directed learning experience with faculty oversight and guidance . Definition: PowerPoint Presentation:  It is sometimes referred to as self directed learning. It is a process by which individuals take initiative, with or without help of others, in diagnosing their learning needs, formulating learning goals, learning strategies, and evaluating learning outcome. identifying human and material resources for learning, choosing and learning appropriate PowerPoint Presentation:  Students plan a course of study in cooperation with a willing advisor, who also sticks around to make sure that the student stays on track and completes assignments and tests. The instructor’s role is indirect and consultative . PowerPoint Presentation:  Independent study also offers a high degree of flexibility and individualization, so it can serve a wide range of students including : Gifted students who are not challenged in their regular classrooms and wish to accelerate their studies. Students who face particular challenges—such as health issues or the need to work —that make classroom attendance difficult. Students who, for a variety of reasons, have fallen behind in their studies and need targeted instruction to fill in gaps in their learning or make up credits. Students who want an individualized approach that allows them to delve more deeply into areas of special interest. PowerPoint Presentation:  Students are taught knowledge and skills that cannot easily be communicated in classrooms. It helps students to rely on their own judgment Helps to become increasingly independent It provides useful practice in the process of learning. It is viable when an educational institution is inaccessible to the learner. It develops self-motivation, concentration, and discipline . The learner is taught to identify a problem, gather data, and take responsibility for conclusions. The learner does all the work and cannot slide by on the anonymity of group activity. PURPOSES PowerPoint Presentation:  The principal goal of independent study is to promote autonomy of the student. It helps to provide unique learning experiences that may not be included in regular curriculums The overall goal remains the development of intellectual competence. GOAL PowerPoint Presentation:  Independent learning also referred to elsewhere as self-directed learning, is about learners: Setting their own goals and deadlines Organizing themselves and their work Evaluating their use of time Evaluating your work as a teacher What are independent learning skills ? PowerPoint Presentation:  Assignments Project works Case study Thesis Research works Literature review. Problem-solving Internship- Commit to a period of time working with colleagues who have special skills that would benefit the learner in his/her employment setting. TYPES PowerPoint Presentation:  The instructor sets the instructional outcomes he/she wants his/her student to achieve— the objectives . The specific information, concepts and skills that will be taught in order to achieve these objectives are placed in logical order. Each is studied to determine the best method for teaching it. DEVELOPMENT OF independent study Session ? PowerPoint Presentation:  After setting objectives, the student and faculty decide how the student can best achieve his or her learning experiences. In case of directed readings, in addition to the discussion of evaluation of the objectives, a plan could be made to research and extrapolate the necessary information. Approach PowerPoint Presentation:  If the student wants an observational or clinical experience, it may take more time to identify where the student can undertake these experiences. A careful description of the student’s role in the situation must be written and it must be noted that the student is simply to observe and not to give patient care. If a student wants a special clinical experience, work out an appropriate setting for this to take place and provide or arrange for adequate supervision. PowerPoint Presentation:  The amount of supervision required is determined by the nature of the independent study. Directed readings require no direct supervision, but it is typical to meet with the student on a regular basis to discuss the readings. Supervising a special study is more complex and requires more faculty time than supervising directed reading. 2. Supervision PowerPoint Presentation:  If the experience is observational, meet regularly with the student to discuss his or her observations and to relate them with the objectives for the experience. With a clinical experience, a faculty member may be directly supervising the student. If the student is assigned to be with a preceptor, meet regularly with the student and plan periodic contacts with the preceptor. PowerPoint Presentation:  The evaluation is based on the student ability to meet the objectives that were set. Usually, independent study credit is on a pass or fail basis. The faculty member and the student need to agree on the work that must be completed in order for the student to receive credit. In evaluating the actual performance by the student, use the criteria for similar work in other course. Evaluating students who have participated in predominately observational experience will depend on the level of objectives that were set. 3. evaluation PowerPoint Presentation:  Difference between dependent & independent learning? DEPENDENT LEARNERS INDEPENDENT LEARNERS Rely heavily on the teacher Are self-reliant Cannot make decisions about their learning Can make informed decisions about their learning Do not know their own strengths and weaknesses Are aware of their strengths and weaknesses Do not connect classroom learning with the real world Connect classroom learning with the real world Think that the teacher is wholly responsible for their learning Take responsibility for their own learning know about different strategies for learning PowerPoint Presentation:  DEPENDENT LEARNERS INDEPENDENT LEARNERS Do not know the best way to learn something Plan their learning and set goals Do not set learning goals will only work when extrinsic motivators such as grades or rewards are offered Are intrinsically motivated by making progress in learning Do not reflect on how well they are learning and the reasons  Often reflect on the learning process and their own progress Difference between dependent & independent learning? PowerPoint Presentation:  Independent learners are much more likely to succeed with their studies than those students who are heavily dependent on the teacher. If students are to achieve maximum success and cope with a world which is ever changing, they need assistance in acquiring skills which will help them to be more independent Why independent learning need to be promoted? PowerPoint Presentation:  1. Give choices 2. Encourage group work 3. Encourage learners 4. Set some learning goals 5. Use authentic texts 6 . Involve learners in lesson planning 7 Encourage self and peer editing. 8. Create a self-access facility in the classroom How can independent learning promoted ? PowerPoint Presentation:  Successful independent study requires certain responsibilities or roles of both students and advising faculty members. Roles PowerPoint Presentation:  Do self-assessment of readiness to learn Define learning goals and develop learning contract  Do self-assessment and monitoring of learning process  Take initiative for all stages of learning process – need to motivate selves  Re-evaluate and alter goals as required during unit of study  Consult with advising faculty member as required STUDENT’S Roles PowerPoint Presentation:  Build a co-operative learning environment  Help to motivate and direct the students’ learning experience  Facilitate students’ initiatives for learning  Be available for consultations as appropriate during learning process  Serve as an advisor rather than formal instructor  ADVISING FACULTY MEMBER’S Roles PowerPoint Presentation:  Students have a large responsibility for their own learning . Obliges students to look deeply into a subject. Obliges students to combine knowledge from different disciplines. Students gain experience in research techniques by selecting, collecting and presenting information. When undertaken by a team, students can learn cooperation, leadership and decision-making. Benefits PowerPoint Presentation:  Students develop increased self-confidence, responsibility, tolerance and independent thinking. (according to research conducted by Hoffman 1973) Helps students become a problem-solver , a manager of his own time and a learner who is learning how to learn. Fosters the ultimate aim of formal education: to enable the student to become her own teacher. Time flexibility Able to implement own style of learning Study can focus on perceived areas of weakness Best suited to mature students who have strong self-study and time organization skills PowerPoint Presentation:  Lack of immediate assistance with the teacher Independent study projects are difficult to evaluate . Tendency to procrastinate when studying alone May not be aware of content parameters Cannot double-check to ensure understanding of all the materials DISADVANTAGES PowerPoint Presentation:  When getting too much information, difficult to decide what to choose. By virtue of its design and purpose, the effectiveness of independent study cannot be easily measured by controlled studies. May experience loss of social interaction- feeling isolated and loss of motivation PowerPoint Presentation:  Nursing training should prepare students to be self-directed so that they can take responsibility for their own continuing education when they are working in a hospital. It also helps nurses to become more independent and to rely more on their judgment and develops confidence. It provides a habit to learn outside the class room, self-learning in the clinical settings. IMPORTANCE IN NURSING PowerPoint Presentation:  It helps nurses to develop independent learning skills and a commitment to lifelong learning. It helps to develop critical thinking in clinical field work. As medical field is continuously growing -Changing trends of patient care, advances of treatment and emergence of new diseases it helps nurses to develop a habit of updating the knowledge. IMPORTANCE IN NURSING PowerPoint Presentation:  Research conducted by Hoffman (1973) on independent study by high school students of high, medium and low ability shows significant results . Analysis of the data showed that there were gains in self-acceptance, sociability and intellectual efficiency. Participating students and faculty claimed that the independent study students developed increased self-confidence, responsibility, tolerance and independent thinking. Research findings PowerPoint Presentation:  Independent study gives students a chance to design learning experiences for themselves. Students develop increased self-confidence, responsibility, tolerance and independent thinking and helps students become a problem-solver, a manager of his own time and a learner who is learning how to learn. Conclusion PowerPoint Presentation:  summary THANK you

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