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Information about increase MEMORY POWER
How-to & DIY

Published on January 28, 2012

Author: abhisheksngh555



can be USEFUL FR UU~


*Puzzle Game *Grape Juice *Rosemary *Aerobic Exercises *Catnaps *Relaxation *Recorder*Active Social Life *Blueberries

Step 1 DoCrosswordpuzzles or play Sudoku. These gamesstimulatethe mind.

Step 2 Drink grape juice.Improvesmemoryby 20%!!

Step 3Spice things up! Wear rosemary for word recall teststo stimulate the brain’s memory center.

Tip :Picturing aperson’s namewritten acrosstheir foreheadwill help toremember itlater.

Step 4 Becomephysically active. Dance, aerobics, jog or doanything that getsyour pulse racing.

Tip Repeatwhateveryou need tomemorizewhen youfirst hear it.

Step 5Take naps when possible. During the day.Information is later retained moreefficiently .

Step 6 De-stressyourself. Yoga andmeditation!!

Step 7 Be a socialbutterfly!

Step 8 EatBlueberries!

Step 9Shiftyoureyes!!

The average personforgets 30% of what he/she has heard after 20 minutes.


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