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Information about Inclusive Growth Through a Smarter Philippines!

Published on February 18, 2014

Author: budmelchor



Inclusive growth is not a pipedream. The Department of Science and Technology is earnest in enabling the benefits of progress to be felt by more and more Filipinos through its umbrella S&T program, Smarter Philippines.

INCLUSIVE GROWTH THROUGH SMARTER PHILIPPINES! Alejandro P. Melchor III Smarter Philippines Program Director Depart of Science and Technology January 2014

Contents I. Smarter Philippines: the DOST’s Technologybased Inclusive Growth Program III. Human Development and Social Inclusion: Smarter Mobility, Smarter ICT, Smarter People, Smarter Healthcare II. Economic Growth: Smarter Economy and Smarter Industries Global Competitiveness IV. The Geographically-based Programs: Smarter Cities and Smarter Countryside VI. Good Governance and Institutions: Smarter Government V. Social Protection and Social Safety Nets: Project NOAH and Smarter DRRM/ CCA Job Creation Poverty Alleviation Political Stability INCLUSIVE GROWTH Economic Growth To create productive jobs and economic opportunity Human Development & Social Inclusion Social Protection & Social Safety Nets To enable equal access to economic opportunity To protect the citizenry, esp from natural disaster, and mitigate the risk of shocks to the livelihood of the poor GOOD GOVERNANCE AND INSTITUTIONS ICT-based transformation of Governance Inclusive Political and Economic Institutions VII. ANNEX

Smarter Philippines: the DOST’s Technology- based Inclusive Growth Program DOST Secretary Mario Montejo Launches Smarter Philippines Program in Davao City, Feb. 20, 2013 Sec. Mario Montejo’s Keynote Speech Smarter Philippines Launch Through science and technology, we aim to have every Filipino feel the fruits of the economic advances we enjoy today. We wish for no one to be left behind. This is what inclusive growth is all about, and this is the essence of ―Smarter Philippines.‖ The ―Smarter Philippines‖ Program is a fully integrated plan professionally managed by the best and brightest technocrats and scientists of the DOST. Within the grand plan are several components -- and they include: ―A Smarter Government‖, ―A Smarter People‖, ―A Smarter Economy‖, ―Smarter Mobility‖, ―Smarter Environment‖, ―Smarter Living‖ and ―Smarter Cities‖. With all these components working in harmony, we expect a highly competitive Philippines to emerge….. one where everyone, regardless of economic class or location, enjoys equal opportunities… where all enjoy a superior quality of life akin to the great industrialized countries of Europe.‖ -Sec. Mario Montejo

The Smarter Philippines Policy Framework Global Competitiveness Job Creation Poverty Alleviation Political Stability INCLUSIVE GROWTH Human Development & Social Inclusion Economic Growth To create productive jobs and economic opportunity To unlock the human potential and enable equal access to economic opportunity Contributing to high, sustained, inclusive growth Enhancing competitiveness Boosting productivity Strengthening manufacturing State-of-the-art facilities & capabilities for globally competitive industries PH a global leader in IT-BPM National Innovation System Science, Technology & Innovation -key to Competitiveness S&T know-how and tools for agricultural productivity Helping build a more modern transport and ICT/ telecoms infrastructure to provide greater access to economic opportunity Social Protection & Social Safety Nets To protect the citizenry, esp from natural disaster, and mitigate the risk of shocks to the livelihood of the poor Improved quality of healthcare and quality of life thru S,T&I More equal access to healthcare Highly skilled & globally competitive S&T human resources More equal access to educational opportunities through ICT Globally competitive cities More equal access to job & govt services in urban areas More equal access to jobs & govt services in rural areas Technology transfer to strengthen MSMEs GOOD GOVERNANCE AND INSTITUTIONS ICT-based transformation of Governance Inclusive Political and Economic Institutions Reduce risks from natural disasters, esp. flooding & storm surge Mitigate impact of climate change

History shows that Science, Technology and Innovation have played a key role in economic growth, validating the technology-based growth model For most of recorded history, economic growth was flat, <0.2%GDP growth/year. History reveals a direct correlation between advances in Science, Technology and Innovation and economic development, as measured by increases in per capita GDP and population growth. Today’s political and economic scientists have made great progress in distilling how successful countries have applied science, technology and innovation to accelerate economic growth and reduce poverty into “smart” technology-based development frameworks.

S Transformative and Enabling Technologies Innovation & Competitiveness Smarter Industries World Class R&D 2015 ASEAN Economic Integration 2015 APEC Meetings

Smarter Economy for high quality jobs and competitiveness Smarter Economy provides S&T support to the PDP strategy of promoting new drivers of growth that will create high quality jobs and ensure regional competitive advantage, especially in the: Semiconductor & Electronics Industry S&T-based Knowledge Industries IT-BPM, Analytics and other ICT-Enabled Service Industries Agro-industry, Agriculture and Fisheries Industries Metals, Mining, Mass Transit Industry and Smart Manufacturing Industries

Developing and Deploying Transformative and Enabling Technologies Transformative and Enabling Technologies are technologies which: • Have the potential for significant, systemic economic and political impact by boosting industry productivity and competitiveness • Enable us to address long-standing problems and global challenges • Have the potential to create new industries and manufacturing opportunities • Can provide sustainable high quality, high wage jobs

Transformative & Enabling Technologies Enabling the Development of S&T-based Knowledge Industries Transformative & Enabling Technologies Nanotechnology Micro and nanoelectronics Industrial Biotechnology Photonics Advanced materials Advanced manufacturing systems S&T-based Industries Electronics and Semiconductors Contributing to food security, high quality jobs, a larger manufacturing sector, more competitive agricultural, industrial and service sectors and a bigger market share in global markets. Aerospace and Robotics Environmental and Green Technology Industries Healthcare Industry Medical Tourism Biotech-based Industries Food Processing Agro-Aquatics Industries Agribusiness Metals and Mining Engineering Smart Manufacturing

World Class R&D capability and Technology Innovation for Inclusive Growth The Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development (PCIERRD) is at the forefront of developing and deploying transformative and enabling technologies through the High-Impact Technology Solutions (HITS) Program. HITS, coupled with world class R&D capability under the guidance of the Undersecretary for Research and Development, has set the stage for the growth of multiple industry sectors. PCIERRD Executive Director Rowena Christina Guevara is sworn in by DOST Secretary Mario Montejo, while Usec for R&D Amelia Guevara looks on. State of the art genomics equipment at the Philippine Genome Center, skilled S&T human resources, world class R&D capacity and direction- setting through the Genomics R&D Roadmap has set the stage for improved productivity in agriculture, aquaculture and other sectors.

Academe-Industry-Government Partnership for a World-class R&D Capability R&D facilities and equipment at the National Science Complex at University of the Philippines Diliman as well as other UP campuses have been significantly upgraded to enable UP scientists and researchers to work closely with the DOST to develop worldclass technologies. DOST-IBM Partnership for Research and Development University of the Philippines Diliman Chancellor Cesar Saloma, UP President Alfredo Pascual, DOST Sec. Mario Montejo and DOST Undersecretary for R&D Amelia Guevara signing partnership MOU on AGT System In preparation for the ASEAN Science Community in 2015, DOST Reg. X co-hosted world-class chemistry training for 60 participants last November 2013 with EUROLAB Denmark Secretary and Chairman Lorens Peter Sibbesen and Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan The National Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at the University of the Philippines Diliman is being equipped with state of the art R&D laboratory facilities and equipment, setting the stage for new Biotechnology-based Industries Dr. Amelia P. Guevara, DOST Undersecretary for R&D, has been the lynchpin of this partnership, which has significantly upgraded Philippine R&D capability and Technology Innovation capability in a relatively short time frame.

PCIEERD Website:

Investing in state-of-the art facilities and Transformative and Enabling Technologies will help us build a $50B/yr. Electronics & Semiconductors Industry ―I know that many of you in the semiconductors industry have spent decades asking for a facility such as this one to be built…Now that this lab is fully operational, companies here will not have to send their products for failure analysis to the United States or Singapore… The road to the Philippines we all dream of starts in places like this. -Pres. Aquino, ADMATEL Inauguration Speech Because of ADMATEL, products will now be manufactured and tested here, and we will be able to take even greater advantage of the skills of Filipino workers in the electronics sector. And we have every expectation that this industry—one that contributed almost 44 percent to our exports in 2012—will grow even stronger. -Pres. Aquino SONA 2013 Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer Focused Ion Beam— Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope Auger Electron Spectrometer

Electronic Products Development Center (EPDC) will enable the Electronics and Semiconductors Industry to move up to the value chain, from Assembly to Electronics Design and Manufacturing ―Science and technology is what puts value to our products and services. It is the means by which the nation can graduate from being a mere assembler of goods to being its designer, manufacturer and marketer.‖ ―The DOST of today is a completely different animal from what many of you remember it to be. No longer are we in the business of developing basic technologies suited for backyard industries, we are now stretching the bounds of our technological limits….. Age of Answers we are treading the realm of high technology.‖ • The EPDC will provide state-of-theart design, prototyping and testing facilities for printed circuit boards (PCBs), the principal component in electronics manufacturing. Project Leader Engr. Peter Banzon (R) said that a after the EPDC is operational, DOST will create a third facility for the industry: the Integrated Circuit Development Center. Engr. Banzon’s Brief:

ADMATEL Brochure: TEL%20Brochure_Web_v2.pdf ADMATEL Website: Dr. Nuna E. Almanzor, Asean Engineer Director, Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) DOST Cpd., General Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City Tel. Nos. : 837-2071 to 82 (local 2215) Telefax No.: 837-3167 E-mail: Dr. Blessie A. Basilia Chief, Materials Science Division, ITDI DOST Cpd., General Santos Ave., Bicutan, Taguig City Tel. Nos. : 837-2071 to 82 (local 2268, 2201) Telefax No.: 837-2071 local 2233,

Makibayan Program provides S&T Support for a Broad-based Domestic Manufacturing Industry Makibayan—a DOST program aimed at enhancing the productivity of the metals and engineering industry by providing S&T assistance and support to 3 major industry associations: Philippine Die and Mold Association, Inc. (PDMA); Metalworking Industries Association of the Philippines (MIAP); and the Electronics Industries Association of the Philippines, Inc. (EIAPI) Local manufacture of lowcost farming machinery Precision mold making and tool & die design and manufacturing Enhanced electronics manufacturing capability

Enabling the Manufacturing Industry to move up the value chain by developing and deploying technologies used repeatedly in Advanced Manufacturing

Moving Up to High Tech Manufacturing: DOST’s Advanced Surface Finishing Facility Transformative and Enabling Technologies: Advanced Materials and Advanced Manufacturing Systems Enables local manufacturers to move up the value chain into high tech manufacturing by providing metals surface finishing services– such as plating, anodizing and heat treatment—on par with international standards. 1- Rectifier- for metals plating and anodizing 2- Scrubbercontrols air pollution 3- Cooling Towerremoves heat Far LeftAnodizing Line

Science & Technology for a Sustainable Mining Industry Effectively Separate Raw Ores Locally Produced Amalgamation Machine ―Our small scale miners have also clamored for a new technology to increase their gold and mineral recovery rates. Our solution is a new Amalgamation process using Philippinemade machines. The process allows our miners to extract 50% more gold from raw ores, while extracting copper at the same time. So in one fell swoop, not only can our small miners increase their gold production, they can also expand their product range to include copper.‖ - Sec. Mario G. Montejo Extract 50% more of two Elements (i.e. Gold and Copper) A more sustainable Mining Industry Increased Mineral Extraction Capability Greater income for small scale miners = inclusive development

MIRDC Website: Engr. Roberto O. Dizon DOST Assistant Secretary for Strategic Plans and Programs MIRDC Officer-in-Charge DOST Trunk Line : (02) 837 2071 to 82 Local 2025 Email address: Metals Industry Trends & Events Newsletter-

Smarter, More Productive and Sustainable Agricultural Systems Instrumented Interconnected Intelligent Farm Information Management System Farm Yield Data Analytics Smart Sensors Weather Forecast Farm Information Management in Tablet or SmartPhone Geographic Information Systems for Farm Data and Environmental Condition Mapping Smart Systems for Farmer Productivity

Smarter Agriculture aims to enhance farmer productivity through technology and reduce the vulnerability of farmers to Climate Change Rice transplanter Industry Strategic Plans Reducing the vulnerability of farmers to climate change Rice harvester Improved Rice Mill Availability of Farming Equipment Research and Development for Crop Resiliency

Science & Technology for a Sustainable Aquaculture Industry Increased Resistance to Viruses Genetic Vaccines X Sustainable Aquaculture Industry 40% increase in productivity for marine farmers = Inclusive growth Marine Farming Industry We have also developed a new genetic vaccine that makes crustaceans and fish resistant to viruses. With the use of this vaccine, our marine farms can reasonably expect outputs to increase by 40%. - Sec. Mario G. Montejo

DOST Development Partners for Smarter Agriculture: UN Food and Agricultural Organization Climate Change Resiliency through ICT Enabled Tools Farm Information Management System Smart Weather Forecast Smart Sensors Access to Data and Analytics Climate Change Resiliency through Knowledge Sharing Trainings and Seminars on Climate Change Adaptation IECs and Curriculum for Climate Change Resiliency Interagency collaboration for Technical Development and Deployment (Technical Working Group) Climate Smart Agriculture PCAARRD Website: Dr. PATRICIO S. FAYLON Executive Director Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources Research and Development (PCAARRD) Paseo de Valmayor, Economic Garden, Brgy. Timugan, Los Baños, Laguna Telephone number/s: (049) 536 4990 DOST Trunk Line : (632) 837 2071 to 82 Local 2430 Email address: PCAARRD Farm News n=com_flippingbook&view=category&layout=thumbnails&id=3& Itemid=139

Innovation: Engine of Rapid Growth for the Philippine Economy ―Already, we have seen the fruits of betting such a large sum on the creativity of the Filipino.‖ ―Innovation is the engine of any modern economy; and one look around the Philippines tells us that we have the natural inventiveness to be one of the world leaders in this regard. What had been lacking in the past, however, was support. This is precisely why our administration has focused on giving our people the necessary resources and opportunities to truly exercise their creativity in advancing their respective fields and industries. Since we believe that this is the way to further accelerate the growth of our economy—which, as you have probably heard, grew by 7.8 percent in the first quarter of 2013, making us the fastest growing economy in Asia—we have nearly doubled the budget of the Department of Science and Technology since coming into office, from 5.2 billion in 2010 to 9.9 billion in 2013, obviously without wasting taxes except for the sin products. And already, we have seen the fruits of betting such a large sum on the creativity of the Filipino.‖ -Pres. Aquino, speech at DOST Compound, May 13, 2013

Filipinnovation, the National Innovation Strategy and National Innovation System: Springboard to Global Competitiveness Prof. Fortunato de la Pena Usec for S&T Services Strengthening Human Capital ICON Innovation Congress hosted by DOST in partnership in partnership with the Association of Vehicle Importers and Distributors (AVID) last April 5-6, 2013 in Bonfacio Global City. Supporting Business Incubation and Acceleration Efforts Regenerating the Innovation Environment Upgrading the Filipino Mindset Philippine National Innovation Strategy: http://www.filipinnovation ipinnovation_Publication _v02.pdf Elements of a National Innovation Strategy: V1/?p=153 Engineering, Research & Development for Technology: h/dld/2012erdt_brochure. pdf Technology Business Incubation Program: ph/index.php/programs/sup port-for-t-t-andc/technology-businessincubation

Inventors and Innovators: Sparkplugs of Competitiveness DOST - TAPI Creating Awareness of Invention and Innovation: Creating Awareness Showcasing Invention and Innovation: National Science & Technology Week Sustaining Investments Smarter Inventors & Innovators Sustaining Adoption Rewarding Invention & Innovation: Regional Invention Contest & Exhibit Engr. Edgardo Garcia Technology Application & Promotion Institute

DOST’s innovation efforts have contributed to the rapid growth of the creative industry sector Creative industries tend to become a leading national sector in an S&Tbased, ICT-enabled, innovationdriven Knowledge Economy. i-CreativePhil is DOST’s contribution to a larger multisectoral advocacy which aims to: • Create global brand awareness for the Philippines as a producer of high quality creative content. • Strengthen our domestic Creative Economy and industry associations. • Boost the Philippines to a top-3 offshore destination for Creative Process Services, and increase our share of the global market from the present 10% to 15-18% by 2016. • Creative industries now account for >5% of Philippine Gross Domestic Product • Fast growing sector helping establish PH as fastest growing Asian economy • Countries aiming to grow their creative sector found that prioritizing science, technology and innovation helps grow Creative Industries to 7-10% of GDP i-CreativePhil

ASEAN, China and India (ACI Region) now viewed as the world’s premier growth region and investment destination By 2030: • ASEAN, China, India Region (ACI) combined GDP could quadruple and exceed that of the US and Europe combined • ASEAN, China, India Region‘s share of world investment projected to be 40% of the global total A flood of investment is anticipated to pour into ASEAN thru 2015 and beyond Source: ADB: ASEAN, the PRC and India: The Great Transformation?

Smarter Philippines is positioning the Philippines to maximize the benefits of the 2015 ASEAN Economic Integration and the 2015 APEC Meetings 2015 ASEAN Economic Integration 2015 APEC Meetings Smarter Philippines will give investors more options to invest in

Leveraging Science, Technology and Innovation for a Globally Competitive ASEAN ASEAN S&T officials agreed to cooperate in the ff.: Innovation for the Global Market Green Technology, Food and Energy Security Digital Economy, New Media and Social Networking Biodiversity for Health and Wealth DOST hosted the ASEAN Committee on S&T Meeting May 20, 2013 in Tagaytay City. ASEAN S&T officials agreed to Leverage Science, Technology and Innovation for a globally competitive ASEAN Science and Innovation for Life

Leveraging ICT for a “Smarter ASEAN” DOST Secretary Mario Montejo proposed a ―Smarter ASEAN‖ connected by Smarter ICT during the 12th ASEAN Telecommunications and Information Technology Ministers (TELMIN) Meeting held Nov. 15-16 in Mactan, Cebu. The Ministers concurred, and they worked on an Action Plan. • • • ASEAN Economic Integration in 2015 stands to be a powerful economic growth driver. Stakeholders believe ICT will play a key role, as witnessed by the ASEAN ICT Masterplan. The Philippines is the Secretariat for the ASEAN ICT Masterplan. 6th ASEAN-Japan Information Security Policy Meeting was held last Oct. 9-10, 2013 at the Heritage Hotel. Japan conveyed that security of cyberspace is critical to external investment in ASEAN. The Harmonizing ASEAN ICT Platforms Towards eSociety Workshop was held last Dec. 3 at the DOST ICT Office.. The Workshop on ICT for Disaster Management for ASEAN was held last Dec. 11-12 at the Rembrandt Hotel. ASEAN participants agreed it was imperative to share best practices.

Strategy #1 to leverage the 2015 ASEAN Integration and APEC hosting: Help the APEC host cities to develop as Smarter Cities Smart Cities ―investment magnet‖ mart-cities-investment-magnet-285796 Subic Clark Manila Tagaytay Legaspi Boracay Iloilo Bacolod Cebu Davao Davao Smart City

The Smart City, or Smarter City, is a known brand and a magnet for foreign and domestic investments Asian smart-city investments to hit $260 billion in 2020: Zpryme Iain Morris - January 15, 2013 Investments in Asian ‗smart cities‘ are set to grow from about $55.6 billion in 2013 to around $260 billion in 2020, according to research from Zpryme. Source: China has reportedly approved 193 trial cities to develop into ―smart cities‖ China prepares for smart city construction boom The smart city program, initiated last November, is part of the country's efforts to explore ways to foster a new type of urbanization. a-smart-cities Smarter Cities can be the perfect ―Living Labs‖ to scientifically apply DOST’s Smarter Philippines innovations, and thereby attract investments.

Strategy #2 – RAPID INDUSTRIALIZATION Manufacturing investment is pouring into ASEAN, which is viewed as a manufacturing base and attractive market due to its growing middle class The Philippines deserves to take its rightful place among the wealthy nations of this planet -which is why we, at the Department of Science & Technology, have taken-on the challenge of rapid industrialization. • • +87%- Japan‘s direct investment into ASEAN Jan.31-June 30, 2013 -18%- Japan‘s FDI into China, same period A strong industrial base attracts Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) A research study by the Reserve Bank of India showed that of India‘s 28 states, the 6 states with the strongest industrial base attracted >70% of FDI from April 2000June 2012. US investment into ASEAN is expected to rise, led by manufacturing U.S. foreign direct investment in the ASEAN countries exceeded $159 billion in 2011, led by investments in manufacturing, finance and insurance, and nonbank holding companies. In Nov. 2012, US Pres. Obama and the ASEAN leaders signed the USASEAN Expanded Economic Engagement (E3) Initiative, which is expected to boost trade and investment even more.

Strategy #3- STEM in Higher Education National Competitiveness Competitiveness: key to APEC’s goal of Sustainable Economic Growth Innovation: Key to Competitiveness STEM Education breeds inventors and innovators The 2015 APEC Meetings will include Meetings of S&T Ministers and Education Ministers, with the agenda of strengthening STEM in higher education Strengthening STEM Education: Key to National Competitiveness

Strategy #4- Smarter, more competitive MSMEs Smarter, more competitive MSMEs: engines of inclusive growth and an APEC priority Smarter MSMEs p=130 Micro-, small-, and mediumscale enterprises (MSMEs): • Engines of inclusive growth • 99.6% of all registered businesses • Employ 61.2% of labor force • Produce >30% of PH total output • Test beds for innovative products & services • Future globally competitive Filipino enterprises • Enable the poor to have their own businesses APEC believes Green Technology will be a powerful growth driver of Asia Pacific‘s economy DOST Undersecretary Carol Yorobe is Program Director for the SETUP Program Link local MSMEs to APEC’s Green Technology SME Network S&T Post Special Edition SETUP Success Stories 231

Smarter Philippines S&T for Development Partners: USAID US-Philippines Partnership for Growth MOU. Fosters inclusive economic development through focused interventions to overcome constraints to growth. Science and Technology for Development plays a major role in PFG USAID Mission Director Gloria Steele (L) discusses possible partnership projects on Science, Technology and Innovation with DOST Secretary Mario Montejo (R) and Asec Raymund Liboro (C). Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development (STRIDE) Program. • 5-year P1.3 Billion ($32 million) program • strengthens applied research activities in Philippine universities and industry. • DOST Sec. Montejo sits on the STRIDE Board. Deputy Mission Director Reed Aeschliman delivers USAID‘s commitment of support for Smarter Philippines at the Smarter Philippines Launch Feb. 20, 2013 Innovation Development through Entrepreneurship Acceleration (IDEA) Program. • Seeks to complement Philippine efforts to upgrade Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and to produce more scientists and engineers with MS/PhDs. • links STEM education to entrepreneurship development. • The IDEA Program will link Philippine State Universities and Colleges (SUCs) with US professors and entrepreneurs. Available for download at:

Smarter Transportation Systems Smarter Traffic Smarter Traffic Management Management Smarter ICT ICT for Development

Smarter Mobility provides affordable, environmentally friendly mass transportation to provide greater access to economic opportunities Automated Guideway Transit System (AGT). Locally manufactured rapid mass transit system Design Hub for Customized Local Road Vehicles (CLRVs). Project Leader Roberto Dizon (R) signs MOU with leaders of mini-bus, Asian utility vehicle (AUV) and jeepney manufacturing sectors. Hybrid Electric Road Train: Solution to EDSA traffic jams. Sec. Mario Montejo unveils Road Train at ICON Innovation Congress in April 2013.

Smarter Traffic Management: S&T Solutions to the traffic problem in Metro Manila and other cities Let us talk about traffic: isn‘t it estimated that our economy loses an estimated 2.4 billion pesos every day, because of Metro Manila traffic? Among the projects targeted to decongest Manila is the Integrated Transport System. Integrated and Optimal Scheduling of Public Transport System in Metro Manila

Making the Traffic Management System Smarter Instrumented Advanced Traveller Information System Flood Alert System for Metro Roads Interconnected Intelligent Traffic Simulation Software for LGUs Integrated Smart Traffic Management System for Metro Manila, Reg. 3 & 4A Integrated Smart Traffic Signal System Intelligent Scheduling & Mgmt System for Public Vehicles

Internet for All is a critical enabler of human development and inclusive access to economic opportunity and government services McKinsey’s ―Internet Matters‖ study conclusively shows the Internet is a powerful driver of rapid, sustainable and inclusive growth. Internet Matters ghts/high_tech_telecoms_inte rnet/internet_matters

TV White Space Project: enabling Internet access to and providing government e-services for remote and disaster-stricken communities Challenge and Response: Only 47% cities and municipalities have broadband access. Many rural families cannot afford a broadband connection, which costs P1,000/ month. TVWS gives rural communities access to broadband enabled eservices. Inclusive development is thus fostered by eLearning, eCommerce, eGovernment and eHealth. TVWS can help NGAs and communities to re-establish internet services after a natural disaster. TV White Space equipment helped restore internet services in Bohol after the earthquake DOST ICT Office- Microsoft Philippines MOU on TV White Space Adoption DOST’s ICT Office, with TVWS and help from the telcos, was able to establish internet services for National Government Agency desks at the Command Center in Tacloban after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

Fused ICT and S&T, S&T-based Transformative and Enabling Technologies, combined with ICT-based Smart Technologies will help position the Philippines as a Global Leader in IT-BPM and Analytics and a Center of Excellence (CoE) in key niches of other ICT-Enabled Industries Smart Technologies fueling IT-BPM and ICT - Enabled Smarter Industries High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Analytics and Business Optimization Geographic Information Systems Cloud-based, Mobile & Social Networking Technologies Mathematical Modelling and Algorithm Development CAD/CAM, Simulation Software IT-BPM and ICT Industry Positioning the Philippines as a Global Leader in IT-BPM and Analytics, and as a Center of Excellence in high value niches of other ICT-enabled Smarter Industries Social Media and Business Analytics Services R&D, Knowledge Processing and Engineering Services Creative Arts & CAD-CAM and Design Service Industries Cyber Security Industry Software Programming and Game Development Industry

Philippine Leadership in IT-BPM Industry promotes inclusive growth $25B IT-BPM Industry by 2016; 1.3M Direct Jobs, 3.2M indirect jobs ―As you can see, your assistance in ensuring that no Filipino is left behind on the straight path to equitable progress, is being reciprocated by assistance from the government. Perhaps as your industry grows, the Filipino‘s role in them can diversify into professions that are higher up in the value chain.‖ - Pres. Aquino

Philippine Leadership in IT-BPM Industry promotes inclusive growth $25B IT-BPM Industry by 2016; 1.3M Direct Jobs, 3.2M indirect jobs ―As you can see, your assistance in ensuring that no Filipino is left behind on the straight path to equitable progress, is being reciprocated by assistance from the government. Perhaps as your industry grows, the Filipino‘s role in them can diversify into professions that are higher up in the value chain.‖ - Pres. Aquino

The Stepping Up the Value Chain Program for the Information Technology-Business Process Management Industry 24% 29% 8% 13% Finance & Accounting Management 8% 12-14% Human Resources Management Target: to be a global leader in 4 more fast growing services Target By 2016 Healthcare Information Management Global #1 in Contact Centers; Intend to be market leader in UK and Australia Global Share 8% 12-14% 10% 15-18% Contact Centers Creative Process Management

Stepping Up the Value Chain Training Program Lean Six Sigma Training with iBPAP and CCAP Medical Coding and Billing Training and Certification Project with HIMOAP Animation Training with ACPI Software Development, Programming & Technopreneurship Training and Education with PSIA Training on CAD – Cam and other Engineering Software with PTC Foreign language training and education Emerging Services Education and Training in partnership with BPAP, HIMOAP, and other ICT assns. Mobile Games Development Training with GDAP

Next Wave Cities Program spreads high-quality IT-BPM jobs all over the Philippines for inclusive growth and globally competitive cities 25 ICT Councils in 16 Regions Target: 520,000 IT-BPM jobs in the countryside by 2016

Philippine Global Leadership in the IT-BPM Industry is just the tip of the iceberg… S&T-based Transformative and Enabling Technologies and ICT-based ―Smart‖ Technologies are rapidly transforming the Global Knowledge Economy and creating new fast growing, high value niches where the Philippines can become a global leader or a Center of Excellence. Technology giant IBM has publicly stated that the Philippines can become the world‘s Analytics Hub, capturing 15% market share of what is forecast to become a $212B industry by 2016.

Philippines can attain Global Leadership and 15% Share ($31-B+) of $212-B Global Data Analytics Market: IBM PH out to carve slice of US$212-B global data analytics market - Inquirer PHL seen as main source for data scientists – Business Mirror CHED to develop Business Analytics Track Curriculum with the help of IBM to ensure the availability of Data Analytics Professionals Data Analytics Market in PH is on the rise BPMWatch 93.9% Penetration of Social media in the Philippines and its Social Media Marketing Analytics Maturity, made it a strategic choice for companies to be their Social Business Analytics Hub

The Philippines can become a Global Leader or a Center of Excellence in High Value Niches of other ICT-Based “Smart Industries”… Fused ICT and S&T; embracing Science, Technology and Innovation; building a solid industrial base to enable the economy to ―walk on two legs‖; and prioritizing STEM education are keys to moving up the value chain in ICT-based ―Smart Industries.‖

Technology-based Inclusive Growth: ICT skills to enable gender equality in the labor force and employment for the visually impaired

Bridging the Digital Divide through Mobile Digital Centers: Social Mobility for Digital Inclusion and Poverty Alleviation Bringing ICT skills to the rural grassroots and urban street kids makes them upwardly mobile, qualifies them for higher paying jobs and widens the sphere of economic opportunity accessible to them.

e-Society Program: Building Socially Inclusive and Digitally-enabled Smarter Communities for a Smarter Philippines Philippine Digital Literacy for Women Campaign: DLWC?ref=ts PhilCeCProgram Website: Philippine Community eCenter Roadmap 2011-2016: 2/10 Beatrice Quimson Deputy Executive Director for eSociety DOST ICT Office ICTO Building, C.P. Garcia Ave., Diliman, Q.C. Trunkline : (02) 920 01 01

Engr. Denis Villorente Deputy Executive Director for e-Government DOST ICT Office Ms. Beatrice Quimson Deputy Executive Director for e-Society DOST ICT Office DOST ICT Office Website: Usec. Louis Napoleon C. Casambre Executive Director DOST ICT Office NCC Building, C.P. Garcia Ave., Diliman, Q.C. Trunkline: 920-0101 Telephone number/s: (02) 426 1526 Fax number: (02) 426 1526 Email address:; Mr. Monchito Ibrahim Deputy Executive Director for e-Business DOST ICT Office

Philippine eHealth Development Plan RxBox Anti-dengue OL Trap S&T Support to Healthcare Industry

Making Healthcare Systems Smarter Instrumented Interconnected Intelligent Cloud based – Philippine Health Information Exchange Medical Analytics RxBox eHealth Tablet Cloud based – Hospital Information System (PHEDW, CHITS, HOMIS) Online health research database Telemedicine

Philippine eHealth Development Plan 2013-2017 Enabling greater equality of access to healthcare services for a healthy, productive citizenry +150 Barangays Capacity Building Analytics Tablet (EMR) RXBox +450 Advocacy Standards Info Exchange Platform Policies Rural Barangays Philippine Health Enterprise Data Warehouse Community Health Information Tracking (CHITS) Hospital Management Information System (HOMIS) PH Health Information Exchange Telemedicine services Tele-parasitology Tele-dermatology eHealth Apps

Smarter Healthcare: the RxBox 2 for inclusive healthcare services in rural communities - Electronic Medical Records - Vital Signs Sensors - Heart Rate - ECG - Blood Oxygen Saturation - Fetal Heart Tones - Maternal Uterine Contraction Helps Doctors to provide better health care to patients in Rural Communities Adopt RxBox Contact us at: www. +63-2-509-1003

Smarter Healthcare: S&T Solutions to Conquer Dengue for a better quality of life for all Filipinos The DOST-DOH Dep Ed OL Trap Program: Dengue prevention through biological control. DOST-produced OL (ovicidal-larvicidal) traps are placed in different areas of participating schools and serviced every 6 days by volunteers. The OL Traps contain a larvicidal solution which emits an odor that attract Aedes mosquitos to lay their eggs in them. The solution then kills the eggs and larvae. Dengue Prevention through Public Awareness. The rainy season of each year marks the beginning of a DOH-led anti-dengue public awareness campaign. Dengue Rapid Test Kit. Inexpensive test kit for dengue yields diagnostic results within 1 hour. R&D on medicinal properties of local plants for a national anti-dengue vaccine by 2014 and cure for dengue haemorrhagic fever. National online dengue early warning system. The red balloons indicate schools with OL Trap indices of >40%. Local authorities in these areas are alerted to undertake an all-out anti-dengue campaign.

New Radioisotope Lab significantly lowers local healthcare costs, provides S&T Support to domestic Healthcare Industry The Philippines has competitive advantages which can be leveraged through S&T support to build a robust domestic healthcare industry: • Biodiversity • Supply of healthcare workers • Global branding for healthcare New Radioisotope Lab will produce TC-99m, which will significantly lower local healthcare costs Philippine eHealth Development Plan Healthcare Outsourcing Services Smarter Healthcare provides robust S&T support to healthcare industry: • World-class genomics, biotechnology and bioinformatics R&D and lab equipment • Advanced training for lab technicians and industry workers • New facilities such as Radioisotope Lab to provide key services locally and lower healthcare costs • Low-cost domestically manufactured medical equipment • Public access to online database of healthcare research • Strong support for Healthcare Information Management Industry News: PCHRD Website: Health Research and Development Information Network (HERDIN) database is the national health research repository of the Philippines. HERDIN database provides quick and easy access to more than 50,000 citation and bibliographic information from published and unpublished health researches in the country The Philippine Health Research Registry (PHRR) is a publicly accessible database of all health researches and clinical trials being conducted in the country.

Smarter Scientists and Engineers Global Knowledge Professionals 21st Century Skills Professional Development of STEM Educators

Smarter, More Inclusive and Competitive Talent Development Systems Instrumented E-learning Tablet for S&T Education Interconnected Online Learning Intelligent GCAT Talent Proficiency Profiling System LEAP: Software for English language training Starbooks Digital Library Industry Based Training

Smarter People seeks to develop highly skilled and globally competitive S&T human resources in support of the national S&T programs The objective of this program is to breed more technical minds among the youth…. more scientists…more engineers and more Certified ICT Professionals IT-enabled Scientists & Engineers technicians… In a decade‘s time, we hope to breed a new generation of scientists that can match the technical proficiencies of the Germans. Data Scientists Technopreneurs • Computer Gaming for Leadership Development • World-Class Curriculum Online • Mobile, tablet-based Blended Learning System • Technology Resources for Educators • Community Based Idea Sourcing Technology-enabled upgrade of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Education

Developing Smarter Scientists and Engineers for sustained Philippine leadership in S&T-based Knowledge Industries and ICT-based Smart Industries Philippine Science High School System—International cooperation & international benchmarking Training programs for researchers and lab technicians World-class science and engineering facilities Technology-enabled upgrade of STEM education Recognition and rewards for outstanding scientific achievement Science Education Instititute: national S&T scholarship programs for inclusive access to quality S&T education Regional Invention Contests and S&T Exhibits to boost awareness and give a chance to scientists and engineers to showcase their innovations

Technology-enabled upgrade of STEM Education to develop Knowledge Workers with 21st Century Skills 1. Critical Thinking and problem solving 7. Flexibility and adaptability 2. Effective written, oral, multimedia and multilingual communication communication • The Philippines requires knowledge workers to be competitive in the S&T-based Global Knowledge Economy • SEVEN ESSENTIAL 21ST CENTURY SKILLS* Aside from the 3 R‘s there is need for the ―4 C‘s‖— • Critical thinking and problem solving • Communication • Collaboration • Creativity and innovation 3. Collaboration across networks and leading by influence 6. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism 5. Accessing and analyzing information *Loosely based on the framework of the Partnership for 4. Creativity and innovation 21st Century Skills. Essential 21st Century Skills

DOST Technology Partners for Smarter Scientists & Engineers: Microsoft Philippines IT-certified faculty capable of imparting 21st century skills through STEM curriculum DOST-Microsoft Partnership for the Imagine Cup global programming competition Microsoft IT Academy Program *Google “Microsoft IT Academy” to download the 51-slide Powerpoint presentation Microsoft Imagine Cup /?p=167

Inclusive Access to Quality S&T Education through Nationwide Scholarship Program Our goal is to raise the quality of learning that our children undertake, so that, once they finish their schooling, they can seize the opportunities now opening up in society. - President Aquino, 4th National Congress for COCOPEA, Quadricentennial Pavilion, University of Santo Tomas on February 28, 2012 Engineering Research & Development for Technology Brochure: Science Education Institute Website: Accelerated S&T HRD Program Brochure:

Global excellence in STEM Education for highly skilled S&T Human Resources Philippine Science High School System: On November 27, 2013, the Philippine Science High School (PSHS) System hosted the ―Student’s Biotech Forum‖ at PSHS Main Campus on Agham Road, Diliman, Quezon City, in celebration of the 9th National Biotechnology Week. This 1-day program was attended by 22 public science high schools and private high schools in Metro Manila. Designed to promote Biotechnology through education, student-participants were oriented to the principles of biotechnology, its real-life application and relevance in different arenas.

Empowering Smarter Scientists and Engineers through inclusive access to science information: The DOST’s Science and Technology Information Institute DOST-STII’s Starbooks project helps address the challenge of a lack of modern libraries and up-to-date S&T textbooks in rural communities. DOST-STII’s Website: is the country’s first S&T search engine and comprehensive science information website. It helps keep teachers, students, scientists and researchers abreast of the latest developments on the Philippine science scene. Philippine Scientists’ Database p?option=com_joomdoc&task=cat_ view&gid=85&Itemid=59

S&T Post: task=cat_view&gid=76&Itemid=59 Science and Technology Information Institute Website: S&T Digest: ?option=com_joomdoc&task=cat_vie w&gid=77&Itemid=59 Balitang Rapidost: p?option=com_joomdoc&task=cat_ view&gid=75&Itemid=59

i-TalentDev.PH aims to convert the Philippine talent value proposition into an enduring competitive advantage i-TalentDev.PH strategies include: Philippines has one of the world‘s top profiles for Talent Serious Games & Creative Education i-TalentDev.PH

Developing 21st Century Global Knowledge Professionals In the 21st century workplace, most repetitive functions will be automated. Employers will demand Global Knowledge Professionals–those with creative abilities to synthesize information, solve problems, and be innovative. The Philippines requires Global Knowledge Professionals, including: • ICT-certified Scientists, Engineers and IT professionals • Service Scientists • Data Scientists • Technopreneurs Service scientists are Global Knowledge Professionals who are able to understand complex service systems (such as education, government, the airline industry, or managing a manfacturing plant), and generate and manage innovation. Developing the 21st Century Filipino Global Knowledge Professional

Developing Data Scientists to position PH as Global Analytics Hub Gartner: Worldwide information is growing at a minimum rate of 59% annually. By 2015, 4.4 Million jobs will be created globally to support big data. Big Data Analytics Data Scientist Philippines as a Global Center for Smarter Analytics

eGovernance Training for Smarter LGUs gCIO Training for LGUs Empowering Government Chief Information Officers as agents of strategic change, focused on projects that drive innovation & reform. • Chief ICT Strategist • Chief ICT Policy Advisor • Chief Information Security Officer 5 Core Competencies to be developed in gCIOs: In partnership with: eLeadership for Local Executives Aims to develop ICT competence— a cluster of related abilities, commitments, knowledge and skills that enable local executives to act effectively

Smarter Cities and Smarter Countryside: the geographically-based programs to accelerate inclusive growth and global competitiveness throughout the entire archipelago

GIS-based integrated land use planning for urban and rural areas Planning Smarter Cities Towards a Better Quality of Life S&T-enabled Foodshed development: food security for citydwellers and prosperity for farmers Insourcing some of the city‘s knowledge work to rural communities “Smarter Cities plus Smarter Countryside equals a progressive Smarter Philippines. It is a technology-based development model that recognizes secondary cities as drivers of growth not only within its area, but also in its surrounding countryside. Kung mangyari ipo ito sa lahat ng siyudad ng Pilipinas, this could be a new approach for inclusive and sustainable growth, for poverty alleviation.” - Sec. Mario G. Montejo

Smarter Cities could be Living Laboratories to scientifically test DOST’s Smarter Philippines innovations Boracay. Model for sustainable Ecotourism Iloilo. Model for Globally Competitive Service Industry (ICT-BPM, HIMO) Smarter Farming to increase rice productivity. Foodshed development for food security Tacloban. Model for Disaster – Resilient Smart City. Center for Philippines Weather prediction industry Bacolod. Smarter Farming to increase sugar productivity and quality Cebu. Model for Sustainable Creative Industry; film production, animation, multimedia, fashion and architecture ―A European Study has opined that Smarter Cities must have certain components. They are: A Smarter Government, A Smarter People, A Smarter Economy, Smarter Mobility, Smarter Environment, and Smarter Living. These are the very same areas we adopted in the Smarter Philippines. Thus, if a city integrates all of these components, then it can truly be called a Smarter City.‖ - Sec. Mario Montejo

Smarter Cities/ Smarter Countryside complements the Next Wave Cities Program’s thrust for IT-BPM jobs by aiming to increase jobs in multiple industries across the country… with a priority on manufacturing jobs

2013 International Conference on Smarter Cities Nov. 14-15, 2013—initiated the Philippine Smarter Cities Initiative “A Smarter City has these key elements: It constantly assesses how it performs in key areas: governance, the economy, the environment, citizen mobility, human resource development, and quality of life; It denotes an instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent city. It strives to make itself “smarter”: more efficient, more innovative, more sustainable, more participative and equitable, and more livable: via strategic use of the convergent technologies enabled by ICT.” - DOST Sec. Mario Montejo Conference presentations can be downloaded from:

Smarter Cities & Smarter Countryside Development Partner: the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines (NICP) Leaders of the National ICT Confederation of the Philippines pose with Sec. Mario Montejo and DOST officials during the Smarter Philippines launch. NICP Chairperson Lizabel ―Wit‖ Holganza delivers NICP’s Statement of Support for Smarter Philippines. ICT Roadshow in Nueva Ecija in partnership with NICP Groundbreaking for Bacolod City’s Cyber Center VICTOR- Towards a Global Visayas ICT Cluster— Nov. 29, 2012, Iloilo City

Smarter Philippines S&T for Development Partners: European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) ECCP VP and GM Martial Beck delivers the ECCP‘s statement of support at the Smarter Philippines launch Feb. 20, 2013 DOST‘s Smarter Philippines Program Director Alejandro Melchor III announced the Philippine Smarter Cities Initiative at the 2013 Cebu ICT & BPO Conference last June 4, 2013 ECCP briefs can be downloaded at:

DOST’s Smarter Cities Development Partners: UN Habitat

Smarter MSMEs: Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) Micro-, small-, and mediumscale enterprises: engines of inclusive growth “99.6% of registered enterprises” Technology Upgrade Packaging Assistance Technology Consulting Lab Testing Service Employ 61.2% of labor force For every P50,000 assistance, 1 sustainable job is created Constraints: TECHNICAL CONSULTING • Weak technological & R&D capability • Lack of access to technology • Lack of access to finance • Poor access to market information PACKAGING • Low productivity ASSISTANCE DOST industry-level interventions: • Industry S&T Road Maps • Innovation Centers • Technology Incubators • Testing centers • Technology resource LAB TESTING SERVICES centers Technology Training

DOST Food Innovation Centers in every region will help build a sustainable domestic agro- industry Food Innovation Center • Immersion Freezer Spray Dryer Transforms concepts into products • Freeze Dryer • Vacuum Fryer Water Retort Enables Product Innovation Upgrade Manufacturing Operations and Processing System Vacuum Packaging Machine UHT Equipment • Standardize Local Processing Industries • Vacuum Evaporator Design Packaging for Regional Products Hammer Mill • Commercialize Technologies

DOST Regional Offices Website: Smarter SMEs

Project NOAH DREAM Project 3D LiDAR Mapping Earthquake & Tsunami Monitoring & Warning System Storm Surge Monitoring, EWS and Response

Making Disaster Risk Reduction Management & Climate Change Adaptation Systems Smarter Instrumented Interconnected Intelligent High Performance Computing & Big Data Analytics NOAH Weather Apps Smart Sensors DOST Intelligent Operations Center focused on DRRM/CCA 3D Lidar Mapping Disaster Simulations Public Awareness Portals

Project Noah Reduces Philippines’ Vulnerability to to Flooding and Storm Surge “Project Noah would serve as the Philippines’ ark against deluge. We would put an end to the ordeal that people have been accustomed to in rainy weather.” - President Aquino From Left to Right: Science & Technology Secretary Mario G. Montejo, President Benigno S. Aquino III, and Project Noah Project Director Dr. Mahar Lagmay

DREAM 3D LIDAR Mapping for Flood Control CITIES TO BE COVERED BY DREAM: As of Sept. 16, 2013: 34 of 58 cities have been surveyed by 3D LIDAR

Smarter Water Management with hydro-met sensors and advanced flood modelling assists DPWH plan roads, bridges and flood control projects Hydrological Dataset for the entire Philippines Flood simulation models for flood control Engr. Denis Villorente Project Leader Hydro-Met Sensors Development Dr. Carlos Primo David, Ph.D. Project Leader FloodNET Ph.D. in Geology and Environmental Sciences, Stanford University

Improved Capability vs Storm Surge Storm surge hazard maps IBM supercomputer for improved forecasting and increased warning time Mangrove reforestation for Eastern Visayas coastline Satellite imagery for improved monitoring and post-incident damage assessment and response

Storm surge hazard maps to identify high risk areas and reduce vulnerability to storm surge Leyte Bohol storm surge hazard map Eastern Samar Iloilo ―Regarding disaster preparedness: Our goal to develop mechanisms to protect our people from natural calamities: we have also achieved. Among these are the effective services brought about by the joint forces of the Geohazard Mapping and Assessment Program and Project NOAH of the DOST. This past year, we completed a multihazard mapping of the 28 most vulnerable locations in the country. A similar endeavor for the Greater Metro Manila Area will be completed by 2014… Not only have these maps increased in number, they are also more detailed and refined, which is why we will be able to more accurately identify high risk areas.‖ -Pres. Aquino, 2013 SONA

High Performance Computing & Big Data Analytics will improve weather forecasting and flood & storm surge prediction EXPECTED OUTCOMES: IBM Corp. donated a 4,096 core Blue Gene/P super computer to DOST. • Improved weather forecasting • NOAH‘s weather forecast extended from 6 hours to 7 days • Larger area coverage to monitor weather disturbances forming out at sea • Faster computing time will result in hourly 7-day forecasts • Improved flood prediction and storm surge prediction The NOAH-Wise Project: Weather Information Integration for System Enhancement

But simply distributing high-tech equipment and new technology is not enough. We also need to train the endusers of this equipment in understanding, using, and disseminating the information gained. When the weather is bad, they no longer rely solely on wind speed for their forecasts; they can also predict the volume of rainfall, and they can provide the correct and timely warnings so our communities can prepare accordingly. - President Aquino SONA 2013 Project NOAH Website. Dr. Vicente Malano OIC, PAGASA Dr. Mahar Lagmay Project Director Project NOAH Mobile apps for Project NOAH: PAGASA Website:

Philippine National Earthquake & Tsunami Monitoring & Communication System: I. Earthquake Monitoring & EWS DOST-PHIVOLCS Main Station, Quezon City Earthquake monitoring Broadband/ strong-motion station Installation of smart sensors at Mandaluyong City LGU Smart sensors for earthquake monitoring Philippine Seismic Network: 69 stations now; target: 85 by 2016

Philippine National Earthquake & Tsunami Monitoring & Communication System: II. Tsunami Early Warning System Tsunami scenario database Sea-level detection sensors Tsunami hazard mapping for Metro Manila Corregidor Tidal Gauge Station Tsunami hazard map for Metro Manila

Earthquake Preparedness Guide: &view=file&id=41:earthquake-preparedness-guidepocketsize&Itemid=44 Phivolcs Website: Bohol Earthquake 2013: cadownload&view=category&id=37:earthquake&Itemid=44 Tsunami Primer: ownload&view=file&id=44:tsunami-primer&Itemid=44

Philippine e-Government MasterPlan MITHI iGovernment Philippines ICT Policy Cyber Security

Smarter, More Transparent, Efficient, Open and Inclusive Government Institutions Instrumented Centralized National Records Sysyem Interconnected Intelligent Government Wide Collaboration System MITHI to Harmonize Government ICT Resources Rural Network Connectivity with TV Whitespace E-Gov MasterPlan and Programs for Transparent, Efficient, Innovative Government Government Electronic Payment Portal National Network Infrastructure

Philippine e-Government Master Plan ICT-enabled transformation of government into a transparent, open, integrated and inclusive institution which can efficiently deliver government services to the citizens “I have always believed that technology can play a crucial role in linking our people with their government, and that it is through technology that we can improve our services, promote dialogue and responsiveness, and ultimately raise the level of discourse in our country by efficiently informing our citizenry about the policies and initiatives of government.” - Pres. Aquino’s Message for the National ICT Summit: Inclusive ICT for a Smarter Philippines last June 25-26, 2013 at the Crowne Plaza Manila Philippine e-Government Master Plan (Final Draft) e-Government Master Plan

The MITHI Program will harmonize Government ICT resources and programs for efficiency and interoperability Digitization Empowerment Fund (DigEFund) P1.6B • Aims at empowering civil servants by providing the necessary ICT equipment to ensure efficiency and facilitate business productivity. Coherence of ICT programs and projects of the Government and consistency with the five (5) Key Result Areas (KRA) of the Administration for 2011 - 2016 • Aims at interconnecting government agencies by fostering collaboration and teamwork in creating Expanded inter-operable systems that leads to innovative E-Gov Fund government services and efficient internal P2.4B systems. MITHI

iGov Philippines Enables transparency and efficient, effective delivery of government services

ICT policy: a key pillar of the infrastructure for a Digital Economy Private sector experts and strategic thinkers sit with government counterparts to advise on ICT policy in these study groups: • The National ICT Advisory Council (NICTAC) was created as the policy advisory body to help fast track the implementation of the Philippine Digital Strategy. • PDS is the country‘s official roadmap for ICT for development.

Cybersecurity: making cyberspace more secure for a healthier economy and better quality of life Filipinos‘ personal and professional lives have gone digital. Filipinos use the Internet, computers, cellphones and mobile devices everyday. We live, work and play in cyberspace. Our increasing reliance on cyber technologies makes us more vulnerable to cybercrime, cyber espionage, and cyber terrorism from those who attack our digital infrastructure. DOST‘s ICT Office is helping make cyberspace more secure for a healthier economy and a better quality of life for all Filipinos. Mitigating against hacking of government websites• • Training to use the Government Website Template Migration to Government Web Hosting Service International cooperation on cyber security • • • DOST‘s ICT Office hosted 6th ASEAN Japan Information Security Policy Mtg. Oct 9-10 International best practices Capacity Building

iGov Philippines Website: DOST ICT Office e-Government section: e-Government Master Plan PCCV1/?p=132 Integrated Government Philippines Engr. Denis F. Villorente Deputy Executive Director for e-Government DOST ICT Office NCC Bldg., C.P. Garcia Ave. Diliman, Quezon City Trunkline: 920-0101 E-Mail:

Smarter Philippines Website & Social Networking Sites Website: Twitter Page: Facebook Page: Download Page:

Smarter Philippines Resources Sec. Mario Montejo Keynote Speech Smarter Philippines Launch Smarter Philippines Conceptual Framework, Part I Age of Answers Planning Smarter Cities Towards a Better Quality of Life Smarter Philippines Conceptual Framework, Part II Operationalizing Smarter Philippines Smarter Philippines Launch Recap CV1/?p=102 Inclusive Growth Through a Smarter Philippines

Resources Download List Philippine Electronics Product Development Center Smarter SMEs Philippine eHealth Development Plan Towards a Harmonized R&D Agenda ADMATEL ECCP: Scientific Networking CV1/?p=100 Filipinnovation m/SPCCV1/?p=94 ECCP: Sustainable Manufacturing

Smarter ICT & Smarter Government Resources Philippine Digital Strategy ASEAN ICT Masterplan 2015 Integrated Government Philippines e-Government Master Plan 1/?p=132 TV White Spaces Strategic Roadmap of the Phil CeC Program 2011-2016 p=159 PH Location of Choice for IT-BPO and Shared Services

Resources for Smarter People iTalentDev.PH Strengthening STEM Education: Key to National Competitiveness Developing the 21st Century Filipino Global Knowledge Professional The iCreativePhil Program http://s

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