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Information about Inatech Brand Manual

Published on February 2, 2014

Author: alexandrudarie5



Rebranding done for and IT agency, specializing now in embedded software and consulting

Brand Identity Guidelines

Introduction Brand Identity Guidelines This is a manual containing the guidelines for properly using the brand elements across your graphic materials and other stationery. Using the following suggestions will ensure consistency in your brand’s visual style. Please refer to this document every time you need info on how to implement and design your new materials, whether print or digital.


Logo Character design and spacing The type is custom made, and the character spacing was selected to ensure readability when scaled at small sizes, as well as to convey elegance and rhythm to its shapes. Do not change the letter spacing.

Logo Safe zone In order to properly see and read the logo, it needs to have some white (negative) space around it. Always ensure the minimum allowed space around the logo.

Logo Logo variations The identity was built with a flexible component. The arrow/chevron. This element can change its position in order to strengthen the main message. In order to convey a clear message, a clear direction and positioning is needed. While the direction has been set toward B2B and growth (a horizontal expansion), the positioning must be carefully set in order to reflect the proper brand values and ideals. Inatech is here to help! Is here to help its employees, its partners, its community and mostly the users. It offers easier use of software, optimized solutions, personalized projects and so much more. All while focusing on “you”. H E LP Inatech is here to connect! It connects its clients and the users, it connects its partners and it connects people. Inatech bridges two worlds, translating abstract notions and technologies into an easy understandable solution. CO NNEC T Inatech is here to grow! To grow in itself, to grow the community, the businesses of its partners, to up the standards. Growing is innovation—and innovation means moving forward. Expressing these core messages constantly should be the main focus of communication GROW

Logo Color variations Inatech uses two main Pantone® colors, as part of its core brand elements. These are the correct scenarios for color usage. Only use the approved variations 2 colors Pantone 7463C + Pantone 333C 100% 1 color Pantone® Pantone 7463C 100% + 30% 1 color black Black 100% + 40%

Logo Logo placement Inatech logo can be placed in each of the corners, or middle of a vertical margin. Follow the examples and always ensure the minimum safe distance for the logo. The first and last examples are the Only use these approved variations

Logo Logo correct usage Please refrain from applying the following modifications to the logo, or any other ones that might have been omitted. Do not stretch/skew! Do not slant! Do not bend! Do not invert colors! Do not alter colors! Do not change colors! Do not mirror the logo! Do not use a heavy pattern background! Do not use drop shadows or other effects! Do not alter the original design.

Brand Identity Elements

Colors Colors Inatech brand colors are dark blue and green. In order to maintain consistency across print materials, please use the correct color codes or, if possible, using the Pantone® color is advisable. 100% 80% 60% DARK BLUE 5% 40% RGB: r0 g43 b73 CMYK: c100 m81 y43 k44 PANTONE: 7463 C 10% 20% 100% 80% Here are the main and secondary brand colors. If more colors are required, use caution when selecting a new one. 60% Keep in mind that RBG-CMYK-Pantone translation is approximate, due to tech constraints. GREEN 5% 40% RGB: r52 g217 b195 CMYK: c61 m0 y34 k0 PANTONE: 333 C 10% 20%

Typography The typeface Amelia Amelia is the main typeface of Inatech. 1234567890 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxzy ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXZY Amelia is a geometric sans, but it keeps the softness of humanistic strokes. The contrast and the different styles allow Amelia to work as a text or display font. Also it incorporates an Up version, calligraphic features that add a touch of informality. Harum nulparibus rent aut autem is ute suntoru mquatur? Quissum quiame plautem quo volorate con eos si utatibeati cus sectae num, nullitatet doluptatur aut laboreh enimagnit occae offic te consed quat ut quasperum deliciet arum isit quia nus et verferit faceperum consequi ipsum faccus as mincto voluptam nobit, aut facepud andemol uptam.   Commodist aut et prae rae cor saperovitae volupic iderum fugitatum as de venes dolut imperum, et volestisti suscitaerum autassintur acepudant est, ipic tor aspis Find out more below: One copy of the license is owned by Inatech. Do not distribute fonts without written permission from the original license owner, as it infringes copyright laws. If Amelia is not available (such as lowend web or Powerpoint etc.), please use ARIAL. Arial 1234567890 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxzy ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXZY

Typography Type sizes and specifications AMELIA Light Head 19/24 LIGHT — DIS ADIS AS RE PEREICI DERCIMUS NIS aut di beate nosanto tatiaspe explit quas nis dollabo. Ita plab inci as velicip icitint harum quia sin con pe sa quas ma cus. Subhead 15/19 LIGHT — AD QUIBUSDA QUI QUOS NOS DOLORIOS EUM ADIS AUTE VOLESTIO VOLORE PLATET QUE nimet ent qui sapis dolore coratum, cullaccus quissitas sit libus sincto dolupta tionseq uamenihil in plaborum faceseq uatem. Officia consecus es nimaio blaboris dipsa quam quae volupiet qui doluptis eius nihitamenda vel inus? Copy 11/15 LIGHT — COMNI OFFICI DIS EVEL IPSUNT AUT MO VELITATUMET EXERE IPSAM FUGA. Axim quisquunt, sequi que natia pro volupti nulpa dipsus remquia nihiliciaero berspis pla vellaut quaest est, corrovid que non plit undit, qui ut utaquis consed quatetusto tes sitiscia ne voleseque aligeni istotatemod mil id unt hitaquodit, sinvelest posam, voloritat aut que volo est, quundipsant. Copy + captions 7/10 LIGHT — ACCUM CONSEDIC TO MOLUM EST PLITATUS MILIA QUAE RES ET et re quam, quiscienia sequibustem sitem aut moloreratem quas ratio. Olut dolupta nonem doloris si officid quia dolor sit ut es moluptaquis ea plaut adis et pore quia numqui ut ium quos pro doluptas et, con pres ut accae Please refer to this page when trying to determine the right size for your font. The first number is the size and the second is the leading. The unit is points. For display purposes, use sizes as big as needed, but keep it consistent with the style. When printing in reverse (negative) do not use the LIGHT weight below 15 pt. Also do not use any of the UP styles from the type family. Use ITALICS sparingly. Do not create too much difference between type sizes. If unsure about the quality of the print or screen, use a heavier weight. The following example is only for the LIGHT weight, but all other weights are following the same rules. While in general heavier weights are more suited for display, it’s not a rule.

Typography Type grid When designing on any A4 (or other ISO size) document, it’s recommended to use the grid. The following 32-cell grid allows for many ways do lay the information on the page, while keeping the document consistent. A template containing the grid file can be found in the resources folder. Or you can use the following values to create your own. The unit is picas. Margins: top 5p2; bottom 6p3; left 2p11; right 2p11; 4 columns inside the margins, with 1p0 gutter. Baseline grid starts top margin 0.0 pt with 15pt (1p3)increment. The 8 rows have 5 lines + 1 line of 15pt between them. If designing for spread layout, consider having the outer margin wider than the inner one.

Typography Using the grid The following examples show how the grid can be used to lay out the information and maintain order and consistency throughout your layout. Also (if possible) try and keep the important messages above the two thirds of the page, marked by the violet horizontal lines. Keeping the Inatech logo the size of one cell wide, is enough to be seen and read quick, without looking too bold in contrast to the rest of the page. This brand manual also uses the same grid to display information.

Main Visuals The chevrons and the dark blue shape. As seen in the previous examples, photography is not the main imagery of the Inatech brand. It focuses in stead on using the shapes of the page and a pair of chevrons (sometimes 3 is allowed) to build and support the message. The chevrons are equal with 2 lines of heading (from top ascender to second line descender), having the same width as the letters (of the headings). They are used in conjunction with the shape, otherwise they lose meaning. Also, ideally the correct logo variant should be used also.


Stationery Business Cards 90x50mm 2-sided

Stationery Envelope Spread: 250x232mm Closed: 210x99mm To: Date: Address: Pacurari 2B, Iasi 700536, Romania

Stationery Letterhead DIN A4: 297x210mm

Stationery Folder Spread: 450x352mm Closed: 210x297mm Pacurari 2B, Iasi 700536, Romania

Stationery Powerpoint presentation

Stationery Print slide and posters

Stationery Ad sample for proprietary technology

Contact Main office: Valcele 37, 710265, Botosani, Romania Branch office: Pacurari 2B, 700536, Iasi, Romania

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