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Published on October 25, 2012

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By Sarah

BATHS KITCHEN Every town has it’s own Poor Romans had no bath. It was a size of a separated kitchen. Instead swimming pool. The they cooked in a little fire in Romans loved washing their rooms or the outside of themselves in a private the apartment. place by themselves. The Rich people had a large bathing place had a separated kitchen. Their corner of slaves cook for the owner’s games, restaurants ,libraries dinner. and even snack corners.

 Only men could be in the Roman Army. No women. Every Roman soldier was a Roman citizen. He had to be at least 20 years old. He was not supposed to get married while he was a soldier. Most soldiers in the Roman Empire came from countries outside Italy. There were Roman soldiers from Africa, France, Germany, the Balkans, Spain and the Middle East.

 Men wore a Chilton, either sleeveless or short-sleeved. Important Romans dressed in a long robe called a Toga. Women wore a longer tunic which was often ankle-length. Boys wore a tunic down to their knees and a cloak if it was cold. Rich boys wore a toga which had a purple border. Girls wore a tunic with a woolen belt tied around their waists.

JupiterKing of the Gods.God of the skyWeapon: Thunderbolt (thunder and lightning).Son of UranusFather of Jupiter, Neptune and PlutoHusband of Juno, who looked after women.

Neptune God of the Sea and also earthquakes Holds: a trident, which had three prongs. Son of Saturn Brother of Jupiter and Pluto Greek name: Poseidon

Mars God of War (pictured right) Father of Romulus and Remus Soldiers believed that Mars decidedwho won, who lost and w ho died in battle. They prayed to himto ask him to keep them safe from harmand to allow them to win in battle.v

Venus Goddess of love and beauty Mother of Cupid Cupid God of Love Weapon: bow. Anyone hit by one of his arrows fell madly in love.

Saturn God of Time Son of Uranus Father of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto Greek name: Cronos Mercury: Messenger of the God, Minerva

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