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Published on May 31, 2016

Author: Mason_Barber


1. North Star Home In the Mind of a Burglar

2. There is a reason burglars are so hard to catch, and only 15% of them end up behind bars throughout their criminal careers. Thieves are only concerned with reaching the “score,” never, ever with human contact—at least during the caper. The Type of Thief Crooks come in three tiers: professionals, seasoned thieves, and amateur-opportunists. The average homeowners need not worry about professionals, as they tend to go for high value targets, which they of course have the tools and knowledge to steal from (e.g., ATMs and online accounts). Contrary to what people may first assume, professional thieves try to stay away from residences as much as possible. The problem is with the seasoned thieves and amateur-opportunists—individuals who will “go the distance” stealing from a home, regardless of how choppy that distance may end up being.

3. Modus Operandi The typical burglar will first seek a target neighborhood, then a target home in a span ranging from a few minutes (depending on a home’s current non-occupancy) to a few hours (depending on a particular household/neighborhood’s daytime schedule). Once the thief selects a target, the first thing they do is walk up to the front door and check if any person is at home. If someone answers the door, the thieves will just come up with an excuse to end the conversation and seek another target (usually by introducing themselves as salespeople or asking for directions). Otherwise, they will quickly make their way to the backdoor (where people are less likely to spot them breaking in) and start racking up criminal brownie points from there.

4. A Running Start Thieves rarely bother picking locks. They make short work of regular doors as much as they do large-enough windows. Since most people keep their valuables inside the master bedroom, this is the first area burglars will scour. If they still have carrying capacity to spare, then they will check the other rooms for any valuable item not nailed down. The average burglary lasts about eight minutes. Police response time averages at ten. Burglars may be unpredictable, but they are far from unpreventable. Observing security measures, both practical and technological, is the best way of deterring crooks and making sure a home appears as unappealing to steal from as possible. Sources:  common-types-of-homes-thieves-target   burglars-1668450.html

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