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Published on December 18, 2007

Author: anarosaleda


Slide1:  Juan Martín Macias Juan Martín Macias Where does it live?:  This animal lives in a small area in the southeast of Russia. Where does it live? Slide3:  It lives in the forests and in the rainforest Slide4:  The number of tigers that live in the zoo is bigger than those that live in nature. Why is it in danger?:  Why is it in danger? The destruction of the forests by industries and the hunt put them in danger Slide6:  Every 3 years a tigress can have 2 or 4 children What can we do in order to save it?:  What can we do in order to save it? we should... -punish the hunters -protect this species -leave them in freedom… Slide8:  Save it! JUAN MARTIN MACIAS 2BS1

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