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Published on October 1, 2007

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IMS Collaboration with Industry:  IMS Collaboration with Industry Allyn J Radford IMS Global Learning Consortium IMS’s Enduring Purpose:  IMS’s Enduring Purpose Innovation Adoption Learning The IMS Global Mission:  The IMS Global Mission In Service to the Community of Organizations and Individuals Enhancing Learning Worldwide IMS/GLC is a Global, Nonprofit, Member Organization that Provides Leadership in Shaping and Growing the Learning Industry through Community Development of Standards, Promotion of High Impact Innovation, and Research Into Best Practices IMS Members:  IMS Members Greater than 75 members and subscribers 28 new or upgraded members/subscribers in last 8 months The true leaders in the education and learning vertical markets worldwide Three tiers of members/subscribers Contributing members (CMs) Developer’s network subscribers (DNs) Learning industry leaders forum (LILFs) IMS/GLC:  IMS/GLC Yesterday Established Working groups and specifications Today Re-invigoration, rejuvenation and growth Tomorrow Understanding the “Road maps” eFramework applied to the broader IMS context Strategic fit for initiatives is important Membership diversity is important IMS Specifications and Outputs:  IMS Specifications and Outputs Accessibility Competency Definitions Content Packaging Digital Repositories Enterprise Enterprise Services ePortfolio General Web Services Learner Information Learning Design Meta-data (LOM) Question and Test Interoperability Resource List Interoperability Shareable State Persistence Simple Sequencing Tools Interoperability Vocabulary Definition Exchange Plus other outputs… Collaborative Research in Best Practices:  Collaborative Research in Best Practices Online Learning Open Source Digital Content Vendor Satisfaction How We Do It:  How We Do It Focus on high impact challenges Attract critical mass of key participants Define and manage end-to-end projects that support innovation and market needs Integrate and coordinate with existing and other standards work (cross fertilisation) Provide full cradle to grave lifecycle support Facilitate multiple types of participation IMS Activities:  IMS Activities Specification workgroups Maintenance - (bug reporting through to new work) Collaboration with ADL, IEEE, OUNL, AICC, JISC etc Demonstrators (Alt-i-labs - proof of the pudding) Learning Impact 2007 – towards maturity From prototypes to reality Evaluation of innovation (impact) Institutional Leaders in Learning:  Institutional Leaders in Learning Learning Software and Systems Leaders:  Learning Software and Systems Leaders Publishing, Assessment, and Repository Industry Leaders:  Publishing, Assessment, and Repository Industry Leaders Rich Media and Collaborative Learning Tools Software:  Rich Media and Collaborative Learning Tools Software Enterprise Software, Systems, and Services Leaders:  Enterprise Software, Systems, and Services Leaders Global Government Organizations & Associations:  Global Government Organizations & Associations Active IMS Work Groups:  Active IMS Work Groups Common Cartridge - Announcements! Accessibility & Personalization Interactive Learning Environments & Rich Media (formerly Tools Interoperability) Question & Test Interoperability Enterprise – (restarting) Service Oriented Architecture for Education eFramework Federated Architecture (New) Content Packaging (Concluding) eFramework & IMS – (WIP):  eFramework & IMS – (WIP) IMS SOA modeling of IMS Enterprise specifications JISC & DEST eFramework IBM and other IMS member business process modeling and middleware platforms High value cross-enterprise services identification by IMS members Education SOA open standards and reference implementations Demonstration projects (e.g. Rice) Education SOA best practice guidelines = IMS Activity Value of Industry Collaboration:  Value of Industry Collaboration Why work with vendors? Personal relationships, trust and similar perspectives Vendor demonstrates good citizenship in the standards space SOA and eFramework needs real world focus and requirements to provide realistic and useful outcomes to inform specn work The eFramework encourages a business analysis of the services requirements and then using existing standards Early point of influence Shared cost eFramework not interested in how you do the business analysis or the tools to do it IBM not interested in re-inventing the wheel. Synergy: Implications for eFramework in IMS:  Implications for eFramework in IMS Right mix of industry collaboration Situating the new work within the IMS scope of activities Clarification of interrelationships and needs Perspectives of higher education, mixed with private enterprise, vendors and other stakeholders … and here’s one we prepared earlier:  … and here’s one we prepared earlier About Common Cartridge:  About Common Cartridge Leading providers of digital content products, learning systems, and services will be introducing Common Cartridge compatible products in the coming year Support from 35 education industry leaders, including Publishing Industry: Digital Spirit, Elsevier, GTCO Calcomp, Harcourt, Houghton Mifflin Company, Lason, LearningMate, McGraw-Hill, Pearson, Thomson Learning Platforms: ANGEL, Blackboard, Desire2Learn, eCollege, Giunti, HarvestRoad, Horizon Wimba, Moodle, Sakai, Tribal, uCompass Compatible products as early as Spring ‘07 Pearson, McGraw-Hill, ANGEL, Sakai What is IMS Common Cartridge?:  What is IMS Common Cartridge? A digital learning interoperability standard consisting of a suite of four interoperability specifications (formats of data exchange between cooperating software applications) Packaging of digital content (Content Packaging) Question and test formats (QTI) Metadata (tagging of content with descriptive attributes) (LOM) Launch and data exchange with standalone learning tools - such as adaptive tutors, assessment systems, etc. (Tools Interoperability etc) Common Cartridge v1.0:  Common Cartridge v1.0 Common Cartridge Example: 3rd Party Assessment Product Learner Packaging of digital content (incl. empty packages) Question and test formats Metadata (tagging of content with descriptive attributes) -Launch and data exchange with standalone learning tools Digital Content Authorization Service What is Special About the Common Cartridge Effort?:  What is Special About the Common Cartridge Effort? Likely to become the most widely supported educational digital content standard ever Shaping and support by the educational publishers Collaboration between open source and commercial communities Potential to reduce the lock-in that many CMS/LMS users fear Leadership of the higher education community in learning tech standards The Media:  The Media Click here for the Dr. Chuck Common Cartridge video Common Cartridge Brochure and other information Comment on Common Cartridge The release is here in case you did not see it: Publisher Challenges:  Publisher Challenges Today: the publisher quest to produce digital products at high quality and low cost is thwarted by costs and lack of standards. Their challenges include: Multiple LMS cartridge formats to support Production/conversion workflow complexity A large number of platform+cartridge to QA Integrating high quality learning applications and content modules with local LMS systems Scaling their ability to collect revenues in a digital world Thesis: these are industry problems and can best be solved by cooperation of publishers. LMS Provider Challenges:  LMS Provider Challenges Customers are demanding open standards for content management to preserve their investments. The subject matter challenge: Publishers are beginning to innovate in vertical applications for disciplines of very high quality These require a hosted model and thus present challenge to linkage to local LMS instances This problem can be most effectively solved with a common standard too (TI) Thesis: these are industry problems, and the LMS vendors can assist publishers to their mutual benefit Redirect expense from conversion to innovation Become more relevant for their high investment applications Allow them to invest in upper division courses Jointly with them create the open standards customers demand. CFO/CIO/Academic Technology Director Challenges:  CFO/CIO/Academic Technology Director Challenges Make wise investments in learning platforms and content Best of breed Minimize integration and support costs Avoid lock-in Innovate with and support new learning tools with their own self-contained learning models and environments Innovate with and support multiple forms of “content” LMS generated Publisher digital assets Podcasts and other new “easy to record” digital media Thus the Goals:  Thus the Goals Goal 1: get the best content to all who desire it, independent of the brand of elearning software purchased. Goal 2: improve the predictability of experience in playback of content across systems Goal 3: drive innovation in elearning products and improve user experience Goal 4: focus the costs on innovation, not production, integration, or support Common Cartridge IMS Roadmap:  Common Cartridge IMS Roadmap Common Cartridge V1 In Process IMS Specification Enhancements: Content Packaging QTI Tools Interoperability V2 Accessibility Related IMS Work: Learning Design Enterprise Content Management Federated Repositories Accessibility Mature Stable Upcoming IMS Events:  Upcoming IMS Events IMS/GLC Learning Impact Webinar Series 30 October 2006 - 1pm EST
 Integrated Assessment Products and Strategies: Gauging Student Achievement and Institutional Performance IMS Global Learning Consortium Quarterly Meetings and Learning Design Summit 6- 9 November 2006 Open University Netherlands It’s about Interoperability, plus…:  It’s about Interoperability, plus… A note about Interoperability Exists at different levels What is “True Interoperability” Don’t forget process! Technology is PART, but not all of the solution Lifecycle management of content and data is a series of processes that need to be supported by both Integration and Interoperability Getting Involved:  Getting Involved Learning Impact nominations: Become a Contributing Member: Become a DN or LILF subscriber: Subscribe to the public IMS community Sign up for October 30 Assessment webinar IMS Public Community Resources:  IMS Public Community Resources Vancouver, British Columbia, April 16-19 Stay informed:

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