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Published on May 8, 2009

Author: azmatqayum


Impulse Buying : Impulse Buying Presented By: S. M. Raza Azmat Qayum Back Ground of Study : Back Ground of Study The term "impulse buying" is generally considered to be synonymous with "unplanned buying”. Most of the consumer purchases are being made without advance planning. Impulse buying is influenced by a variety of economic, personality, time, location, and even cultural factors. Purpose of the Study : Purpose of the Study This report will analyze and present: 1.The items purchased impulsively. 2.Factors effecting impulse buying.(price, store, packaging, price cut etc) Scope of the Study : Scope of the Study The study will be limited to current consumer choice in peshawar.based on sample drawn. The study can be used in refined manner to use in future or more specific impulse buying decision making.(bigger sample,more experty) The research methodology and tools leads to specific results so can be generalised in expanded manner. Limitations : Limitations Low response from female respondent. No much money to support Huge sample. Less time to cover all markets. Inexperience interviewers and questionnaire distributors. Literature review : Literature review An impulse purchase or impulse buy is an unplanned or otherwise spontaneous purchase Impulse buyig is done when people are having mre pocket money,are emotional. Peer, A study published in the June 2008 issue of the Journal of Consumer Research suggests that consumers are more susceptible to making impulsive purchases for one brand over another if they are distracted while shopping :  Impulse buying behavior Items bought /stores visited for impulsive buying. Resons for impulse buying Customer demographics Data collection : Data collection sampling : sampling Sample was drawn on convenient basis. And stratified on gender basis. 10 male and 7 female were surveyed. Age group:20-35 At store/market respondants. locations.:city tower,jawad tower,IM Sciences, cantt. Methodology : Methodology Reviewing leterature Consulting expert(Miss Shabana Gul) Questionairs. questionare : questionare Scaling: multiple choice Dicotomos Distribution method: With explanation: for female and that didn’t know English. Neat paper: for convenient, respondents at IMSciences. questionare : questionare Three sections 1.Respondant info 2.Data collection/formal questions 3.Additonal info 3.1.Comments and suggestions 3.2. Notes Respondent info : Respondent info Variable qs : Variable qs Additional info : Additional info Types of questions used : Types of questions used simple open ended : simple open ended Multiple choice : Multiple choice Feedback and notes : Feedback and notes coding : coding Simple coding was used. : Simple coding was used. editing : editing Pre-distribution editing: We made questinare of 30 qs.out of which 20 were selected. Then qs wording was rephrased to have clear and concise meaning. Sequenced qs to get consistent results. Post-response editing: Added age of few male /female on obsrvation(noted down on questinare) we refined the spelling mistakes. Adjust some numbers on our observation. One person write 50000 for taking to shop .we made it 5000. analysis : analysis Screen Shots before data entry : Screen Shots before data entry Variable view : Variable view Data view(Data entered) : Data view(Data entered) Slide 27:  results : results Most of people buy confectionary, burgers or other items impulsively. Packaging attracts but don’t compel to make impulsive purchasing. Price cut, specially in low price items is practical reason for impulse buying. People take Rs 500 extra in pocket while going to shopping other then money for planned items. Friends have strong influence in impulse buying. People plan for high priced items and high markets like Shiraz, imperial etc..

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