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Published on June 16, 2007

Author: Sharck


Slide1:  Improving Student Services Todd Phelps, Assistant Director Laura Petty, HelpDesk Coordinator Ball State University Computing Services Evolving Needs of Students:  Evolving Needs of Students Help fixing problems with their personal machines. Access to mobile computing. Access to technical assistance on their schedule. Services That Make a Difference :  Services That Make a Difference TechTime Laptop Loaner Program TechClips TechTime:  TechTime What is TechTime? :  What is TechTime? TechTime is a free technical consulting service to help students having problems with their personal computer. TechTime is staffed by knowledgeable UCS student employees and graduate assistants who will guide students through fixing common computer problems.  Services Provided :  Services Provided Virus and Spyware Removal Software Installs Operating System repairs and upgrades Network Connection set up and troubleshooting Minor hardware repair such as memory installs and hard drive replacements Systems Supported:  Systems Supported Both Windows machines and Macs are supported by TechTime. Printer repair is not done by TechTime, but TechTime staff can assist with printer setup. The Need for TechTime:  The Need for TechTime Increases in the number of students with personally owned equipment. Students did not have the experience or training to maintain or repair their computers. The Need for TechTime :  The Need for TechTime Prior to TechTime, the HelpDesk did not have the staffing or facilities to meet the requests from students for help with their personal computers. Getting Started – Spring 2005:  Getting Started – Spring 2005 TechTime was located in one of the computer labs. Hours of Operation were Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Walk-ins were accepted. 181 appointments for the semester. Year Two – Fall 05 & Spring 06:  Year Two – Fall 05 andamp; Spring 06 Hours of Operation started out as Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm, but that was not enough. Hours expand to Monday – Thursday from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm. Walk-ins no longer accepted. 1180 appointments for Fall andamp; Spring Semesters. Growth Continues – Fall 2006:  Growth Continues – Fall 2006 TechTime is relocated to a larger location. Hours expand to Monday – Thursday from 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm and from 9:00 pm - midnight. Number of appointments for Fall 2006 is nearly 1,000. Current Semester:  Current Semester Spring 2007 Hours change to Monday – Thursday from 2:00 pm – 10:00 pm. Plus Sunday from 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm. To date there have been 613 appointments this semester compared to 328 for the same time last Spring semester. Statistics :  Statistics Resources Required :  Resources Required TechTime room has room to assist up to six students at a time. Typically three staff people work at a time. This is a combination of GAs and undergrad students. Staff must be well trained and very technical. Monitors, keyboard, and mice are supplied so that students do not have to bring theirs. Resources Required :  Resources Required Comprehensive web site Reservation system is very important. Tool kits, troubleshooting software, CDs, DVDs, access to internet. What We Have Learned :  What We Have Learned There is a HUGE demand for TechTime. There are very few appointment times that go unscheduled. Allowing walk-ins makes it impossible to provide adequate staffing. Late night appointments are not as popular as afternoon and evening appointments. What We Have Learned :  What We Have Learned Restrictions must be made to specify supported operating systems as well as hardware minimums. Students need educated about virus and spyware prevention. It is important to let the University community know that this is a student only service. What’s Next :  What’s Next The TechTime room is being renovated to better meet the needs of the staff and clients. If demand continues, hours of operation will be expanded. Possible satellite locations around campus. Testimonial :  Testimonial 'Everyone of the TechTime staff was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable about computers and computer problems. They knew exactly what to do with my specific problem and then led me through how I could fix it.' TechTime Web :  TechTime Web Site Informational Video General Information Making a Reservation Laptop Loaner Program:  Laptop Loaner Program What is the Laptop Loaner Program? :  What is the Laptop Loaner Program? University Computing Services and the Student Government Association provide Windows XP and Apple laptops that students can borrow for a period of up to two weeks. Students stop by RB 165 with a current student id to borrow a laptop. Services Provided :  Services Provided Laptops come with a fresh install of Windows XP. All are wireless enabled and come with Office installed. Students can install any software or files on the laptops because they are imaged when they are returned. The Need for Loaner Laptops :  The Need for Loaner Laptops Replacement if their laptop is being repaired. Group Projects Some students don’t have their own laptop. Statistics:  Statistics Started loaning laptops Spring Semester 2006. No waiting list. During Fall 2006 we loaned the laptops 238 times. Need for waiting list arose. Spring 2007 totals are very close to that of Fall 2006. Resources Required :  Resources Required The laptops – 40 Windows XP and 5 Macs. Laptop loaner agreement. No additional staffing was required. A tracking system, Quick Track, was purchased that tracks laptop inventory as well as who borrows each laptop. It is a bar coding system. Resources Required :  Resources Required A waiting list has to be managed. Average wait is 1 – 2 days. Laptops are imaged when they are returned. A master image is maintained and then pushed to up to 10 laptops at a time. A secure storage facility is required. The Laptops Specifications:  The Laptops Specifications Windows XP Laptops 1.5 Ghz processors 1 GB of RAM Wireless cards Mac Laptops 1.83 Ghz Intel core duo processors 1 GB of RAM Wireless card What We Have Learned:  What We Have Learned Initially there was a problem with late returns. Students were using seven day grace period as an extra week to keep laptop. Students are e-mailed a few days before laptops are due to remind them of the due date. What We Have Learned:  What We Have Learned Students were trying to 'piggy back' loaners so that a group of students was keeping and sharing a laptop. What’s Next :  What’s Next Increase the number of laptops. Provide Windows Vista Laptops (possibly dual boot XP and Vista) Testimonial :  Testimonial 'University Computing Services laptop loaner program saved the day when my personal Mac Book had a failed component and the component was on back-order with Apple. I was able to check-out a Mac Book within a couple days, which left little disruption to my daily routine.' Laptop Loaner Web :  Laptop Loaner Web Site Informational Video General Information Loaner Agreement TechClips:  TechClips What are TechClips? :  What are TechClips? TechClips are a collection of Macromedia Flash 'how to' movies that help guide users through using various software programs and university applications.  Each TechClip is less than two minutes long and provide answers to many common technology questions.  The Need for TechClips:  The Need for TechClips TechClips allow us to capture knowledge from subject matter experts. TechClips provide access to technical support from anyplace at anytime. TechClips Web :  TechClips Web Site Informational Video TechClip Demo Creating TechClips :  Creating TechClips The software used to create TechClips is Adobe Captivate, which is a screen capture software that allows narration to be recorded. Captivate is designed to work on Windows XP. Mac TechClips :  Mac TechClips To create Mac TechClips requires the use of a remote access software such as VNC. Captivate runs on a Windows XP machine that accesses the Mac remotely. Vista TechClips :  Vista TechClips Remote Desktop is used to access a Vista machine from a Windows XP machine that is running Captivate. The Windows XP machine records the actions being taken on the Vista machine. TechClip Topics :  TechClip Topics The original list of TechClips were created based on the most common questions asked by callers to the HelpDesk. Next, common software packages were reviewed and TechClips were created for common task. TechClip Topics :  TechClip Topics As new products are introduced to campus, TechClips are created to help the University-community use the software. Professors and students can request TechClips for topics they are interested in. TechClip Statistics :  TechClip Statistics There are currently over 400 TechClips online Approximately 20 new TechClips are created each month. The TechClips Website :  The TechClips Website The TechClips website was built and is maintained using Microsoft FrontPage. It is very easy to add a new TechClip or a new section to the site. What’s Next :  What’s Next The deployment of Captivate 2. Creation of TechClips for Office 2007. Additional Vista TechClips. Testimonial :  Testimonial TechClips have been a huge success at Ball State as well as outside Ball State. Institutions have contacted the HelpDesk and asked to use TechClips. The Indianapolis Star ranked the TechClips site as one of the best new technical websites. Summary:  Summary It is critical that institutions recognize the need to modify support strategies to meet the ever changing needs of their clients. Ball State University Computing Services has done that by adding three new services to assist students: TechTime – help with personal computers Laptop Loaners – access to mobile computing TechClips – online technical support anytime from anyplace Questions?: Questions?

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